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  • During the mid-1970s to 1980, NBC aired what might have been the best cop show of all time, "Police Story". What I loved about the show was that it showed all sorts of jobs the police did...including many of the unsung and less popular ones. And each week, you never knew what sort of show you'd see because there was no cast for every episode and the characters changed as well. Well written, well acted and very was a heck of a show. About a decade later, NBC must have thought about reviving the series, as they made a couple made for TV "Police Story" movies--most likely to see if the public once again embraced the show. Whatever the reason, the show never was green lit after "The Freeway Killings" and "Gladiator School" (my personal favorite of the two).

    This particular episode focuses on the Deputy Chief of Police, Bob Devers (Richard Crenna) and focuses on a lesser extend on Captain Tom Wright (Ben Gazzara). The city has been looking for a new chief and many just assumed that Devers would be given that job. However, the Mayor and his lackey aren't hip on this and a high-profile string of serial killings in the city aren't helping Devers' chances either. After all, if the force cannot capture these two creeps who rape and murder repeatedly, maybe he isn't the best man for the job. Much of the show is about the police work done to finally bring these men to justice.

    It was obvious that the producers were trying to entice old viewers of the show with this movie and they did so by bringing in some veteran actors who made more frequent appearances on the show. Don Meredith, Tony Lo Bianco and Angie Dickenson are in the show, though in the case of the first two, it seemed like they were guest stars. As for Dickenson, she was given a meatier role and really was amazing at the end of the show.

    Overall, a very good show but apparently not good enough. Whatever the reasons, there was no new series and this and the next film have been all but forgotten...which is a real shame.
  • Some of the finest actors in the business are gathered to present an involved, dramatic, powerful story in a strong entry in one of the best series ever on TV.

    This is a double entry, running more than two hours in a dark print on YouTube, and well worth sitting through every minute.

    Several inter-related plots are weaved together, as some random crimes seem to be perpetrated by police, and the entire department is riven by political problems at the same time it is looking for a new chief.

    (Los Angeles is one of the most corrupt cities in these United States, and some of that corruption is gently shown in this episode.)

    And at the same time several officers and their families are riven by personal problems of love and drugs.

    "Police Story" was nearly always a top drama, and one of the best shows on TV. Even a few decades after the debut, its individual entries stand out, with some great performers, strong stories, and the Jerry Goldsmith theme.

    I cannot recommend this entry or this series too much. I just wish the prints at YouTube were better.