Virgil Tibbs: I want to like you people; and I want you people to like me. But there can't be liking without respect, and until there is that respect you will call me MISTER TIBBS!

Virgil Tibbs: Ever since that woman came to town, Bubba


Virgil Tibbs: ... I think he's in over his head. She's a beautiful, sophisticated young woman and Bubba, well...

Althea Tibbs: You can't understand what she sees in him.

Virgil Tibbs: In a word, No.

Althea Tibbs: Let me try to explain this to you Virgil. Bubba is a HUNK. He's manly, he's strong, he's considerate and just rippling with muscles.

Virgil Tibbs: Althea, Althea, you're a married woman.

Althea Tibbs: Hey I'm married, I'm not blind.

Virgil Tibbs: Well, if Bubba's a hunk, what does that make me?

J.J. Jeffson: Well, you know what the Lord says: "Go forth and multiply, and fill the earth."

Bill Gillespie: But I don't think he meant for you to do that by yourself.

Virgil Tibbs: You know Bubba had to hit him.

Jamison: Like I always say, Bubba has all the fun around here!

Bill Gillespie: Yeah, the last time I caught you using my phone in here, the emergency was about some woman who was driving your car dressed in black lace underwear.

Bubba Skinner: I wish there was some things you'd forget Chief.

Bill Gillespie: I'll stay here and round up a posse, in case I feel the need to cut anybody off at the pass.

Parker: Never fear, Parker is here.

Parker: I got a call from Randy Calhoun.

Bill Gillespie: Tell him we're closed.

Parker: It's about a murder.

Bill Gillespie: Did he commit it?

Parker: I don't think so. I forgot to ask.

Bill Gillespie: Well, that might have been an important question.