Ted Avery: Jonathan, you don't work for the defense and you don't work for the prosecution. You work for this magazine and we...

[he gets interrupted by the magazine's lawyer]

Jonathan Fisher: What was the weirdest thing a guy asked you to do?

Punchy: Talk!

[repeated lines]

Jonathan Fisher: This is Jonathan Fisher, Channel 3, Street Smart!

Jonathan Fisher: Are you Fast Black?

Fast Black: To some. My momma always called me Leo. Leo Smalls Jr.

Fast Black: [to his partner who was running away from him] Reggie, are you crazy? What the hell you...

[Reggie fires the gun]

Ted Avery: [laughing and reading Jonathan's article about the pimp] It's wonderful! Listen. Listen to this! "Although he doesn't vote and never has Tyrone has no modesty about his own political potential. If I was the president, he says, I could fix the world in 30 seconds. I sent everybody pussy and they don't have no time for trouble." It's terrific. It's first rate. It's a real breakthrough! Let it change pussy for something else.