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  • Rating Murphy Brown wasn't easy because I would give the original show an 8 and the reboot a 2. I settled for a 5, right in the middle.

    The old Murphy Brown, while Left in nature, was smart and funny enough not to insult me, a moderate Republican. Sure, there was good-natured ribbing of the Right, but it wasn't hate filled. Who wouldn't have laughed at Murphy's fight with Dan Quayle no matter which side of the aisle you sat? New Murphy Brown changed that and now only throws out hate toward the Right. The way it is done is insulting and humorless.

    Adding Tyne Daly was a good move. Avery is a likable guy and had potential, but they are only using him as a way to put down the news channel liberals hate the most. Too bad they didn't make him a real Republican for a little balance and to really tick off and spar with Murphy.

    The new show is a shadow of the original, and after this week's episode, I think it is time for me to say "goodbye" to these characters I used to enjoy enormously. I only stuck around this long because I wanted to see Jim Dial again. One final thought, it was kinda strange how the Miles/Corky marriage never happened.
  • judybenton13 February 2007
    Murphy Brown is one of my all time favorite situation comedies. Candice Bergen is a comedic genius, and I wish I could see more of her. The rest of the cast did a great job, too.

    The series tackled real problems with insight and humor such as an unmarried mature woman becoming pregnant, alcoholism, and cancer, to name a few.

    The summer of 2000, I was battling breast cancer, chemo, nausea, and hair loss when reruns of Murphy's breast cancer experience were shown. It was so true to life but yet so funny. It helped me tremendously! Laughter is indeed the best medicine. These episodes should be shown during chemo treatments.

    I implore whoever is in charge of such things to please market DVDs of the entire Murphy Brown series. It should not be allowed to slide into oblivion.
  • I only started watching this show in its last season. I laughed a lot, which is pretty hard to do with so many of the other shows these days. Candace Bergen is a great actress working with great scripts and a great cast. The breast cancer story line was handled very well, both in poignant and humorous ways. The finale was a fitting way to end it.
  • We've been hanging on for this reincarnation of a classic to find its comedy legs but this episode was the final straw. It was embarrassing. We're done, and there really isn't any need to go on. Sorry Candy, stick a fork in this turkey.
  • Ok so I only watched this show due to hype and honestly I don't get it I hate Trump as much as the next guy but this is nauseating almost to see this it might have been good in the 90s but let me tell you something I feel this is just an old lady mouthing off I remember one funny part in the episode I watched maybe I need to watch more but as of now far from impressed by what Im seeing here terrible jokes .minous the one. I get different people like different things but this is ridiculous
  • If you are going to have a one-note show, you should be honest what that note is. MSNBC is better at the anti-Trump rhetoric. Honestly, at least shows like "Last Man Standing" tries to present both positions and find some middle ground.

    Too bad I remember liking the original Murphy Brown.

    Murphy Brown = "Fake Comedy"
  • quidnessett28 September 2018
    I use to enjoy this show many years ago, it was witty and entertaining. I tuned in tonight expecting the same thing but with a new twist, I was greatly disappointed. It went from a fun show to a show embracing the turmoil of politics and these days that negativity is everywhere we look, it is nice to have an escape from it. So I think I'll pass on this. CBS you struck out on this one.
  • Murphy Brown's intelligence and comedic wit is pure genius and fun to watch. Lifetime began airing the repeats for a while until 2000 which is a shame because it is such a high quality, well-written, and extremely well-acted show overall. While Candice Bergen plays the title character, she never uses her status to ruin the show. She allows her excellent supporting cast including Faith Ford, Grant Shaud, Jim Regalbuto, and the guy who plays Jim Dial. When Grant Shaud left the show, the show brought Lily Tomlin who did an excellent job. I loved Garry Marshall and Pat Corbett as Phil, the local bar owner and the guy that knew everything in Washington D.C. There are several hilarious episodes with guest stars like Barry Manilow serenading Baby Avery, the wonderful Colleen Dewhurst as the memorable Avery Brown, Murphy's mom, Darren McGavin as her father, Broadway Legend Marian Seldes as her aunt during a fabulous Christmas episode. I am sad that Robert Pastorelli passed away recently but he was memorable as the house painter/artist and nanny for Avery. Somebody told me that guest stars shaked the cast for making their experience to be the most pleasurable during their stay. Murphy Brown lasted 11 years for several reasons--it's great cast and staff of writers like Diane English.
  • rphshell29 September 2018
    Ya' know -- It would be nice if this TV sitcom offered a more balanced approach to political ideas than treating the "Murphy Brown" viewpoint is the only acceptable or "learned" standard. It might also help the national discourse if the other side offered an equally (perhaps humorous) valid point, and showed that there is another intelligent / valid side to the issue. It might help to "calm the waters" by encouraging people to listen, rather than reject free thinking. This show would be much better if it had smart, balanced dialog in its writing.
  • Bronco4626 November 2018
    Don't make me laugh! Calling this show liberal progressive is like Khamer Rouge a group of lobbyists trying to persuade for change. This is just another network sanctioned attack on all things conservative. A better description would be "Murphy Brown returns from re-education camp". They story lines are twisted in knots to tow the far-left agenda. Without the slightest hesitation to bend a story and avoid any other position but that of the left. If you believe more in fairness of outcome then in equality of rights; you'll love this show.
  • pageblake9 November 2018
    Worn out. Trite beyond all description but suitable for these outdated actors anxious to spout their uninteresting political opinions.
  • I loved the original run and was looking forward to the reboot. Episode one was up to the old high standards. Episode two was ok. The election episode, however, was painful to watch. There wasn't one funny moment in the show and the inappropriate (and over the top) laugh track just highlighted that fact. I will not be watching again.
  • mmsulli23 November 2018
    Murphy Brown had a successful run in the 80's and should have left it at that. This show is an embarrassment to the cast and the writers. The show will skulk out of the CBS schedule as a loser. Think Hillary Clinton as a TV show.
  • What ever happened to new ideas? It is bad enough that producers are reviving old TV shows and movies, but did they have to dig up the old cast too? While the rest of the cast members seem to have aged rather normally, Candice Bergan came out from under the knife looking like Eva Gabor. Only her voice remains.

    No original humor to be found. What we have are rehashed jokes about Trump's hair, skin color, tweeting etc. Then we drag out Hillary Clinton for a cameo with poor self deprecating jokes about tweeting and emails.

    This show will survive no matter what the ratings as opposed to the shows with Tim Allen and Rosanne. Liberal politics will trump humor.
  • I can't believe there are only so few comments on this unbelievably funny show! It must be that it ended too early before audiences remember to put their comments on IMDB. I heard many people commend ¡§Friends¡¨ or ¡§Mad About You,¡¨ but I find little fun when I actually watch these shows. ¡§Murphy Brown¡¨ is by far the most intelligent and hilarious series I¡¦ve ever watched, maybe the only sitcom ever interests me, because I generally prefer more serious shows such as ¡§Homicide: Life on the Street¡¨ or ¡§thirtysomething.¡¨ Murphy Brown has all the incredible cast. I especially prefer the interaction between the cranky Murphy and the panicky Miles. I¡¦m not sadistic, but I always roll to the floor every time Murphy torments Miles with her disastrous ideas. Like one IMDB user says, I really miss all of the characters. When can they make a show like this?
  • Loved Murphy Brown, but please leave politics out of her new show. Let's enjoy laughter instead of being torn apart on who side your on. I'm not watching this if it continues...
  • I watched the first episode of this alleged comedy more out of curiosity than anything else. Now I understand why curiosity killed the cat. This 'new' series is nothing more than leftist propaganda thinly disguised as comedy. Just about every scene contained derogatory remarks about Donal Trump, and to make matters worse they even invited Hillary on the show to tell Bergen's character how wonderful she is. If the producers were trying to make a statement by bringing Bergen and the rest of the cast out of the television wilderness and onto the anti-trump band wagon I'm afraid it failed on so many levels; just like my attempt to find at least one saving grace to make it worthy of one star.
  • Liked the old series kind of but the new rendition is just garbage. No chemistry, no comedic timing, just tired uninspired delivery of very weak unimaginative scripts. This old horse needs put down.
  • luvbugu117 November 2018
    Every day I hear the media lie about our President. Why should it be enjoyable to watch watch a not funny comedy do it too? Hint. It's not. Murphy Brown was so good when I was young. Today it is just sad. PLEASE START TELLING THE TRUTH! Or at the very least start being funny. Calling your President dumb then playing a laugh track just isn't cutting it. I won't be watching again.
  • In my opinion the best sitcom ever! Candice Bergen, surrounded by a brilliant cast, shows wit and intelligence - and not to mention she is (still in my opinion) probably the world´s most beautiful woman.

    As, alas, it is dubbed in German in Germany I would give a lot to be able to watch it in original language.
  • I will keep this simple, this show is so totally and utterly disgusting, it's laughable. Wow, such lame writing, a 6 year old could do better! The anti-Trump rhetoric is so over played and just plain boring. CB needs to hang it up and also, please stop with the plastic surgery (who the heck are you)? This show insults our law enforcement officers and that to me, is unacceptable- you've gone too far! Your show is lame and not funny in the least. Snooze fest zzzzzz
  • vajameskent6 October 2018
    I cringed a lot watching the first two episodes. Based on the dialogue and plots, the characters haven't changed a lick in twenty years ... absolutely no growth. I hear the same banter coming out of the mouths of characters today as I did then. Everyone is older. No one is wiser. Adding twenty and thirty somethings to the cast does not make much improvement. The show is not smart. The show is not funny. I believe it will die a slow ratings death and fade away (famous last words).
  • d-millhoff19 October 2018
    The old show was outstanding entertainment.

    But as much as I agree with the reboot's politics and sympathies, the writing feels contrived, the direction is not up to the old shows's standards, and the cast feels like they are going through the motions.

    Much of what made the old show funny was its manic, neurotic dialog and timing, and the new show has none of that. It simply doesn't work.

    Some shows need several episodes to find their groove, and the Murphy Brown reboot was off to a poor start. I stopped watching, and by the time I was ready to give it another try, it was cancelled, probably for good reason.
  • What a refreshing change of pace. An intelligent, funny, energetic and timely show that addresses the important issues we all face. I love Murphy as an older woman, and still pertinent and living life on her terms. It's great to see other members of the cast too, and the new additions! I've told many people to give Murphy a try, as it's phenomenal!
  • kelly-2592313 October 2018
    I was looking forward to this show. I enjoyed the original and I can handle political crap whether I agree or disagree but this was just sad. Sad, mean spirited and just plain lousy. Had to bring in the 'Me Too' ... what a joke. Made it ugly.
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