• 90
    Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times
    It's no thigh-slapper like the Rodney Dangerfield's "Back to School," but it's exceptionally good-natured and perceptive, and Harmon, in his first starring screen role, is a real charmer. [22 July 1987]
  • 70
    Rita Kempley Washington Post
    Proud to be junk food, but it still tackles the serious subjects of illiteracy, teen-age pregnancy and young adult alcoholism. [22 July 1987]
  • 38
    USA Today
    Summer School is like summer school: you go, then quickly realize you would much rather be doing something else. [22 July 1987]
  • 30
    Elvis Mitchell The New York Times
    The film's only bright idea is a duo named Chain Saw (Cameron) and Dave (Riley), who love horror films and instigate grisly but imaginative practical jokes, like pretending to be attacked by bunnies when the class makes a field trip to a petting zoo. [22 July 1987, p.C22]
  • 25
    Dave Kehr Chicago Tribune
    It has a lack of ambition and energy that is almost total: It's the most this movie can do to roll over and ask for a little more lotion on its back. [22 July 1987]
  • 25
    Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
    Harmon proves that he can act stupid, and that's not enough to make the movie funny… You're supposed to like Freddy (Harmon), and you're supposed to like his brainless students… But you hate everybody. [24 July 1987]
  • 20
    Desson Thomson Washington Post
    Here are some of Summer School's favorite things: idiocy, illiteracy, irresponsibility, drunkenness, dumbness and debauchery. Piqued? [24 July 1987]
  • 20
    TV Guide Magazine
    Another failure in Harmon's attempt to move from TV to the big screen.
  • 12
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
    A comedy so listless, leisurely and unspirited that it was an act of the will for me to care about it, even while I was watching it.