The ending credits begins with a recap of footage from the film (including "B-roll" footage not in it) as a reprise of the film's theme song, "Pippi Longstocking (Is Coming Into Your Town)," begins to play, and then dissolves into a still shot of Pippi in the dress and bonnet that she wore for the "riding into town" sequence of the film. As the credits begin to roll, it becomes a trace-over illustration portrait, which is seen for the remainder of the credits.

Upon the Columbia Pictures logo appearing (during which the film's theme song, "Pippi Longstocking (Is Coming Into Your Town)," begins to play), the logo dissolves into (rather than fading-out-and-in to) the first image in the opening credits; the abstract vector image of Pippi's braided pigtails, freckles, and eyes (part of the movie's title logo) over a white background. The eyes are slightly animated, blinking occasionally, and focuses on the titles below: "Columbia Pictures Presents" appears first which fades out, then the "An Adham/Moshay/Mehlman Production of" credit rolls into place from the left and fades, then the "A Ken Annakin Film" that also rolls into place from the right and fades, and finally, the film's title, "The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking," which fades into place. The eyes focus on the "New" that suddenly bounces into place from the left (right between "The" and "Adventures," which conveniently part to make room for it). The eyes then look at the camera and the left eye winks for a second. Then the scene dissolves to the credit sequence proper.

The opening credits is a montage of children's book style illustrations of Pippi and her father, Captain Efraim Lockstocking, in various parts of the world (Sweden, Africa, India, Thailand, Alaska, China, and the seldom-featured Kurrekurredutt Island, the fictional South Pacific island where Captain Longstocking became king), as the credits appear over the negative spaces in each picture. The montage concludes with an illustration of the Hoptoad (Captain Longstocking's ship), which segues into the live action scene of it which starts the story.