Critic Reviews

  • 100
    Sheila Benson Los Angeles Times
    Such nourishing comedy. It satisfies every hunger, especially the irrational ones that seem to hit hardest at holidays: hunger for impetuous romance and for the reassuring warmth of family, for reckless abandon, and for knowing who we are and what we want. [16 Dec 1987]
  • 100
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
    In its warmth and in its enchantment, as well as in its laughs, this is the best comedy in a long time.
  • 90
    David Ansen Newsweek
    A delightful surprise... Jewison does his best work in decades. [21 Dec 1987]
  • 90
    Carried by snappy dialog and a wonderful ensemble full of familiar faces.
  • 88
    David Sterritt Christian Science Monitor
    Most of the acting is as real and warm as the characters themselves. And the streets, shops, and living rooms of Brooklyn have never seemed more inviting. [29 Jan 1988]
  • 80
    Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader
    The broad Italian family humor gets so thick at times that you could cut it with a bread knife.
  • 80
    TV Guide Magazine
    Simply stated, it is difficult not to be swept up by this charming picture.
  • 75
    Mike Clark USA Today
    I enjoyed everything about Moonstruck except for its meandering mid-section. On cassette, with vino accompaniment, it may seem perfect. In theaters, with a diet drink, it still rates as the holiday sleeper. [18 Dec 1987]
  • 70
    Julie Salamon Wall Street Journal
    [(Cher's) never been better. [5 Jan 1988, p.22(E)]
  • 50
    Stanley Kauffmann The New Republic
    Two cheery notes: Nicolas Cage, as the erring brother, shows surprising signs of life, and Cher, as the erring fiancee, confounds those who swore she was a remote-control robot. [8 Feb 1988]