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  • Writing to let interested people know that this whole series of film with Roy Marsden is now playing in Japan on The Mystery Channel, with Japanese subtitles.

    It's very interesting to see the different type of Police/detective TV series that were shown then. Different because many aspects of the making are different from those made now in the UK - the camera angles, film/tape quality,acting style, directing style are all significantly changed now.

    Its another question as to whether the change is for the better or the worse. I was only a teenager when these films were originally broadcast, so didn't watch them first time around. I think many younger people now would find the pacing very slow, though I prefer it actually.

    In addition, a lady I went to University with is acting in one of the films - nice to see her again!
  • A very well played part of Mr Roy Marsden. I have seen him in PD James' Dalgleish series, but Inside Stories is so much better! Being John Bennet, a clever multi miljonair buying the Sunday Register, Roy Marsden shows his excellent talents in a very realistic way. The recklessness of media magnates in the 1980's, the changes Fleet Street had experienced, a lot of beautiful and emotional drama, it all makes this series a superb one! Though the Dalgliesh series were better that e.g. the Midsommer Murders, Inside Story shows a very different Roy Marsden. Thanks, Roy, for this!! Wish the series were available on DVD; I would be a buyer indeed. I taped the series on video, but the quality is rather poor. I hope there will be much more of Roy Marsden to be seen on Dutch telly!