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  • Xia cu da zhang fu (Goodbye Darling) is what I think one of the best Hong Kong comedies, and is my favorite. It is a story about a hotel manager who was misinformed that he has developed cancer. Therefore, he makes preparations to make sure his wife is taken care at the event of his death, which includes finding her a new suitable husband.

    This film has a great story line with a solid plot and memorable characters that will keep you entertained. There are plenty of comedy and is balanced well with a bit of romance and drama. It's a very compelling story, from Raymond Wong's search for a suitor to his lawyer friend's tangle with the triad. Within the plot are these surprise fillers and unpredictable moments that make the movie that much more enjoyable.

    Raymond Wong and Cherie Chung shine as the leads in the movie and delivered what I think is some of their best work. There are a number of notable Hong Kong actors include John Sham, Mark Cheng, David Wu, Kwan-Min Cheng and Sin Hung Tam; each are given a fair amount of screen time (many Hong Kong movies of the 1980s feature a large number of famous actors, but only in cameo roles along side the leads).

    Again, one of the best HK comedies. I never grow tired of it and it is a must-see.

    Grade A