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  • I'm a 59 yr old man who watched this movie with his grandkids. We all enjoyed it immensely.

    It had everything it should have for a movie that was based on fantastic events. A little girl who had super natural powers, a sea captain ( her father) who was the king of a cannibal tribe, a horse who to some extent could talk, at least well enough that Pipi could umderstand him.

    There was also a flying motorcycle, and a flying machine that Pipi powered by twirling around with a broom.

    I wouldn't have enjoyed it near as much, had my grand kids not been there to ooh, ahh, and giggle, at what was taking place. It was a very enjoyable movie, and well worth spending my time watching. If you have kids to watch it with, it will be that much more enjoyable.
  • manny23919 August 2000
    It's funny I see adults come in and rip a movie like this. They rip kids cartoons, and kids movies as being "unrealistic and insane and cheesy", well HELLO it's for freaking kids! They didn't make it for some 25 or older person who wants to complain about every kids movie! I watched this movie when I was 12 and I REALLY enjoyed it! The different "magical" stunts they did, the music (I loved the music) and the likes. Still a good movie for kids of today. As long as you're 12 or under you'll enjoy this movie.
  • I'll be the first to admit that this film is light-hearted and often silly. After all, the Pippi books are silly and light-hearted, so why shouldn't a movie version be? The character of Pippi is a great character study for kids: She is imaginative, creative, confident and above all, a good-willed and courteous child. Anyone who expects her and the stories she stars in to be methodical depictions of the serious side of life should re-examine his/her life and priorities. Maybe then the detractors will realize that life can be fun, at all ages.
  • lmmsj26 September 1999
    This movies is great fun for kids considering some of the garbage that is on tv these days. The kids love Pippi's outlook on life and her dream in believing that you can do what you set your heart on. She is a girl who believes in herself and looks for the good in others. Kids could do worse.
  • I highly recommend this film for any family with children. This is a top quality production that is great for the whole family to watch! Anyone who I have ever met who has seen this movie loves it, and children who have it on VHS or DVD watch it over and over again. I only wish it was re-released theatrically, so that this generation of children could have the opportunity to see it and embrace it the way I did when I was a child.
  • It seems like I'm one of the few Americans who read translations of the Pippi Longstocking books, AND saw this movie as a kid. At this point, I can't remember what came first for me, the books or the movies, but I will say that as a child, I enjoyed both.

    Pippi is a GREAT character in literature, I could consider her arguably one of the greatest female characters ever created.

    She's strong, she's independent, she's fun, intelligent and gifted.

    What girl WOULDN'T want to be like Pippi? I know that reading about her as a little girl, I was endlessly jealous of Tommy and Annika who got Pippi as a playmate. I wished she'd move next door to me.

    This movie doesn't do such a great job of translating the Pippi character. She seems less creative and imaginative, and more crazy and dim. There's something about the character of Pippi that is lacking in the movie and the movie loses a lot because of that.

    But Pippi aside, the movie isn't ALL bad. It's a late 80's kids movie with cheesy special effects, poor acting, and a silly story. But through all this, it is still enjoyable. The situations that Pippi and Tommy and Annika get in are still fun, and it's a good movie for young kids. If you do show this movie to your kids though, be sure to buy them the books afterwards and show them what Pippi is REALLY like. This movie is a good starting point to get kids introduced to the great character of Pippi.
  • I've always liked Astrid Lindgrens children's books very very much, and watched the original Swedish TV-series of Pippi over and over again (with Dutch subtitles). I think the Swedish girl (Inger Nilsson) who played Pippi in the original version was WAY better then this annoying American teenager pretending to be all cute and 10 years old! True, the original series look rather out of date now (being filmed in the 1970's), but for me, that always added a kind of innocense and charm to it. And the horse and monkey were not supposed to talk! Why add such "It's a kiddy movie, so all animals are fluffy and can speak" nonsense to an already great story ?

    The only possible justification I can think of for "improving" the Swedish series like this is that the original TV-series isn't available in the US. Maybe American kids like this new version, but I will surely NEVER watch this crap again! I still have some of the original episodes on tape, and my cousins still laugh every time they watch them (despite the lousy special effects and the subtitles)!

    I give this terrible rip-off 1 star out of 5 (maybe kids who don't know the books or the Swedish version like it)
  • Just finished watching Jewel of the Nile and before I could shut off the TV and go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour, Pippi came on. Somehow, I got sucked into the movie and now over here to IMDB. Maybe it was the catchy tunes or wanting to find out if the cute kids in the movie ever went on to star in anything noteworthy (none did, except the head girl who I didn't like).

    I'm in my 30s, have no kids, and have never read the books or seen any other Pippi books. Guess what? I enjoyed it a lot! Sure. It's goofy, doesn't always make sense, is anachronistic at times, and is not serious cinematography. But I liked it.

    The music was cheerful, the songs were uplifting and arguably one of the best parts of the movie. The kids were great, too. It's sad that the actress playing Pippi didn't go on to do more work (especially if it had been more age-appropriate... hard to imagine she was only 10). She did a really fine job. I also got a kick out of seeing Dick Van Patten in his bit part.

    The monkey was probably the worst actor in the film, but since they probably paid him peanuts (and bananas), they probably didn't waste any money.

    The flying machine was totally unrealistic, but it IS a kids movie. The cleaning of the floors was probably the best scene in the movie.

    It was just good clean fun that I would be happy to let my kids watch (if I had any), and the songs are WAY better than Barney's. :-) People who object to the film have just left their childhood senses of wonder long behind. They don't believe Pippi when she says that you can do just about anything if you believe in it.
  • This movie contains all the necessary elements that make up a great movie. The storyline - it's about Pippi!, that's enough! The Americans succeeded not only in translating Astrid's wonderful creation, but made changes and improvements also. Since I never heard of Astrid objecting, we can assume that she was in agreement. Fine acting, most notably Branscombe Ricmond who, according to my sources, was given a starring role in the hit TV series "Renegade" largely because of the skills he demonstrated in this Pippi movie. Special Effects - Though never elaborated upon, Pippi is possessed of superhuman physical powers. She can, for example, lift persons and horses that outweigh her in multiples, dry herself and fly by some sort of self induced centrifugal force! Fine directing - Mr Annakin seems to keep things on track. There's even innuendos, Pippi proclaims that she "...loves men in uniforms, but policemen are the best!" Fine music - catchy tunes throughout the movie which have often been emulated in other movies. It has been said that Tami Erin could have sang the title song as Inger had in the original Pippi movies, but the powers that were wanted her to concentrate solely upon her acting role, except for shorter tunes which did not require as much diversion. And finally mystery - Tami Erin, our star, for reasons still unknown, was never heard from again. This movie is worth watching over and over again.
  • I remember enjoying the Pipi Longstocking books in elementary school, and my 4-year-old loves this movie. As an adult, however, I find it painful to watch. It isn't that the movie is bad, at least not in the same sense that schlocky sci fi and horror movies are bad. The children do acceptable acting jobs, although the adult actors are lackluster. The sets, costumes, and special effects are adequate. The music is bouncy. There are lots of fun Pipi stunts and much childhood wish fulfillment. All good, clean fun. Somehow, though, the film is less than the sum of its parts.

    I think it must be the plotting and pacing. The super-competent Pipi so outmatches her opponents -- a villainous real estate agent and an uncompassionate human services worker -- that you never feel any suspense or concern for her safety. In fact, Pipi comes across as such a smart-mouthed brat that I began to sympathize with her playmates' whiny father. The story itself meanders from incident to unrelated incident until the movie positively drags.

    So, this is a movie that it is safe to let your kids watch unsupervised. That's a good thing, because you won't want to sit through it yourself, at least not more than once.
  • PatrickH-220 September 2000
    This movie . . . I don't know. Why they would take such an indellible character as Pippi Longstocking and cast the singularly charmless Tami Erin, I will never know. Why they would spend money on art direction and some not-all-that-bad special effects, then not bother to edit it properly, I will never know. Why the sets and costumes are sometimes in period, and sometimes bizarrely not, why they commissioned SUCH bad songs, why the script doesn't make any sense whatsoever (not even on a silly, children's film level) . . . . what were they thinking?? Nothing about this movie is quite as it should be. Every single part is dubbed (and always poorly,) every sound effect is slightly wrong, every edit is in the wrong place, every performance is bad in some way. It does manage to create an appropriate atmosphere, despite all the problems, but it NEVER captures the magic that is Astrid Lindgren's creation.
  • waybourne21 January 2001
    While I freely admit that this is not technically a great movie, I like it. I liked the music and Pippi's bravery. It's not meant to be watched critically, witha fine-tooth comb.

    When I watch it, I feel ten years old again, and that's what it's all about. :)
  • JohnSeal27 November 2000
    This appalling film somehow saw the light of day in 1988. It looks and sounds as if it had been produced 20 or 30 years earlier, and features some of the worst songs ever included in a major motion picture. I weep for the parents and children who paid top dollar to see this.
  • utgard1428 October 2015
    Kiddy movie about a spirited redhead named Pippi Longstocking who's separated from her sea captain father in a storm and comes to live in a small town. There she introduces the kids to her madcap ways while dealing with stuffy adults and some thieves. Okay this is meant for kids and only kids, so let's keep that in mind before ripping it apart. I know it's corny and cheesy and I can't say that I enjoyed it very much, but I think I might have if I had seen it when I was a child. I am old enough to have seen this when it was first released but, for some reason, I didn't. Truth is I forgot this movie even existed until recently catching it on TV. The cast all does fine, particularly Tami Erin as Pippi. Not recognizing her, I looked at her other roles and saw this was the biggest part in her limited acting career. I also saw that she did a sex tape a few years ago. I can only imagine that is either deeply disturbing or extremely exciting to people who were fans of her back in the day. Aside from Tami, there's some solid support from vets like Eileen Brennan, Dick Van Patten, and John Schuck. There are also many songs in this but none is more catchy than the theme song that's repeated throughout the movie. I want to warn you in advance, this song will find a corner of your brain to inhabit and it will be impossible to get it out. Overall, it's a fun little movie that will play better to pre-teen girls than anybody else. Just be prepared that it's pretty sugary and corny. Oh, and that theme song will stay in your brain forever.
  • After her father's ship is carried off by a sudden storm, the spunky Pippi Longstocking is stranded with her horse, Alfonso, and monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and takes up residence in the old family home, which is thought by neighborhood children to be haunted. Soon, two children, Tommy and Annika, venture into the house only to meet up with Pippi. The three soon become friends and get into various adventures together, including cleaning the floor with scrubbing shoes, dodging the "splunks", going down a river in barrels, and helping Pippi with the problem of having to go to a children's home. Older children will probably get the most out of this movie.
  • This is another North East Florida production, filmed mainly in and near by to Fernandina Beach and the Kingsley Plantation. I was rather surprised the company was able to take over the main street of Fernandina Beach as long as was necessary to achieve the street scenes. The film is pretty, and pretty bad. Tami Erin is cute, but overacts. Eileen Brennan overacts even more. Good for small kids, or for those who like fluff in large doses. A 4 from the Miller-Movies formula.
  • I've seen this movie only twice: the first time I saw it was in the theater in 1988 with a friend when we were in elementary school, then I saw it on TV a couple of years later. The theme song is STILL annoying over a decade later!!! This film did not do the wonderful Pippi storybooks a shred of justice. EEK!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got this DVD from my local county library to help entertain my 8-year-old granddaughter Lauren. She loved it! She saw it twice. I asked her why she liked it so much and she said, "Pippi has so many adventures, and makes friends with everyone she meets, that's why the movie is so much fun to watch." Grandpa and grandma enjoyed it too, we laughed a number of times, especially with the talking horse and the talking monkey. But this is definitely for the smaller set, and it can only be rated in how well it entertains them.


    Pippi and her dad sail the high seas, a storm knocks them all in the water, Pippi, the horse, and the monkey end up on a raft. Then they are at home, alone, the local social worker tries to get her in school. Pippi makes friends with the family next door, some crooks try to buy the house and steal the gold in Pippi's cellar, she saves two small kids from the burning orphanage, she buys ice cream and candy bars for all the kids waiting to get haircuts, finally sends a note in a bottle to get her dad home, he shows up for Christmas, they start to sail away afterward, Pippi and horse jump in the water, she stays behind with her new friends.
  • I loved this movie as a kid, and I still love to watch it from time to time. It makes me feel like a kid again whenever I watch it. It brings back that feeling of magic being real.

    Now, my nieces love it as well and watch it with me every now and then, and I hope that they share it with their children one day. It is definitely a movie to be passed on from generation to generation.

    Anyone who wants their children to grow up with a sense of adventure and wonder or a belief in the impossible should watch this movie with their children. As an adult, it will also bring back your own sense of wonder.
  • chanaris11 October 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    while watching this movie I got sick. I have been grewing up with Pippi and every time was a real pleasure. when my wife came to Sweden she was looking at the oldies and had a real good laugh. but this American version should be renamed and never be shown again. it is terrible from beginning to it's end. how can they manage to make it soo bad. well I guess someone blames the translation ha ha ha.. but they are never close to Pippi. may this movie never been seen again and never sent out on a broadcast. burn the movie and save the kids. if you want to look at Pippi then look at the original movie and have a good laugh. WE LOVE PIPPI INGER NILSSON, sorry Tami Erin you will never stand up to be Pippi.. Oh yes.. when read the "spoilers" explanation, "'spoiling' a surprise and robbing the viewer of the suspense and enjoyment of the film." well I guess the director stands for this... you are looking at this movie at your own risk.. it is really a waste of time...
  • There are many possible reactions to this curious adaptation of Astrid Lindgren's classic children's books, with most reactions being a bit polarized on the "liked it" or "hated it" scale. This review will hopefully be a non-polarized summary for those who are interested in finding out more about this movie.

    This adaptation is true to the spirit of Lindgren's books (though it is set in America rather than Sweden), faithfully recreating the plucky, wildly pigtailed Pippi Longstocking and her endearing anarchy at the Villa Villekulla, complete with her horse, her monkey, her gold coins, her "whopper" tales, her superhuman strength, and her constant besting of adults. Though a bit old-looking for the role of a (supposedly) nine-year-old girl, Tami Erin does manage to capture Pippi's spunk, mischief, and childlike appeal.

    The curious aspect of the film comes in the form of its incongruously modern-sounding songs, playing against a 1950s backdrop (though the songs are quite catchy), as well as a slightly choppy narrative, with several abrupt scene changes that make certain sections of the movie seem somewhat incomplete. There is a silly, cartoon-style feel to parts of the movie, though other parts are quite amusing.

    It is a G-rated movie in the first sense, with absolutely nothing inappropriate (though do keep in mind that Pippi can do anything she wants, including climbing all over the roof of her house), and its fine supporting cast of adults include Dennis Dugan as the ever-exasperated father of neighbors Tommy and Annika, John Schuck as Pippi's father, and Eileen Brennan, who is her usual hilarious self as the stuffy head of the orphanage.

    The most curious thing about this film is that, in spite of its little oddities, you find yourself feeling quite happy when the film is over. I was eight years old when the movie came out in 1988, and I absolutely adored it at the time. After all, Pippi gets to do all the things that children wish they could do if they knew they could get away with it. Though there is a slight 80s quality to the film, it seems to hold up fairly well, and can still be seen on video shelves at major retail stores, which says something about its appeal these decades later. It is a children's film (as opposed to a family film), which means it will greatly appeal to, of course, children. . .or children-at-heart. But since that is the essence of Pippi herself, then the film seems to hit the mark.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I rented this movie on Netflix, because I remember my younger sister and I watching it in the 80s when we were young and liking it. I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old, and when snowed in on a recent blizzard, we watched it together! What fun! It is not "high art" or great movie making, per se -- but it captures the fun, rebellious, fantastic world of a little girl having adventures, refusing to be ordinary, and standing up a world of bossy grown-ups. The spunk, chutzpah, and indefatigable spirit of Pippi is one that I am sure many adults would like to quell and crush, as we see in over-medicated children in our country today!

    This movie would never be made now, as she does some very dangerous things, like running away and going into a fire to save kids. But it is a fantasy and she is like a superhero... I am sure that the studio would be paranoid that some kid would copy these fantasy actions and sue them.

    She ate pancakes for dinner, washed the floor with roller-skate brushes, and stuck to her guns. Honestly, a great role model for children because it is a story that appreciates a child's view of the world.

    The musical refrain is something so sweet and innocent, that my older daughter just sang it to me as her bedtime song.

    If you have kids between 5-8 years, they will like it immensely, so rent it and you'll be singing along.. "Pippi Longstocking is coming into your town.. "
  • I myself grew up with the wonderful swedish Pippi movies(dubbed, I've seen them in dutch and in german), which are so popular that they are still repeated today. And I also know the books(infact I've read most of Astrid Lindgren's books, well the ones that where translated in dutch).

    Since those movies where made in the 70's I wondered what this movie would be like.

    Now I'm not the targeted agegroup anyomore, but I didn't like this version. Pippi was much too fake. Also everything seemed very fake come to think of it, it had none of the magic the origional films had.

    So if you've read the books and wanna see a film, please try and find the swedish ones they are great!
  • This is a movie I saw a million times growing up and it shaped my life as it is now. To this day, I clean my house a little differently than most people... Pippi's outlook on life as a game to be played, Every one around her as a friend to be made, make her not only unique, but a role model.I mean, her look is so distinctive, Kids still dress up as her for halloween, and this movie is how old now? that alone should render it a classic.
  • trunksgt18 October 2000
    Most of the people commenting on this movie sound like they all some big shot film critics and have to critique every aspect of this film! This is a childrens movie! it is not meant for anyone over the age of say 12!! If you are older, and like it, GREAT, but if you dont, then dont say its bad because you have no basis for judging it the way a child would!

    I grew up with Pippi, me and my sister have seen this movie along with the original... many many times, and we have always loved it!

    This is a fun movie for kids, yes thats right... KIDS, people who dont care about over-acting, or cheesy music, to them its fun and fun to sing along to... personaly, I am 18 now, and I still think the music is kinda catchy! If you think this movie is so terrible, why dont you try seeing the reactions of children when they are watching it... cause i guarantee you 100% that they will enjoy it totally!
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