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  • taloolah8523 May 2006
    I have to say that I am from the UK and i love and always have loved Home and Away. I've watched it since Pippa and Sally, Michael and Bobby and Marilyn were in it!! Just to say not all people in the UK don't like Home and Away. Many just prefer Eastenders and all the British soaps because they are home-grown and because to them, Home and Away is sometimes not as real-life and gritty as British soaps-not taking anything away from Home and Away as it is a brilliantly entertaining programme. Anyway, just wanted to comment on the last comment posted. Also, this is one good video -classic Home and Away with lots of the old classic characters from the beginning!
  • Summer Bay is a good place to escape to, every night. Something you can relate,vibrant, and there is always something happening, you're never bored! Over the years you get to think you know the characters, you've been watching them for so long. A show which I'll look back on and remember.
  • Those people who, like me, live in Australia should know that Channel 7 is currently screening the older episodes of "Home and Away" (otherwise known as "Home and Away, The Early Years) in addition to the new ones. I would recommend watching these older episodes (which, at the time of my writing this, go all the way back to 1989), but forgetting about the current ones. The earlier episodes of "Home and Away" seem a lot fresher (probably because all of the storylines had only been recycled a few times, rather than fifty or so which is no doubt the case by now), and also give the viewer a chance to laugh at all of the horrible late '80s fads and fashions depicted in them (I remember one earlier episode, for example, which had Carly wearing a T-shirt with the message "Twenty Decades Old" on it; God, that is sooooooooooooo 1988!). The characters also seem a lot more interesting A friend of mine once said that the series really suffered when that lovable pair of dimwits Lance and Martin left it; he may well have been right.

    Although I have attempted to watch the newer episodes of "Home and Away" on various occasions, I came to the sad conclusion that I was simply killing too many brain cells each time I did this, so have since given up on them. From what I have heard from other people who still watch the current episodes, I have gathered that these episodes have two glaring faults ie:

    1) the producers are more concerned with ISSUES these days than simply telling a story.

    2) the show is now filled with annoying fifteen year-olds who are always wanting to hop into bed with each other ie it's trying to become the Australian version of "Dawson's Creek" (another lame show).
  • Oilers8528 February 2001
    Home & Away had its best days in the mid 90's when they actually had good actors and a few decent storylines. It started to go down hill after about 1997 when the characters became all to similar and the storylines revisited (but then again what soapy doesn't?). This show is watchable until you feel the recycling and then its a turnoff. I do admire a couple of the actors though who have stuck with the show and not got stars in their eyes and expectations beyond their abilities.
  • I'm from nz and we our top tv soap is Shortland street. The quality of acting and story lines are far better than shorty.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I used to watch Home and Away when I was a kid but as I grew up stopped watching it. I recently, at the age of 27, caught up on YouTube on the last month of the program and I like it. If you're not looking for over-realistic soap then this is a great program to watch.

    When compared with British soaps it's more light-hearted, funny and entertaining to watch. I for one don't pay for a TV licence so that I can watch a realistic program about a bunch of unwashed-looking English people shouting at each other. Watching shows like Eastenders in comparison it's no wonder all foreigners think we're booze hounds who like to fight and talk in stupid accents.

    Don't get me wrong, Home and Away isn't perfect: between the big story lines where something huge happens (like the Hugo skipping town storyline and corrupt cop Eaves), some story lines can get a little banal, like Alf's fear of a ventriloquist dummy spanning SEVERAL episodes, or Elijah's parents being annoying for an entire WEEK but accomplishing nothing much is a bit boring and annoying, but some story lines keep things ticking along nicely and prevent it from getting horrible to watch.

    One of the biggest flaws with this show is that there is ALWAYS someone with a drinking problem every couple of months, there is ALWAYS a wedding that's getting rocky during planning, there's ALWAYS a young girl and an older guy crush... aka the standard soap story lines. It would be nice if H&A broke the mould and came up with a new 'dramatic' story line.

    What I love about soaps is that you can pick up after a long time of not watching it and just start; you'll get caught up soon enough. With Home and Away this is especially easy because they keep it simple, which is what I like.
  • I think H&A is a great show. You have to appreciate the history to enjoy the show. The show has a lot of history and helps budding young actors get started. Kate Richie is one of the best actors, probably because she was there from the start and we (the viewers) were able to see her grow up. The show is obviously a little exaggerated I mean our ordinary life is not as adventurous but I think that's what makes us (the viewers) watch it. Thanks for a teriffic show, I will always watch it.
  • I laugh at people that tell me they prefer Home & Away over Neighbours, I also laugh at people that tell me they prefer Neighbours to Home & Away. They are the same exact show with different crap actors, tis like comparing a dog turd to a cat turd, both are turds WHICH one do you wanna eat?

    Perhaps I am being a bit harsh on Home & Away, but I truly cannot understand how a show this bad can entertain people for so long I'm assuming it's a glut of generation y morons watching... the other thing I cant understand is why this show has so many uglies.

    To summarise: bad acting, bad writing, bad characters. NOTHING can save this awful show.
  • Home and Away is definitely my favorite TV show. There are not many shows made that compares to this one. It´s a great show with interesting storylines, good actors and a good script. There is not much more to add, really...

    Home and Away is definitely the best Australian show ever made, and even counting shows from all countries, it´s still one of the very best. I can definitely recommend you all to watch this.

    Since I live in Scandinavia, we are a couple of years behind Australia in the airings so I haven´t seen the last couple of years of the Australian productions, plus that the stations here skipped a number of episodes in the beginning, but the 600 or so episodes that I have seen has been great!

    /Daniel Hofverberg
  • Lets start off with the line "Im Sorry", yes, this is the most overused line in the whole show. People get thick with each other, say I'm sorry,everything is hunky dory again, and then it all starts again,over,and over,and over,and over again. Second off, the story lines are mind boggling, absolutely, atrocious. Each character in the whole show has to be the most unluckiest person in the world,being cheated on, being accused of murder, get pregnant by someone who eventually leaves town, and then finally death, or just leaves anyway because his/her business contract has expired after 2 years. 1 of these things has happened to at least all the character on the show. And the drinking problem storyline is still there, yup, after 22 years,its still there. And you know what makes me really sick is that each character has to stick their nose in to other peoples business, and the other person gladly tells them everything thats happening in their life, while the other person says "well if there's anything i can do,let me know" if it was me,id tell them to mind their own go damn business. Each person is one and the same. It is so unreal that this programme gets funding. This is the perfect example of bad television, it is juvenile, the female adults are either pure soccer mom stereotypes, or just act like teenagers themselves. Its a disgrace
  • jaydenlove27 October 2015
    Why doesn't Home and Away bring in a new gay character? I mean, come on, in this day and age what is the problem? Even back in 1988 it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. I know they have had gay characters before, without all the kissing and stuff, which I guess they thought was fine. It's not fine that they can hide a subject like this. It is ridiculous and homophobic. The Charlie and Joey storyline in 2009 was definitely what the show needed. They deemed this as "inappropriate"? What about all the drugs, murders, rapes, guns, violence and teen pregnancy? Such A Great Show! 21/10 IGN.

    Neighbours, a show that I would never watch, gets to have gay characters and it is only G rated. Home and Away is PG and deals with more adult themes and they can't do this? I just don't understand.

    This point is that this is 2015, gay people exist - even in Summer Bay. Home and Away is not a kids show, it never was. I'm not saying to turn the show into Wentworth, just make it that more realistic. They should make more use of the PG rating, just like shows such as Packed to the Rafters did.
  • kiaora10 November 2004
    I can't help but notice that most of the people who dislike Home and Away are from the UK. This isn't a criticism at all, I just find it funny, and it makes sense because the lifestyle over there is so completely different. My partner is English and has been here (in NZ) 2 and a half years, I watch Home and Away every day without fail and he just doesn't get it. We have re runs from 1990 on PrimeTV and it is brilliant being able to watch earlier episodes as well as the new. Home and Away is an awesome representation of Aussie life, the characters are great, Credit where credits due, you Aussies make a brilliant soap. I say this because you guys obviosly have a liking for our music, every piece of background music in the diner or surfclub is Kiwi, (well a lot of it) there's a lot of dub and the feelers good on ya. Honestly Home and Away far surpasses things like Eastenders and Coronation St, and i'd say that would be the opinion of most Kiwis and Aussies.
  • I think that Home and Away is really good even though every child in the cast apart from 3 are misfits of some sorts i.e. runaway's and drug addicts!! And every family has at least 1 adopted child and you wonder where do they get the money to support these children?? The way they accept the kids is stupid too its like just come on in and live here with the other freaks in the house!! But its silly stories and funny cast are very entertaining!
  • I'm from merry old england- and i think that this show is tons better that the English ones you get. the story lines are always good unlike the ones you get on soaps over here. i love the whole story and have been watching it for the past twelve years its great!!! i think that Nick Smith should come back and personally i like the old Hayley Smith (Cartwright) better. she was a great actress. Paul O' Brian is amazingly good looking its unbelievable!! LOL. and so is the one that plays Lucas. Home and Away never stops bringing in eye candy for us girls or for the boys. it is a truly magnificent show. i wish i was part of it. LOL!!
  • paiget-5024917 July 2018
    I love home and away but I wish the released all the episodes could be on iTunes Store or as dvds after the season has finished recording because I love to watch things again and the ones on seven plus never stay there they will go sooner or later but it is a great and dramatic show that's what I love about it.
  • fitlife9 November 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've not missed an episode since the show first started.... A long long time ago!! I can fill anyone in on any questions they may have about the show or story lines..I live in Ireland which means our show is several months behind, so I frequently take a sneaky peek onto the website to get a preview when the story lines are so exciting that I cant wait!! There are a lot of too-shocking story lines at the moment, very far fetched and a little unbelievable really, lots of kids wandering around summer bay with no parents and suddenly find new foster parents/school/friends, lots of secret adoptions, pregnancy's, seems a lot for a small town, but I've seen them all!!
  • ok,maybe it can be over the top! but the person who said that it was the worst TV show well for a silly TV show its lasted pretty long! it is a very good show. And is famous to many people over the world so get over you self whoever said that!

    It is the BEST TV drama yet! Their characters are not real but is really realistic to life in Australia: Divorce, affairs, children, unexpected pregnancies, runaway kids,abusive families, love, loss, honour, and heroism. The diner is something also that makes the show. Believe me people! this is a very good drama. It is very good, Trust Me! its great!
  • I wonder a lot whether this show and Friends occasionally share writers, as both show symptoms of the same stagnant, horrid writing. In addition to that, Home And Away, or Please Go Away as I like to call it, suffers the same annoyance that made The Cosby Show such an atrocity. In essence, the adult characters talk down at any character under the age of twenty-five as if they are lower than the proverbial. This, combined with the stereotypical representation, make the show seem more like Liberal Party propaganda than an actual drama.

    Although I must admit that I stopped watching the show (after six months of on/off viewing, I admit) a long time ago, but the lack of anything remotely resembling character or story development in those six months makes me feel pretty safe in betting that absolutely nothing has happened on the show since. It's just the same old crap over and over - bunch of ditzy teens go through life with not a clue about what they're doing until arrogant and stupid adults basically give them the old "you must be like us or you are worthless" speech a few hundred times. Given that this show started life as a story about a foster family of about seven children who came from broken and abusive homes, the whole current attitude of the show is quite upsetting from my perspective.

    Interestingly enough, there was a reunion of the original seven foster children recently, but this only served to highlight how far beyond the use-by date the show had gone. The actors had gone on and lived lives that basically made this series seem like a big mistake, and they looked embarassed to be there. Some of them had this look that said "hey, I've gone on to do stage productions and modelling, why the hell am I back on this turkey?" or something to that effect. This is probably aggravated by the fact that the writing has gone from lame to outright recycling since about 1990. Honestly, I have read copies of screenplays from the 1990 and 1995 seasons, and apart from changes in character names, there is not any real difference.

    Unfortunately, this series is basically an expression of how stagnant television has become in the last thirteen years, and it will probably keep recycling itself until even the youngest cast members are pushing up the daisies. This show is the antichrist, I tell you! Anyway, I would just like to conclude by issuing the following statement to channel seven: I rarely, if ever, watch your network anymore because you keep recycling crap like this while interesting new ideas like The Weakest Link are shelved in a year. The simple fact is that your evening line-up is more a pale imitation of the other networks, and it is getting to a point where even the desperate don't want to watch. Bring something new to the air already, or the two hours a week I spend watching television could soon be reduced to nothing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Over and Over they go you will see that they have sex (including same sex relations), take drugs, kill people, steal, lie, cheat and show everyone how to be obnoxious, rude and downright careless for each other and wait for it they either get a stern talking to after saying sorry and do it all over again and they all this aired at 7PM every Monday to Friday….. No wonder our teenagers are having more sex and drugs and pretending to be bi-sexual on MySpace with their friends when they are only 13 years old. Sure some guys go to jail and some sort of moral story is told. But it's a total disgrace when 50% of the audience is less than 16 years of age without any parental supervision. If we just talk about the show you will see clearly that they are reading an auto-cue from the side and while some try to act others are just plain wooden at best. We had a crash scene that a person is blinded…. Due to his past terrors … sorry guys but this has been done on so many shows that it's not funny and you know what, I give it a month before he gains his sight again just like Desperate housewives. I can understand older people wanting to watch this soap and I can understand they can get over the ridiculous plots that make everyone sleep with everyone just like "the days of our lives" but I cannot understand how the TV Commission allows this to be on the time slot in Australia when it influence so many of today's youth.

    Ask yourself this question, how many other countries would allow this show in free to air TV before 8:30pm?
  • OK so its half way through the year 2004 and I was hoping that Home and Away had grown...grown with the changes in today's world grown with their characters but I switch on the TV and their is Danni Sutherland (played by Tammin Surksok?) getting attacked, stalked and crying once again. Everything that can happen to a girl happens to Danni, which I'm getting sick off. There are other characters in the show that could be used to a much greater extent. How about Hailey (played by Bec Cartright) who instead of prancing around in barely their clothes could actually get a decent story line.

    Theirs not even a normal family anymore. Jade starts crying and dying, Kirsty who is 17, married to her sister's attacker and pregnant gets congratulated when she tells her mother, step-mother and father that she's pregnant. What parents would welcome their 17-year-old girl with open arms when they're pregnant by their sister's attacker? (Yes and I do know this is a show its just that they, the writers, are trying to portray real life and I don't believe this is real life)

    Alf is a character I like and so was Jesse before he met Leigha. All the characters I truly liked have left the show but I have been watching this show since I was three and now that I'm in my late teens I will continue to watch the lives of the residents of summer bay.

    Home and Away should start using the characters they have and the actor's talents not just put them in ridiculous story lines. Do something real, something that would be believable.
  • I really think that home and away is amazing. It is so much better than that rubbish neighbours! I tune in to watch it everyday and i'm never disappointed! My favourite characters are Robbie, Matilda, Cassie, Rick, Lucas, Sally, Flynn, Leah and Barry. I watched it when I was on school holidays when it was on ITV but I started watching it again a few years ago. It so easy to catch up on even though a lot of dramatic story lines have gone by. I also like Scott and Hayley even though it was a different actress by the time they left. I am ecstatic Scott is going to be a paramedic in casualty called Greg I hope he does really well in it. So in conclusion home and away is my favourite programme and everyone should watch it!-Alice.S
  • I have watched Home & Away since 1995, and i have to say it has kept me entertained since then. I Cannot stand people that say it is unrealistic, Home and Away s doing fine with the hint of non-reality, in fact the ratings are getting higher with a total of around 1,350,000 people watching it compared with Neighbours 977,000. Home and away has some of the most talented actors and some that have left the show also. I will never forget Sarah Lewis, Noah Lawson, Angel, Angie, Alsa, Don Fisher and many more...

    I hope Home and Away continues making it's great progress, and keeping us entertained for many years to come.
  • rmatch84 October 2005
    I am from the England and we are now a few weeks into the whole stalker storyline. I think the longer the stalker can pull off his/her attacks and remain anonymous the better. I think the storyline is brilliant, Probably one of the best Story lines if not the best storyline since i started watching 'Home and Away', which was a few years back when they had the plane crash in which Kane saved Kirsty and Shelly. I am looking forward to see how they actually catch the stalker, if he makes a huge mistake or something.

    The show is improving a lot year after year, so lets hope they bring us some Brilliant Story lines for many more years to come, and more of the best characters.

    Best show on the box!
  • The dumb characters, the inane story lines, how could this Australian show be any worse. From watching this show a couple of times, I am now thinking of leaving Australia because this portrays Australians to be airheads which we are not. There is no need for this horrible form of entertainment - Home and Away!
  • kenonutt22311 July 2006
    I used to love that show all the time. I even used to watch that show all the time as well. This was a great show. I knew that it reminds me that Australian was my favorite nationality. I should buy the VERY 1st season on DVD. Since earlier before it was released, I was watching Fame. The theme was great. It should be on TV again. I could always remember that show. And back in 2002, I even watched the newer version. Just before I moved to BC, when I lived in Manitoba, I even discovered the first season of Home & Away. I should get the first season of Home & Away, just like that I got the first season of Fame on DVD. I always love home and away. I used to find that show MOST ADORABLE! It's been a perfect show.
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