Sarah Colton: Boy, you people sure stay up late.

Severen: We keep odd hours.

Severen: Howdy. I'm gonna separate your head from your shoulders. Hope you don't mind none.

Severen: [sucking blood off his fingers] It's finger-lickin' GOOD!

Caleb Colton: What the fuck is goin' on?

Severen: It ain't what's goin' on, son. It's what's comin' off. Your face. Clean off.

Mae: The light that's leaving that star right now will take a billion years to get down here. You want to know why you've never met a girl like me before?

Caleb Colton: Yeah. Why?

Mae: Because I'll still be here when the light from that star gets down here to earth in a billion years.

Bartender: What you people want?

Jesse: Just a couple more minutes of your time, about the same duration as the rest of your life.

Caleb Colton: How old are you?

Jesse: Let's put it this way: I fought for the South.

Caleb Colton: South?

Jesse: We lost.


Loy Colton: Caleb, those people back there, they wasn't normal. Normal folks, they don't spit out bullets when you shoot 'em, no sir.

Jesse: I taught Severen everything he knew, but not everything I know.

Severen: I hate 'em when they ain't been shaved.

[Pale, sweating and in obvious withdrawal, Caleb is being shaken down by a policeman]

Deputy Sheriff: You ain't looking too good, son.

Caleb Colton: I ain't feeling too good, sir.

Deputy Sheriff: What're you on?

Caleb Colton: You wouldn't believe me...

Severen: Hey, Jesse, remember that fire we started in Chicago?

Mae: Look, I'll take care of him!

Homer: You can't, Mae. I turned you, I taught you.

Mae: Well I turned him and I can teach him!

Severen: [smirking] What's the matter, Homer? You jealous? A little too little to be jealous.

Homer: You have any idea what it's like to be a big man on the inside and have a small body on the outside?

Severen: You have ANY idea what it's like to HEAR about it every NIGHT?

Caleb Colton: Sure was some kiss.

Caleb Colton: Can I have a bite?

Mae: Bite?

Caleb Colton: I'm just dyin' for a cone.

Mae: Dyin'?

Mae: The night has its price.

Caleb's Friend: What the hell's eatin' you?

Caleb Colton: [Chuckles] Your mama.

Caleb's Friend: You wish.

Caleb Colton: I wish I may, I wish I might. Wish I was a thousand miles from here tonight.

Caleb Colton: Who you out here with?

Mae: Friends.

Caleb Colton: Boyfriend?

Mae: Friends.

Bartender: There are two ways you can leave these here premises.

Severen: Is that a fact?

Bartender: That's a fact. On your feet or on your back.

Severen: That's pretty tough words for a bartender, huh? Gee whiz. If you're not gonna serve me a drink, well... I'll just have to drink his.

[drinks the patron's shot and then spits it on him]

Severen: How can you drink that shit?

Motel Manager: You were here once before, wasn't you? Lots of years back?

Jesse: Yes, I get through here about once every 5O years. Make me a reservation.

Caleb Colton: [Loy has pulled out a gun] Daddy, put that away. Ain't gonna do no good.

Loy Colton: What do you mean, it ain't gonna do no good?

Jesse: I'd listen to your son.

Loy Colton: I'd stop right there if I was you, mister.

Jesse: Not likely.

[Loy shoots him in the chest, Jesse coughs out the bullet and puts it in Loy's shirt pocket]

Jesse: For you.

Severen: Hey, Caleb! I hate to be an indian giver, I really do, but you disappointed me. Now you're gonna have to pay. First, you're gonna give me back my spur. Then I'm gonna knock your tonsils out your asshole. What do you think of them apples, huh?

Severen: [after shooting in the head a truck driver] Bull's-eye!

Jesse: Where are we, Diamondback? What road is this?

Diamondback: You got me.

Jesse: Isn't that where I had the flat tire? You pulled over.

Diamondback: And there you stood by the side of that road... and I just knew you were trouble.

Jesse: And you were right.

[both chuckling]

Severen: Cut the shit. I know you're awake. I can smell it.

Mae: There's somethin' I want to show you.

[Caleb and Mae get off the truck]

Caleb Colton: There's somethin' you want to show me?

Mae: Yeah. The night.

Caleb Colton: What about it?

Mae: It's dark.

Caleb Colton: I noticed.

Mae: It's so bright, it'll blind you.

Caleb Colton: I can't see.

Mae: Well, listen. Do you hear it?

Caleb Colton: I'm listenin'. I don't hear nothin'.

Mae: Listen hard. Do you hear it?

Caleb Colton: Hear what?

Mae: The night, it's deafening.

Severen: I'm your worst fuckin' nightmare. Severen.

Homer: And I'm Homer. That's H-O-M-E-R. Mispronounce it and I wouldn't wanna be you.

Severen: How you doin', Jess?

Jesse: Like shit! How 'bout you?

Severen: I'm down to my last inch of skin!

Caleb Colton: You didn't get me a beer, did you?

Caleb's Friend: You're gonna have to support your own bad habits.

Caleb Colton: [Caleb has been shot] Am I alive?

[Jesse and Severen laugh]

Severen: Hey. You look like 40 miles of rough road!

Severen: [Caleb has just met his father] 'Round and 'round and 'round she goes. Where she stops, nobody knows.

Mae: [after kissing Caleb] You're warm. Your skin's warm.

Sarah Colton: [Homer is staring at Sarah] It's impolite to stare.

Caleb Colton: I sure haven't met any girls like you.

Mae: No. No, you sure haven't.

Severen: Caleb, fasten your fuckin' seat belt!

[laughs maniacally]

[last lines]

Mae: Caleb, what's happening?

Caleb Colton: I brought you home.

Mae: I'm afraid.

Caleb Colton: Don't be. It's just the sun.

Caleb Colton: I mean, I don't have a girlfriend.

Mae: That's too bad.

Caleb Colton: Exactly.

Mae: Horses just don't like me.

Severen: [the group has just entered a bar] Well, I'll be goddamned. Shit-kicker heaven.

Waitress: [to Jesse] Don't you want the beer?

Diamondback: No honey, the drink's on me.

[cuts her throat]

[first lines]

Caleb Colton: [crushing a mosquito] Dumb suck.

Severen: Let me do it, Jesse. Let me tap dance on him, won't ya?

Jesse: We give him a week to see if we can call him one of us.

Deputy Sheriff: Come this way, please.

Caleb Colton: What's the problem?

Deputy Sheriff: You.

Caleb Colton: What'll we do now?

Mae: [Chuckles] Anything we want... to the end of time.

Jesse: You're not gonna look so good... with your face ripped off.

Jesse: He makes a kill tonight! I don't care how you do it. You do it or you're done.

Diamondback: And done means dead without guile. It means you'd be real uncomfortable for a looong, looong time.

Severen: That's your mama talkin', boy.

Severen: [to Caleb] Park your carcass!

Patron in Bar: Hey. Hey! You spilled my drink.

Severen: Well, why don't you lick it up off the bar, meatball?

Jesse: Just the glass.

Waitress: Just the glass?

Jesse: The glass.

Diamondback: There's a fly on the ceilin'.

Caleb Colton: I ain't a person anymore. I don't know what I am. I'm sick!