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  • "Attention campers! Welcome to North Pines, where we got lotsa soul, and rock-n-roll, and wild times." This film defines the eighties; the cheese, the mullets, the headbands, the ragged jeans. Summer Camp Nightmare is pure fun and a great addition to the eighties teen movie legacy. I also found this one hiding out in the horror section (where it does not belong). It's title is a tad misleading (except the camp part, because this movie's full of it). It's storyline is similar to that of Lord of the Flies but it doesn't take itself that seriously. Instead, it becomes one of the most hilarious flicks I've ever seen. Charles Stratton does an excellent job as a far-out Counselor In Training who leads the revolution of Camp North Pines. "Society keeps us in line by the use of fear. When we overcome fear, that's when we stand above society." With this theory, he convinces almost everyone to join the revolt. It's filled with great characters, the best of course being Runk the Punk with his Iron Maiden t-shirt. Runk, without a doubt, has the two best lines in the movie. 1) "Stay outta my face, small crap." and 2) when he and Mason (Tom Fridley from Friday the 13th Part VI) lip sync a Fear song titled "Beef Bologna" at the talent show. From there, the movie gets fairly medieval as the kids become more and more primitive. Their new society fails and all hell breaks loose. If you're a fan of the eighties, you have to find this cult classic. To the revolution!
  • This movie is like a mix of "Meatballs" and "Taps". The title is misleading. This isn't a "Friday the 13th"-type horror film. It's a pretty good little film about a teenage counselor who organizes all of the kids to take over the camp and lock up the adults. They do it because the new camp director (Chuck Connors) runs the place like a dictator and doesn't let the kids do anything fun. I wish we had done this when I was kid at bible camp! The teen counselor isn't exactly playing with a full deck either, but the kids don't mind as long as they get what they want, which is rock n' roll, parties, and sex. The supporting characters are well-drawn, especially Runk the Punk. Check this movie out if you come across it in the video store. It's a good time-killer.
  • A group of young kids ranging from very young to teenagers are about to start their summer at Camp North Pines.The girls camp is not far away from boys.A camp director named Mr. Warren played by Chuck "Tourist Trap" Connors is the main problem.He is deeply religious and conservative.So no hijinks and intimate contacts with girls.Introverted but pretty dominant Franklin becomes the leader of new revolution.He is well-versed,reads Thoreau and without hesitation crosses dangerous rope bridge.He tells all the kids that all of the other kids that society uses fear to control them and that once they could control fear they can control society.It's time to liberate camp and kidnap camp counselors.Revolution begins...with future stabbing and rape."Summer Camp Nightmare" is not a slasher flick.It's pure 80's cheese with some great one-liners and memorable characters like Runk the Punk.Very charming and somewhat nostalgic movie soaked with cheese.8 revolutions out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Beef Bologna! This cheese-camp flick about a bunch of kids who decide to join a Revolution against the camp counselors, is just that. A revolution. It is at times hilarious *check out the FEAR song during the Talent Show by the Horn Dogs*, Stanley "Runk the Punk"'s intro, and the girls singing "Come Visit us Down South"...No pun intended *LOL*.

    Franklin Riley is your token "rebel with a cause" teenager with "Civil Disobedience" in his pocket and has plans to ruin the summer for everyone...He creates the "Revolution" and appoints officers to guard the camp counselors locked in the rec room while the campers get drunk, have sex, and basically try to kill each other.

    The kicker/surprise is the rape thrown in, i was not expecting that.

    Classic camp/horror/cheese flick with really bad 80's songs *She Makes the Bad Boys Cry*, really bad clothing, and even worse huge nerd glasses and rashes on asses!

    A blast!

    Bite my Beef Bologna
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Summer Camp Nightmare is not a horror movie, as I'm sure many viewers have pointed out, despite video retailer's common mistake as grouping it as such. Instead, it is an adaptation of the William Butler novel, The Butterfly Revolution.

    The screenplay, co-written by Suburbia director, Penelope Spheeris, is a disappointing spin of the novel, and as a movie itself, wasn't all that great. But, having read a great book, you might expect too much of the movie in the first place, so my review may be more biased than most.

    The story of Summer Camp Nightmare begins at the start of the summer camp tenure at North Pines camp. North Pines is an all boys camp, and some might wonder why guys in their late teens would want to go to a summer camp, nevermind one with plenty of younger pre-teen kids. But you have a pretty big age range of boys and, as repeatedly mentioned, due to funding cuts, the camp is limited on camp counselors, flanked only by Ed Heinz, who seems like an easy going guy; a gym teacher look-a-like who does plenty of boozing; and the new, excessively strict head counselor, Mr. Warren (Chuck Connors), who does seem quite out of touch in his idea of appropriate behavior (reminds me of Wallace Shawn in 'Heaven Help Us' without the humor).

    After the boys get into a fair amount of trouble in their attempts to subvert Warren's ridiculous rules and have themselves some fun, the head of the guys, Frank Reiley (Charels Stratton), an eerily suspicious character, decides to wage a revolution and oust the camp counselors, both in the boys and girls camp in order to have some real fun. But, what may start as a harmless game, steers quickly out of control and into quite a deadly exchange of events. Although, you can't ever really get the feeling for how bad things have become as you could through the descriptions in the book, since things just seem to come and go so haphazardly.

    Several things change from the book, which is written in the form of a diary with Donald Poultry (here played by Adam Carl) providing first person narration. He gives in-depth description and you can not only get a better appreciation for the revolution (not in a good way, because obviously, it turns out to be quite disastrous, but in the sense that you can get a grasp on the events as they transpire and know why and exactly how things happen). Here, they just sort of happen. We don't know know why Frank behaves the way he does, and this is certainly true in the book as well. He is such a weird character, and probably devoid of explanation no matter how you try to illustrate it. And, in the movie, you never feel like people are getting very tired of the revolution. In fact, Donald is made such an insignificant character (and of course, portrayed as a computer hacking super-nerd though in his book he was much more intelligent but not so much a nerd), which was stupid because you get a healthy sense of outrage via his character. Chris may be the only one in the movie who doesn't really like the revolution, but you don't really get the feeling that he is the only guy who can stop it, nor that anyone else really disapproves all that much. And if you've read the book, you know that the revolution doesn't become so fascist at first (he slowly develops committees and such), that any who crosses him often winds up dead or in their 'prison', and that in the end, more people were open about their disappointment with the whole and their wanting to get out of it. And I wonder if they chose to change Manual Rivaz and Don Egriss's character in order not to appear racist.

    Well, give it a try.
  • SUMMER CAMP NIGHTMARE (1987) **1/2 (out of 4*'s) DIRECTOR: Bert L. Dragin. Chuck Connors, Charles Stratton, Adam Carl, Melissa Brennan.

    Good story, about wild punks overthrowing the Summer Camp staff and taking over and starting their own revolution.

    More of a violent drama. Despite the misleading title, this is not a horror movie. Well acted, good character development, and does have some exciting moments.

  • jacobjohntaylor126 February 2019
    This one take it time do blind up. But when it does it is very scary. This movie has great story line. It also has great acting. It is better then Friday the 13th. It is a lot better then sleep away camp
  • blucks12 October 2001
    Not as bad as some of the teen films of the 80s, with a cast of pretties and studs to rank with the best of them, this film, based on the book, The Butterfly Revolution, but with a good deal of inspiration from Lord of the Flies, presents a tyrannical camp director, played stiff-lipped and scowling by Chuck Connors, who reduces his campers to bible study and butterfly collecting, with the predictable results. Into a cabin go the counsellors and the campers take charge, roping in the contents of a nearly girls' camp, and the partying starts. In the end the tyrant is dead and the other counsellors seem to have vanished, while the inevitable things that would occur in this situation occur. It's fun and well made, despite the largely unknown cast, and the music is delightfully airheady. Don't take this too seriously and you'll enjoy it. It's worth a renting.
  • BandSAboutMovies17 December 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Based on the novel The Butterfly Revolution by William Butler, Summer Camp Massacre is not the slasher that you'd be led to believe it is from the title and poster. It is, however, one of the few movies that's never even come out on DVD.

    Donald Poultry is a sensitive young man given to writing a diary in his tape recorder. A summer at camp is supposed to make him come out of his shell, but the arrival of Mr. Warren (Chuck Connors) means that this summer will not be like any he's ever had before.

    That's where the story seems to be going until the kids go all Lord of the Flies and take the camp over themselves, getting single digit kids drunk and watching satellite TV all night. Honestly, it sounds like a dream summer, but so does smoking a whole pack of cigarettes until you're actually forced to do it.

    Penelope Spheeris was one of the writers of this and it has themes from her film Suburbia throughout. It was directed by Bert L. Dragin, who also wrote and directed Twice Dead.
  • Well, of course I found it in the Horror section. With a title like that, what do you expect? Of course the video store employee is gonna stick it right between Slumber Party Massacre and Twisted Nightmare. It's just common sense. Especially if you haven't seen it. But I suppose Summer Camp Nightmare can be interpreted as semi-Horror, yet, officially, it's more of a suspense-drama... or thriller? I don't know. Despite the fact that we're talking about a quality flick, with quality acting, and zero gore, I still prefer to think of it as B-Horror. Now that that's settled, our story is set in an all boys camp (awsome!!) Run by an uptight religious fanatic, who has a thing for butterflies. This new camp director (Chuck Connors) is determined to make sure that everyone is watched, at all times, and that no one even remotely enjoys themselves. So, you could imagine how disgruntled everyone would be, expecting keen summer fun, and instead, the dull Mr. Butterflies has different ideas. Franklin Reilly, the evil genius (every camp has one) has stood about as much boredom as he's gonna stand. It's time for a revolution. Being an evil genius, Franklin can easily manipulate others to do stuff. Stuff, such as turning on Mr. Butterflies, and the other authority figures, lock them up, and naturally, make Franklin their leader, with the promise of unlimited freedom. Runk the punk seems to think it's a swell idea. Now would probably be a good time to head over to the girls camp, and lock up their authority figures, and bring the girls over here, so, the keen summer fun can finally begin. Lets's just hope Franklin's power doesn't go to his head. Summer Camp Nightmare is either slightly inspired, or slightly ripped off from Lord Of The Flies, which is fine, because one is cheesy 80's fun, and the other is mediocre. I'd rather watch Summer Camp Nightmare any day of the week. Whether this movie is actually a thriller at a camp, like the book probably meant for it to be, or campy Horror, like the video store guy assumed it was, it's not that important, because Summer Camp Nightmare is interesting, entertaining, and offers not one dull moment, and I'm glad to have this movie in my B-Horror collection, whether it belongs there or not. 8/10
  • I rented this movie really not knowing what it was about. It was in the horror section, so I thought cheap-hacker/slash film, that it'd be funny to see the campy-special effects. What I got instead was a NEVER-a-dull moment film. The plot was extensive, and the identity of characters were very impressionable. I spent the whole time in the movie comparing the characters to people I know. The best role of the film had to be Stuart Rogers as " Runk the Punk ". I recommend this revolutionary-camp takeover film, and to "Free Chris Wayne ! "
  • Summer Camp Nightmare (1987) was a version of the book "The Butterfly Revolution". Whilst the book was a good read, the film was pure teensploitation. This movie is like totally dated dude. The haircuts, clothes and make-up put this one in 80's hell. The characters, for the most part are broadly drawn and the acting is mediocre at best. The direction is sloppy and uninspired. Just your typically 80's teen flick. The campers have enough of the puritanical rule of Camp Leader Chuck Connors and the campers revolt. The leader of the "revolution" is a charismatic young fellow who likes to read Thoreau in his spare time. Sadly, this "revolution" suffers from what all of them become prey to. Loss of

    ideals, a lack of a true focus and lust for power turns the camp into something frightening.

    An okay film. Chuck Connors plays his usual self, a character with something repressed beneath his grizzly haggard persona. But other than that, there's nothing to really talk about or worth mentioning. It has it's moments and a couple of scenes are quite entertaining. Like the revolution, this film's full potential is not fully realized. A pity because this one could have been good.

    Okay film, slightly recommended.


  • tex-4223 September 2000
    Warning: Spoilers
    Based on William Butler's The Butterfly Revolution, Summer Camp Nightmare quickly descends into something like an after school special on crack with this story of campers taking over two adjoining summer camps and imprisoning the counselors because they don't like the overly strict camp director, who is overly fond of the "time out" approach to child discipline. Besides the obvious allusions to Lord of the Flies, the plot is marginal, the campers descend into madness rather quickly (literally within a day or two of taking over), people are raped and killed and it all comes down to our protagonist being forced to walk a rickety bridge.
  • Man oh man is this movie terrible. It's like watching a trainwreck, but in a totally endearing way. Playing like a Lord of the Flies with an anti-communist message, Summer Camp Nightmare has to be one of the worst movies ever made. The acting is the worst ever. Chuck "The Rifleman" Conners is so amazingly terrible as Mr. Warren, the camp director who's "lost touch with the youth." Charles Stratton plays Franklin Reilly, the "crazy anarchist" who starts the lamest revolution of all time. Tom Fridly (Cort a.k.a. the kid in tiny shorts in Friday the 13th Part IV) is Mason, the most homo-erotic rapist ever. Runk the Punk is by far the lowlight of the movie, serving both as Mason's obvious man-slave and Reilly's thug (albeit the least intimidating thug ever).

    The storyline is pretty simple. Mr. Warren takes over as camp director, but is a real stickler for order. After blocking all but the "religious station" on the rec room's TV, he cancels the dance with the nearby girls' camp. Rebellion soon ensues, as Reilly falsely accuses Warren of molesting the younger boys. Soon, both the boys' and girls' camps are taken over by the regime. All order falls apart, etc. etc. etc. There really is no cohesive plot, just a lot of bad acting, some sort of moral, and the sluttiest teenage girls ever! They can't keep their hands off these weird, ugly, ambiguous guys. Kind of creeps you out.

    However, with all the blatant homo-eroticism and crappy acting, it sets itself up as one of the greatest movies to mock with your friends ever. It's on a par with Plan 9 from Outer Space, but has more appeal for those who can remember torn jeans and teenage boys with feathered hair. If you do manage to snag it though, watch with friends and be prepared to laugh like hell, if Mystery Science Theater 3000 is your idea of a good time.
  • Griff6411 July 2001
    This movie is titled and packaged exactly like a slasher flick. It's not. Which begs the question what IS it exactly? Well, think "Animal Farm" meets "Lord of the Flies" at summer camp. It's a none-too-subtle play on the old Nietzschean quip that whoever battles monsters ought to take care they don't become monsters themselves. It's probably carrying things a bit far to call this flick (I cannot, with a straight face, refer to it as a "film;" this is a flick) a satire. Oh, I suppose there's a serious message in there somewhere about power and its abuses, but mostly it's just good, campy fun.

    My personal favorite elements are Chuck "The Rifleman" Connors as the fascistic camp director who is quite clearly Ronald Reagan, and the camp talent show act ("The Horndogs") who perform a gleefully over the top lip synch of Fear's "Beef Baloney." A fun, fun rental.
  • Summer Camp Nightmare is a pretty good camp movie. Like

    the guy before me said its not a horror movie. Its more

    like a drama/thriller. The movie is about a bunch of kids

    who are fed up with the rules at the camp and decide to

    lock up the adults and take over the camp. The leader calls the takeover a revolution. But even the revolution

    has rules and a couple of people break those rules and are punished. The movie isn't great, but it delivers enough goods to entertain for 90 minutes. All in all a pretty

    good camp movie. I give Summer Camp Nightmare **1/2 out of ****
  • Red alert! Based on the period of release (1987), the prototypic title (Summer Camp Nightmare) and the cover image of the old VHS (showing a hysterically screaming young blond wench), I was all prepared for the umpteenth routine slasher movie taking place at a remote teenage camping site. But then suddenly I noticed a couple of peculiar things in the opening credits… Written by Penelope Spheeris? Based upon the novel "The Butterfly Revolution" by William Butler? What the hell … could it be I picked up a profound coming-of-age allegory instead of a slasher? They can be really great, of course, but I so wasn't prepared for that.

    Well, the good news is that "Summer Camp Nightmare" is not a pretentious coming-of-age melodrama, or at least not primarily so, but it's definitely not a brainless teen slasher, neither. The film is kind of a mixture between "Battle Royale" (without the extreme violence), "Lord of the Flies" (minus the island setting) and "The Most Dangerous Game". Camp North Pines is a separate sexes summer resort that used to be extremely popular until this year's edition, now that the new managing director Mr. Warren implemented a series of drastic changes to cut back on funds. When the boys' section rebels against his new policy in a playful manner, he only gets more hateful. He cuts off their nudity television shows, interrupts the Free Podium contest and even cancels the dance where the boys and girls camp traditionally come together to copulate. Some of the toughest kids decide to take over control during the annual "reversed authority" game; the day when the campers become the leaders and vice versa. Their aura of superiority quickly runs out of hand and pretty soon their "revolution" sows abuse of power, corruption, indecency, kidnapping and even murder. It's fairly easy to see how this film got catapulted into 80's oblivion between all the contemporary teen slashers, high school gang wars and vigilante movies. Nevertheless this is a modest hidden gem and I urge more people to seek it out. "Summer Camp Nightmare" benefices from a tense build-up, detailed enough character drawings and a couple of sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat. The acting performances are more than adequate, most notably Chuck Connors as the grumpy camp director and Charles Stratton as the lead "guerilla" teenager Franklyn Reilly. His looks and obnoxious attitude even reminded me of Captain Rhodes in "Day of the Dead", and horror freaks know this is a big compliment!
  • Yes, this movie is not the best movie in the world but it does one thing most movies do not do. It shows what children would do if they were in control. Granted other movies portray kid's as somehow always outwitting the adults, coming to peaceful resolutions on things, and nothing they do is wrong. I always find this total crap as I went to school I was picked on and such when there was supervision, kids are moronic at best and can not be left to do as they wish. If nothing else this movie shows what kids and teenagers would do if they got some power. The story, well the kids are not enjoying camp much because the head counselor is a bit strict, so in the background one teen decides to stir some stuff up and through a series of events takes the counselors and locks them up and decides to take control of the camp along with the other dumb kids and teens who do not seem to realize that they are going to be very much in trouble once the police find out. The movie is rather graphic, but despite the title by no means is it a horror movie. It is not even all that good except for a couple of scenes involving the rope bridge. Be warned there is a rape scene in the movie and while it does not show any nudity it is obvious what is going on. Here is a bit of advice though if something of this type happens out there. While the rape that occurs from like a guy who sneaks up on you is hard to avoid as it catches you by surprise the one done when it is a boyfriend or friend is easily avoidable. If you say no and he persists and he seems to be getting violent, just act like you are going along with the sex, grab him in the weak area acting like you are going to rub him then squeeze very hard and I guarantee you will be able to get away rather easily just do not wait till he recovers. So this movie may be worth checking out for a strange twist to the summer camp movie I just can not really recommend it either because even though it shows how I feel kids would act in this situation quite well it still ticks me off to see their behavior.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is by far one of the most disappointing and frustrating movies of all time. I was expecting a slasher film instead I got a cheesy movie filled with awful characters,bad dialogue and horrific acting. 2 dead in a entire film gtfoh. I definitely recommend you stay far away from this film.
  • d_m_s12 February 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film is pretty bad, in that it's a silly storyline that isn't played out very well. However, I found myself unable to turn it off and I can't fully explain why. Despite this, after having viewed it, it is still not worth more that 5/10.

    Some kids go to summer camp. A new 'leader' (or whatever they are called) starts and a kid reveals to one of the older kids that he abused him while out on a walk. For some reason, this leads to the older kid to starting a 'revolution' against the entire camp and all its camp leaders. It goes a bit Nazi-esque and I suppose that is the 'message' of this otherwise quite daft film. The plot is all over the place, there is no consistency in the characters and their actions, it's all a bit random, has some poor editing and the acting ranges wildly from decent to atrocious. A definite curiosity piece. I loved the theme music.
  • Can a summer camp full of fun-loving kids be run without a proper counselor? Can the love of lawless behavior create a law of the land? Would you let the inmates run the asylum? A good lesson in replacing one leadership with a much devolved leadership is taught in this flick. It runs like an after-school special of the early 1980's and makes you wonder if anyone gave a damn about rules whoever comprised any. This makes you wish Jason Voorhees would make a cameo and show the show-offs a real reign of terror.

    It is hard to understand that the citizens of this revolution could keep the party going day in and day out, not pursuing much in the ways of other camp activities. Probably because the heads of state can't afford winding up with outside influences killing their fun by killing them. This is why the only three people able to thwart this campy tyranny wind up on the most wanted and despised lists. Reality would have seen this film cut shorter after a couple of weeks of overpartying and the poor attitude over the guys running the camp. The happy yet sad ending conveys a meaning of life or a comparison to history. It will be clear what not to do if a filmmaker considers pulling up a bland film from a good premise.
  • When I bought this movie, I thought the title meant that this movie would be scary. I won't tell you what it is about (for the ones who have not seen it yet), but if you really want to see this movie, go ahead and look at it because it is not that bad. My rating on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 6.
  • This movie is a perfect example of the 1980's, and embodies all the trends of the time. Charles Stratton did a wonderful job playing a teenager gone crazy, and the supporting cast measures up to his standard. The plot, unlike most 80's movies, is actually good. You have to pay attention and follow along, but it's well worth it. I would recommend this movie to everyone, and especially anyone who has read The Butterfly Revolution. I thought they did a decent job of changing the novel into a screenplay. This movie is definitely worth renting!