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  • This is a really cute, light hearted comedy. The plot may be pretty unrealistic, the ending kooky & unbelievable, and don't get your morals from it, but all in's great fun to watch.

    The story revolves around three carefree bachelors (Peter, Michael, and Jack) who share a New York City apartment. All are busy with their jobs, girlfriends, and social lives and have no intention of settling down anytime soon. While actor Jack is away shooting a movie, a baby is left outside their apartment door with a note indicating that this is Jack's child from an affair with his co star (though he's previously been unaware of this offspring's existence). His two room mates mistakenly believe that they are to deliver the baby to a couple of men who appear at the door asking for 'a package'. Right before they are about to hand the baby over, they realize these men are drug dealers. Then the bachelors have to contend with the baby's care as well as the drug dealers' demands for payment.

    The three bachelors are played by famous name stars...Tom Sellick (Peter, the architect), Steve Guttenberg (Michael, the artist), and Ted Danson (Jack, the actor). Their considerable talents and playboyish charisma have a lot to do with this movie's success. The unlikely trio must learn to juggle the demands of baby care with their careers and social lives. It's really fun to watch them in all the stereotypical hilarious circumstances of diapering and baby tending. The men's paternal instincts come into play and the bachelors grow quite attached to the little tyke.

    Directed by Leonard Nimoy (Spock, my favourite), this is a generally light, mindless, and entertaining movie that shows how these three 'hunks' & confirmed bachelors are won over by little baby Mary. Switch your brain into neutral and enjoy the ride.
  • jhaggardjr24 February 2001
    "3 Men and a Baby" is a comedy that's cute and funny. Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson star as three bachelors who live together, and who's lives are changed forever when on one particular day a baby infant is left on their doorstep. The three bachelors are now forced unexpectedly to become fathers to the baby. Plenty of wonderful comedy scenes throughout as the three stars go through the frustrations of having to deal with this infant girl in the early stages, then the baby eventually starts to win them over. If only the filmmakers threw out the subplot involving drugs, then this film would've been a great comedy.

    *** (out of four)
  • Leofwine_draca20 July 2016
    THREE MEN AND A BABY is one of the big beasts of Hollywood cinema of the 1980s. It's a simple story, one that's well executed by Leonard Nimoy in one of his forays behind the camera, and truth be told there's little to dislike about it as a film. It's basically Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson, and Tom Selleck in an apartment looking after a baby.

    You can guess the easy, laid back nature of the film in this film and it really is an easy viewing experience. Even a mildly suspenseful crime style sub-plot added to the proceedings never endangers the characters much or adds much in the way of real danger to the story. The three main actors are all charismatic and you can easily see why women would fall in love with them, although it's worth noting that the baby is the real scene stealer here.

    THREE MEN AND A BABY frequently threatens to veer into cheesy sentimentality, particularly at the climax, but that it never becomes too overwhelming is testament to its success as a film.
  • Three bachelors have their lives flipped upside down when little baby Mary is left on their doorstep.

    A remake of successful 1985 French film Three Men And A Cradle, this Hollywood version took the box office by storm to make a domestic profit of over $155,000,000. It's not hard to see why really. Yes it looks a touch twee now, and the irritating drug-smuggling sub-plot (also in the original) grows more tiresome with subsequent revisits. Yet it has a frothy cleanness so lacking in many more similar big budgeted movies that came after it. Starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg as the "no parenting skills" bachelors, Leonard Nimoy's film , (yes, Spock) sees quality interplay between the guys and some bona fide funny sequences as they in turn attempt to do right by Mary. Yep it's all telegraphed comedy, and the ending holds no surprises for anyone once Nancy Travis as Mary's mother comes back to claim the child. But come on folks, three beefy bachelors trying to change diapers and entertain a wailing baby has to be charming; surely? 7/10
  • Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg star in this light- hearted comedy about how 3 New York bachelors receive a big change in their lives after finding a baby on their doorstep. With humor that primarily surround the ordeal the 3 men have to contend with, 3 MEN AND A BABY relies on the chemistry the 3 main stars generate with

    each other. At first they experience dismay with the infant; I mean, how can three unmarried men take care of a baby?! But soon enough the 3 guys fall in love with her. But with good measure, a drug- smuggling subplot is thrown in (probably to make it not look like your a typical family-oriented comedy). Nevertheless, Danson, Selleck, and Guttenberg shine. The same goes for the cute little baby Mary, and a

    good direction from an unlikely director, Leonard "Mr. Spock" Nimoy himself!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I own this charming film on VHS tape. It's been a while since I've seen it, but I remember it with tender and life-affirming pleasure. Indeed, it is a lightweight, somewhat implausible Hollywood comedy with three impossibly well-off, comely, and well-adjusted bachelors in a cavernous apartment (imagine the rent). But Selleck, Guttenburg, and Danson earn their laughs (although I fould the latter just a tad stiff) and after cherubic baby Mary enters their lives, they earn our hearts. During the middle of the film after the drug dealers have tied up the babysitter, trashed the apartment looking for the heroin, and left the baby in a closet with threats to return, when Selleck finds the baby and says, "Nobody is going to hurt you, nobody is going to hurt you", despite the unsavory drug plot, the movie grabs you in its caring but firm embrace. When Mary's mother returns for the baby after abandoning her on the doorstep, at first you want to condemn her. But when she tearfully explains to the trio why she did it, I think you forgive her. "Three Men and a Baby" demonstrates that the simple love of an adult for an infant is enough for a compelling story and will more than compensate for an awkwardly shoe-horned subplot and even Danson's (Mary's biological father's) negligence.

    There's a vital place on this planet for "feel-good" movies like "Three Men and a Baby".
  • mlp-117 January 2003
    I have seen this movie several times. Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg and Tom Selleck made this show their own. The show was funny and the character depth was very good. I thought it was great the first time and still think it is great!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Until last night if someone had asked me about Three Men and A Baby, I would have said...oh great movie, classic eighties I loved it! Well, it being one of my wife's all time favourites she insisted we watched it and now I'm convinced that it might have been the first time I've seen it all the way through. It is a fun, madcap adventure that's only problem is that with time it has become a little predictable. However, that doesn't make it any less fun and it certainly presents the best possible of "baby changing bachelor(s) life" and "inept new father's taking care of baby." Its not a new concept, we've seen it time and time again even on Television but this is still an 80's classic thanks to chemistry of the cast, a solid story and simple fun. Only an eighties movie could mix together the new father angle with drug dealers and a thriller type ending in a construction building. A great 80's film in my opinion encompasses and shows off everything we loved about the 80's and this film does that. Success, gluttony (but in a good way), free love, spirit, bright bold and sassy with a touch of gaudiness and you will see all of that in Three Men and a Baby. It also is unique in the fact that it really isn't a family film, it really was geared to adults making it a unique comedy in that way.

    I could start with any of the main three guys but I will start with my favourite, the unbeatable Mr. Tom Selleck. He's handsome, he's suave, he's an incredibly versatile actor and he was at his prime in this film. His chemistry is palpable and you can see it at every turn. He is a scene stealer just by being Tom Selleck. You can't hardly make an adult 80's comedy without Steve Guttenberg. You can make fun of him, and you can point out he is always the same character but you can't deny he commands attention in 80's comedies. He has a down to earth style that you really like and he's good in this. I happen to think that he gets downplayed because of Selleck and Ted Danson but he is still a welcome member of the cast and has great comedic timing. Ted Danson basically plays Sam Malone in this film. He is absent for almost half the movie and his character has a much faster story than the other two guys but he is still a necessary part to the three men aspect. You can't deny the three of them have great chemistry and they all have at least one great scene between them that will make you laugh, smile or feel all warm and fuzzy. I can't say a lot for the supporting cast, they are all good but they do nothing more than support the three guys. Even our "villains" are mostly just run of the mill bad guys that don't really shine in their roles but they are completely adequate.

    I was nearly bowled over when I saw Leonard Nimoy directed this film. I just had no idea that he did anything like this as a director. He does a very good job. He keeps the script simple and he lets his three stars do what they do best. All three of them were 80's TV and movie heavyweights so you just let them do what they do and it works. The movie is fun and light, cute and weepy at times but it just hits the right chords. No one will ever say its a brilliant feat of film making but the fun and entertainment factor is without a doubt high! If you love 80's then you have to see this of course, and moreso if you want a light fun comedy then look no further because this will fill the void!! 8/10
  • Cherubin18 April 2001
    "Three Men and a Baby" is one of those movies like "Ghostbusters" that you enjoy in spite of the fact that you realize that they are only made for money and are otherwise empty. I saw this about three times when it was new and laughed like a loon each time. A couple of days ago, I saw a dubbed version on Czech TV. This time, only a few of the jokes made me laugh such as the drug hiding jokes, the scenes of the three roomies being obviously outside of their element with the baby and that masterpiece of a scene where Tom Selleck tells off the pompous Hungarian celloist (I always loved that one). Otherwise, the only other entertainment value is provided by the "goofball with a heart of gold" appeal of the three lead actors and a cute little baby for the more sentimental viewers. One thing which struck me though was just how garishly the 80s the music and the fashions were ! When people think "good 1980s music", they usually think of new wave and some of the better hard rock stuff. The music here, though, is exactly the kind of sugary drivel that is best left forgotten. And the fashions, of course, make everyone look like either a "Miami Vice" fan or an ultra clean cut Young Republican. "Three Men and a Baby" is a genuine artifact in this sense.
  • It turned out to be a good idea after all. I actually liked this movie since I have seen it years ago. I can't remember until now the appeal. It's actually cute and well-done without any real nonsense. It actually makes sense when you watch it. It is actually entertaining without overdoing it. It's a great family movie too. There are hilarious moments between the men and baby Mary. I only wished she had a better name than Mary. The cast is first rate with Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Gutenberg as the three fathers and Nancy Travis as British Sylvia. I love seeing Celeste Holm playing grandmother to baby Mary even if it was for only a moment. They have quite a ball with baby Mary in their lives even though she was a surprise beyond belief. Baby Mary usually steals the scene because of her beauty. Babies are beautiful and fun but lots of work for one parent, much less two or three or four parents. I won't give away the ending but I think they should have filmed it in New York City rather in Toronto but that's just my opinion.
  • Min11115 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    I seen the movie multiple times now because I liked it so much. If I had the time, I'd see it again. I thought the movie was very sweet. The name of the movie couldn't be any clearer. Basically, there are three men (Jack, Michael and Peter) who live in an apartment together, and they each have luxurious careers. Jack is a actor; Michael is a cartoonist; Peter is a architect. The three men find themselves in a tricky situation when a baby randomly appears at their doorstep. The baby is a girl: her name is Mary. They are forced to take care of the baby. A note tells them that Jack is the girl's father. The father, Jack, is away for a while, so Michael and Peter have to look after the baby for now. I like how the both of them grow attached to her. They'll make good fathers if they ever had a baby. Jack soon returns back at the apartment. Jack is given the task to take care of his daughter, and he too quickly loves her. I'm amazed how caring and loving the three men are. I think it's cute. They each took care of the baby. In fact, they each can take care of a baby better than what a mother could based on what you'll see. I'm sure this movie will teach parents a wonderful lesson on how to take care of a baby. I found it shocking though how a mother would just leave her baby at the doorstep like that. What was the mother thinking? The baby could've easily gone missing. The mother's name is Sylvia who is an actress. The only thing I'd wish for in this movie is to see Jack and Sylvia in a loving relationship along with their baby. The family will love this movie for sure. It's heartwarming! 'Three Men and a Baby' deserves a good rating. I can't believe how old the movie is now. I wasn't even born when this movie came out. It's an eighties movie. I wished I seen it sooner, but better late than never I guess.
  • Obviously not the greatest comedy of all time, and though generally charming, it has few laugh out loud moments. That said, the performances and the direction are all decent. And, most importantly, it leaves you with a great big smile on your face. You can't ask for too much more than that.
  • Peter Mitchell (Tom Selleck), Jack Holden (Ted Danson), and Michael Kellam (Steve Guttenberg) are three carefree bachelors, living out their lives as room mates in a trendy New York apartment.

    They shoot pool, drink, party, date as many girls as they want, and live the life most men can only dream of.

    But that all changes one sunny morning, when a baby named Mary is dropped on their doorstep, with a note from her mother addressed to Jack (he's the father), saying she can no longer take care of the infant, and he will have to do that from now on.

    It just so happens that Jack is out of town shooting a movie, and it's up to Peter and Michael to take care of the frightened baby...which they have no clue how to do.

    And to make things worse, Jack has gotten himself involved with a drug dealer thanks to his less than honest agent, and a package of heroine is delivered to the apartment, which ultimately puts everybody (including Mary) in danger.

    Ironically, it is this disaster which ultimately warms the the bachelors hearts towards the child, in spite of how anxious they are to get back to their normal routine.

    But when her mother, Sylvia Bennington (Nancy Travis) decides she can't live without her daughter, and is going to raise her after all, the three men realize they can't go back to their former lives.

    Endearing, and very funny, this movie is refreshing in the wholesome values it embraces.

    One feels better about the world after watching it.

    Originally, Review #152

    Posted On: December 16, 2011
  • Three men and a baby is a good example of a feel-good comedy/drama. The cast is big named with stars like Steve Guttenburg, Tom Selleck, and Ted Danson as three bachelors living in an apartment (with a ghost) who gets a baby at their doorstep. I think that that's pretty creative. Leonard Nimoy aka Spock directs this and it is good.

    Overall the movie is a good feel-good comedy and I enjoyed it. Look for the boy in the window. the ghost. Rating 9 out of 10.
  • zarb2 March 2003
    This is one of the funniest movies of all times especially if you have kids. Childern change everyone's lives especially parents. The bachelors will win your heart. This is an all time classic movie and everyone should see it!
  • This was remake of the French film. But with three great actors the movie was destined to be a great and memorable movie
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw this in the cinema all those years ago, it never occurred to me that there could be a ghost in this film directed by Leonard "Mr Spock" Nimoy. Anyway, it was only a few years later with the advent of VHS that yikes, perhaps there was a ghost of a boy that survived the editing room. But thankfully the rumor was dispelled, but still, if anything rentals for 3 Men and Baby went through the roof for this one scene alone.
  • It's three bachelors who led what they believed were they're own great lives till they met the one woman who would change they're outlook forever. You watch the bachelors engage their maternal instincts and fall in love with this baby girl.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After the delightful opening credits showing how three bachelors turn their Manhattan bachelor pad into a real work of art, this popular comedy takes off as these determinedly single men find another female in their life: a young baby girl. Little baby Mary is adorable, and even a curmudgeon like myself is entranced by her cooing and laughter.

    But for father Ted Danson, it's a nightmare when he returns from a movie shoot in Turkey, and finds his very annoyed roommates (Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg) having taken care of not only this but the package of illegal drugs left for him to hold onto. These three men must learn to really grow upon a short period of time and start to care about something a little more substantial than their bachelor life.

    I could have done without the drug involved subplot, but when they're focusing on the conflicts that occur in trying to raise a child without proper knowledge of how to do it, the film is truly one of the funniest films of the 1980's. Stage and screen icon Celeste Holm has a memorable cameo as Danson's mother. Margaret Colin, Nancy Travis (as the natural mother) and Philip Bosco as the narcotics agent with a secret soft spot for babies are also good. The men's apartment is also one of the most fabulous living spots I've ever seen.
  • Agent_Iris2 October 2020
    Great casting and some genuinely funny scenes and dialogue make this a memorable 80s comedy.
  • marcotiero2 September 2020
    An endearing movie with 3 charming characters who you don't mind spending a couple of hours with as they bumble their way through parenthood.

    The only thing that I felt took away from it a bit was the drug thing that felt like it was shoehorned in. Those scenes could have been removed and wouldn't have took anything away from the movie. The scenes themselves are fine, just not necessary for the story.
  • Those who complain about outdated views in this film and discredit because of it are missing out. This film is still great to watch with the family. Has some excellent big laugh moments as well as little one dotted throughout, all with a storyline that moves along well so you are always entertained. Complaint the views are outdated, would be the same as criticism levelled at renaissance painters for their lack of modern work.
  • One of my first movie theater memories is packing into a sold-out theater and watching Three Men and a Baby from the front row. I loved it then, watched it countless times on home video often looking specifically for the ghost (because that was a thing.) I'm happy to say that I think the film still holds up decades later. I know people that act like these guys, who would struggle to even understand how a diaper works, let alone figure out how to feed a baby. That makes the comedy relatable, timeless, and effective. I laugh constantly through the first act, and there are plenty of humorous moments later in the film as well. I think why I enjoy it so much goes beyond the comedy, though. There's a believable affection that grows between the men and the baby, and it brings a great deal of heart to the film. I can't say that I was quite brought to tears this time, but I have seen the movie MANY times before so it would take a lot to get me to tears now.

    The trio of actors are perfect for the swinging bachelor types, and I like that each one has a slightly different personality that seems to fit them well. Tom Selleck does a lot to steal the show, and I think that's because he's the best actor of the three, but even the much-maligned Guttenberg brings his A-game here. I do wish Ted Danson didn't disappear for a large part of the film, but when he returns, he brings some good laughs. It's also important that he leaves so that the plot can keep moving forward. I do think that there is an element to the plot which is probably the weakest aspect of the movie. Any time it is focused on the titular Three Men and a Baby, it is golden, but there is a subplot about drugs that can feel a bit ancillary. I actually enjoy it for the added layers of conflict and the confusion that it creates, but I could see others disliking that aspect. I'm sure there's some level of nostalgia boosting my rating of Three Men and a Baby, but I do think it's a good film and deserving of all the box office love it received back in the 80s.
  • I was so excited when I saw this movie on Disney+ and watched it immediately It's just as charming as I remember. I Watched this movie repeatedly growing up and now I have my own daughter, and each night before she goes to sleep we sing "goodnight sweetheart" exactly how these 3 legends sang it in the movie
  • gwnightscream12 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson, Nancy Travis and Margaret Colin star in this 1987 comedy. This tells about New York architect, Peter (Selleck) and his 2 roommates, Michael (Guttenberg), an artist and Jack (Danson), an actor who are all bachelors. Soon, a baby girl, Mary arrives on their doorstep while Jack is away shooting a film. Peter and Michael tend to her and when Jack gets back, he learns that's he's her father. Their lives instantly change and they grow close to her. Travis (Greedy) plays Mary's mother, Sylvia and Colin (Independence Day) plays Peter's girlfriend, Rebecca. This is a good 80's comedy with humorous and a bit of heartfelt moments featuring a great cast. I recommend this.
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