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  • Excellent television series that went on for a decade on NBC, found a home for less than half a season on CBS (only completing six episodes for the network) and still living in syndication on the Lifetime Network. The series finally hit a brick wall for all intensive purposes by 2002 as nothing new was really being added to old episodes and new mysteries were only given a quick glimpse. The series is an intense study in crime, history, religion, the super-natural and seemingly everything in between. The show started slowly in the late-1980s with Karl Malden and Raymond Burr starting out as hosts (never hosting at the same time). It was not until Robert Stack took over very early in the series' run that the program found a permanent audience. His golden voice spooked and intrigued for over a decade. As the years passed the program struggled in spite of the fact that many bad people were caught and innumerable mysteries were solved. Gimmicks followed with co-hosts like Virginia Madsen and Keely Shaye Smith, but by that time "Unsolved Mysteries" had sadly become a Nielsen Ratings dog. All shot in a documentary style, the series was always endearing to me. However its purpose was never really to entertain and the sometimes dark and disturbing subject matter turned many in the viewing public away. Even in syndication it is fun to look back to a part of television history that will stand the test of time. 5 stars out of 5.
  • Unsolved Mysteries was one of the most intriguing shows ever on television, sometimes scary, sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes silly, and always interesting. Unsolved Mysteries was given great dignity and style by the late Robert Stack, whose presence and voice made it eminently watchable.

    Given that this was a reality show, it's surprising to me that in the current reality show frenzy, this show hasn't been revived. In its prime-time years, it was canceled, then returned to the air with co-host Virginia Madsen for a season. The rest of the time on the air, it was hosted by only Stack. Lifetime has been running the series for some time now, but they really should produce new episodes. The only problem with that is, who would replace Stack? All that aside, the series was notable for all its reuniting of families, the criminals caught, and its inspirational stories of miracle healings. It also had its share of UFO sightings and ghost stories. With the show off of the air, it's very frustrating because one doesn't know if the unsolved cases were ever solved.

    If you look closely, you'll see Matthew McConaughey as a murder victim.

    You can't get any better than that.
  • Unsolved Mysteries was slammed by critics who just didn't get it. Sure, it featured stories involving ghosts and UFOs, but it served a greater and more valuable purpose: asking for help from viewers in unsolved cases, including: wanted fugitives, missing persons, lost loved ones, and unsolved homicides.

    Thanks to this show, more than 280 cases have been solved, and the number just keeps growing (which is now probably past 300). In particular, the show was extremely effective in helping people get reunited with lost loved ones. Unsolved Mysteries helped people, especially when no one else could (or would). Therefore, it is a real shame that the primetime powers-that-be pulled the plug on the series in 1999. I miss this show a lot, and hold on to the hope that it will someday be revived so that it could resume helping the public in finding closure.
  • mattkratz28 December 2000
    I miss this show. I consider it to be one of the best TV programs ever made. Robert Stack was perfect as host, and if you get a chance to see it reruns, do not pass it up.

    The segments featuring an unsolved case were A-1. I loved every one of the episodes, and it was as close to perfect as a tv show will ever get.

    **** out of ****
  • Unsolved Mysteries is a marvelous show. Robert Stack is the host of the show and provides several infomation on each case. It roams to missing people, past history, legends, treasures, wanted fugitives, criminals, robbers, murders, burglers, UFO sightings, helping animals, helping lost love ones, ghosts, paranoia, amnesia, big foot sightings and much more. Just a great show. To be on the bright side. Unsolved Mysteries has solved over 400 cases of missing people, lost love ones and wanted people all over the world! This show helps alot of people. Containing over 95% of true evidence, Unsolved Myseries uncovers the depths of many events world wide from past to present. It is good that people who have infomation to call the number after the show is over or to visit their website. This show is sad, great and scary all in one. Not to be missed though. But it ended in 1999. It had been playing since 1987. Sometimes it does several re-runs on Lifetime.
  • I watched many an episode all alone only to suffer from nightmares and paranoia. We all remember the classic episodes: "Look at it burn, Omar!"(the kid who set fires and video-taped the carnage); and of course The Bunk Beds! And the composite sketches never failed to give me the heebie-jeebies. Oh, Robert Stack, how you will be missed. I found your authoritative monotone comforting but at the same time it never failed to give me the heebie-jeebies. I loved the trenchcoat, and how he would stand with this hands in the pockets, usually on some eerily misty road or perhaps on a foggy dockside. Did I mention the Bunk Beds? Freaked. Me. Out. I'll leave you with the theme music...doo doo doo DOO doo doo DOO, doo doo doo DOO doo doo DOO...
  • The late, great Robert Stack certainly "made" this show. BUT, he had plenty of good things to work with including well written and intelligent scripts and excellent production values.

    Quality story telling has become something of a lost art in present day films and TV. It's all noise, special effects and four letter words now. Mr Stack was blessed with a fine voice and an authoritative screen presence. His style of presentation reminded me of a top radio talent.

    Dramatic impact is much more effectively generated by using a slow, deliberate style of delivery rather than waving your hands about, ranting and raving. The use of dramatized recreations in the flashback scenes of this series were always masterfully handled.

    I continue to comb the program guide regularly to see if this terrific show has resurfaced. I'm still waiting .
  • Robert Stack had a lot of talent and charisma. The authoritative, yet sympathetic ring to his voice when he spoke of poignant cases was very unique. Ever dapper and intelligent, he makes the viewer identify with victims and their families, feel intrigued by the supernatural; i.e., UFOs, ghost stories, etc. I have watched many episodes with my daughter who is 14 and sons in their 20s. We all like and respect Robert Stack and were genuinely sorry about his passing. He had a unique talent and charisma similar to John Newland of ONE STEP BEYOND, a series about supernatural occurrences which aired when I was very young. I remember John having a similar ring of sincerity in his voice and an intriguing way of hosting this show which was based on true life experiences. In conclusion, no one could ever replace Bob, but it would be sad if the show could not continue.

    Robert will be sorely missed by many viewers!
  • "Unsolved Mysteries" is a great show and definitely one of the creepiest ever, the reason this show is so creepy is because the host Robert Stack has the creepiest voice in the world!! I always get freaked out when I watch this show alone, his voice is that scary. This is a great show. Don't miss it.
  • I always loved this show, even when the broadcast schedule became erratic after 1997 and I had to chase it all over the schedule and from network to network. Robert Stack - Elliot Ness himself - was the definitive host, and was essential in the role he had. There were really two forces at work here that made the show a success. First, the producers of the show didn't put every backwoods legend that came across their desks on the air. They tried to document events and stories that could have happened. Second, Robert Stack was a great host, his trench coat-clad presence and dignified and sincere narration bringing respectability to each segment. Thus, no matter how fantastic something might appear on paper, it was presented as something that a rational person could believe was possible. Among the topics explored were:

    UFOs - episodes devoted to alien abductions, crop circles, and the controversy surrounding Roswell and Area 51.

    Ghosts - Among the episodes there is a friendly ghost (not Casper), a matchmaker ghost, a court case with new homeowners suing old homeowners because they weren't told the house was haunted, and other assorted ghost tales.

    Miracles - Divine influence and angelic interventions were examined in a series of episodes that cover everything from inexplicably answered prayers, to alternative medicines, to religious visions.

    Psychics - Accounts of ESP, fortune telling, past-life regression, strange seers, and other tales of mental magic. The more interesting segments involved psychics helping the police solve crimes.

    Bizarre Murders - Focuses on some of the most notorious murders in history. Examines such infamous criminals as the Boston Strangler and the Zodiac Killer, as well as a woman possibly killed by one of her own alternate personalities, and the psychology behind well-known homicidal world leader.

    Strange Legends" - Segments are included on Bigfoot, what happened to famed skyjacker D.B. Cooper, skunk apes, and other such matters. Also includes segments on the legend of the Mothman, the fate of Amelia Earhart, the death of "Adventures of Superman" star George Reeves, and the strange legacy of the Bermuda Triangle aired.

    I'll always miss this series and Stack's dignified presence. Highly recommended if you ever run across it. And look closely. You just might recognize some stars of today as extras in the dramatic reconstructions.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unsolved Mysteries is one of the few TV-series that will never be forgotten. When the show was introduced in 1987, a new sort of freshness and originality came along with the show. Robert Stack hosted the highly informative show about truly unsolved or unexplained mysteries. Mysteries would range from stories of lost love to murder to unexplained. Each mystery is reenacted and brought forth in a new light. The show has helped to solve dozens of lost loves, murders, and truly unexplainable mysteries. Robert Stack adds that final edge of entertainment and thrill as he slowly talks about the mysteries. The show is entertaining, it's informative and even at some times, scary. It is one show that won't be forgotten and will always be in my mind the first reality show.

    Unsolved Mysteries. Hosted by Robert Stack

    4 1/2 out of 5 Stars
  • Since 1988 and still currently I continue to watch "Unsolved Mysteries" some of the episodes and segments I have seen countless times to be exact hundreds of times. Episodes that I enjoy or segments that spark me with great interest I record and keep them to watch and continue to explore my thoughts and answer my own questions. I know if you watch "Unsolved Mysteries" you know the cases and stories featured leave a viewer with questions to think about. Being a Sherlock Holmes type and studying criminal justice/law enforcement in college this show fit right with my interest. Baffling crimes such as unsolved murders that have gone unsolved many cases featured are serial killer types, random acts of violence, domestic abuse, and the crimes and murder segments featured are all over the country and world and the people are often ordinary. It's great that the families of a victim along with the local and state law enforcement agencies work together to provide information along with the acting of the actual case. The most terrifying cases are the missing persons case like abduction and women just disappearing without a trace I remember one about a model in Florida missing since 1983. Also this series has a feel good side to it as viewers can help people on cases of long missing relatives, heirs to unclaimed fortunes. This series also provides other interest to people even if it is in a spooky but interesting way you have real stories of (UFO's hey all of you Virginia residents remember the Wythe County story with Dan Gordon!). Plus (rumors of monsters like Bigfoot, various sea serpents, and ghosts). The host (Robert Stack) is great the best ever! He narrates each segment with a cool and calm professional voice and the appearance of him many times in a long coat it's like Robert really is a professional investigator! "Unsolved Mysteries" helps fight the war on crime and shows it's generosity by providing a toll-free number and address for viewers who have clues, it's so nice to see when people are able to finally see their long lost friends and missing relatives, but most of all the happy times come when the baffling murder cases are solved and we get those killers off the street! Several hundred cases have been solved. I wish some network would make some new episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries" I last remember CBS in 1999 airing some episodes NBC ran episodes from 1988-1996. The CBS episode I remember had a segment on The Florida Skunk Ape. I for six years have watched daily and nightly reruns on Lifetime. Thanks for networks such as Lifetime! Currently episodes run on Lifetime in the morning and at night and even late many nights at 1AM followed by a 2AM episode. Now that's really showing something it just shows the popularity of the show. The musical theme is among the creepiest I've ever heard it goes perfect with those real-life unsolved crimes and mysterious legends that we all are eager to explore and know about. I in the past would get scared mostly late when I would watch a episode on Lifetime in the dark especially when the bloody gruesome unsolved murder cases are shown. Great concern should be taken and awareness that these killers are still in the United States and could kill again. Great show remember many cases have been solved and remember what Robert Stack says someone somewhere knows the truth maybe it's you? Even 15 or 20 years have past in many of these cases anything can have hope remember you can find an answer for everything. Enjoy the reruns on Lifetime make it a daily part of your life you'll be glad you did.
  • This was one good television shows in My opinion. It was hosted by the legendary Robert Stack. He hosted it quite nicely! The show was about many true mysteries such as disappearances and among other things. One particular episode that was very good was about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. It was incredible that so many planes of all kinds and boats and vessels disappeared and that these planes and boats have never returned and that this strange phenomenon is still happening today. There were also some quite scary ghost stories as well in other episodes. If this series still airs today make sure you watch it if you are a fan of mysteries because it was a great show! I recommend it!
  • There is always something about mysteries that are unsolved that has a huge draw. It's hard to say why, may'be it's just the notion on the possibility that we could be that one person to figure it out. Or just simply how much what is unexplained stirs up our imagination and makes us draw our own conclusions.

    This show is of course another childhood relic of mine, I really liked it back then and I still like it now because this was the show that helped get me into unexplained phenomena. Sure there have been many other shows on unexplained phenomena, but to me this one is my favorite of them because of it's execution. As a kid I was always into mysteries that was one of my things and still is to this day, this show was the perfect hook for me for one of the things I love in life. Yeah, I'll admit like most people I couldn't helped but be creeped out from the show but at the same time fascinated.

    Not much I can say, I really like the reenactment moments, I thought they were executed well and really do reinforce the testimonials that are spoken to us, as they say visual aids really do help a speech. The late great Robert Stack was a great host and is fitting since he is famous for being in a lot of detective roles and I just simply like that voice of his, it just has that great authoritative flair to it. And of course the theme song is just excellent, it is one of my favorite theme songs ever because it really fits the nature of this show like bread and butter go together. The theme I'll admit as a kid always gave me chills and to this day still does every time I hear it, it has a very unsettling tone which brings a sense of dread but at the same time faciation of the unknown out there.

    Of course there are the true crime and missing person mysteries which are important and I'll admit as a kid scared me a little but taught me a valuable lesson that the world can be a dangerous place and that these were the kind of things that could happen to anybody.

    However the mysteries this show is most famous for and to me what really make the show are when they talk about aliens, monsters, ghosts and all other kinds of unexplained phenomena out there. It was both really cool and really spooky at the same time, it's not the kind of stuff you would hear every day. I remember as a kid my blood turning cold when I heard a few stories on haunted houses, the worst part was the fact I watch those stories home alone so I was a little concerned about ghostly presences.

    These stories were also a phenomenon on their own; after watching them I and my friends would talk about it after recess or at lunch time and debate on the existence of this phenomena. I won't say whether I believe in the existence of these things or not, personally I believe it's possible from the witnesses on the show whom I don't believe are scam artists, the stories they tell and the way they tell them that isn't something you can fake easily; at least that's what I believe.

    My favorite story to me is the one on the Men In Black, just the possibility that these unusual beings from an unseen organization are walking among us with some unknown motive; as well as the possibility they could be aliens themselves. It made me wonder if one passed me by and I didn't know it.

    The other thing and I personally think the most important thing about this show for me was it gave everyone of us the viewers to play the detective role. That we didn't have to be experts, we can investigate things and seek the truth out for ourselves if we wanted to. And as for the unexplained phenomena just simply to decide for yourself whether you believe in it or not, it's up to you but all the same the facts presented speak for what they are and sometimes truth can be more unbelievable than fiction.

    In the words of Fox Mulder, "The Truth is Out There" and we continue to look for it.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • As a kid growing up in the 90's, there wasn't too much in the realm of weirdness that I didn't watch, be it "The X-Files" or the good horror movies that the Sci-Fi Channel used to have on. There was one production, however, that gave me the chills more than any other, "Unsolved Mysteries". First airing on NBC as a special in 1987, the show would go on to do fifteen seasons on three different networks: NBC (1988-1997), CBS (1997-1999), and Lifetime (2001-2002). It had the hallmarks of a legendary TV show: A very spooky and foreboding music introduction (I get goosebumps just thinking about it!), an amazing host in the form of Robert Stack, and of course, unsolved mysteries that would both intrigue and keep you up at night! The cases featured on the show covered anything from the down to earth type, like unsolved murders, strange disappearances, dangerous fugitives, questionable accidents, to the more bizarre, such as UFOs, ghosts, psychics, and strange legends. Whatever area the cases covered though, let me assure you that at no point did any of them fail to make me want to hide under my bed. Unlike say "The X-Files", these were real cases involving real people and if that fact alone didn't give you the shivers, Robert Stack's stern and authoritative narration of events would.

    With his trademark trench coat and usual abandoned road set in the background, Stack had the unique ability of both comforting and yet disturbing you on some level as well. But despite the show's spooky theatrics, it did help shed light on and solve a number of cases. At the same time though, looking at the various websites that are dedicated to the show, there are many that are still unresolved to this day. For example, the Amtrak sunset limited crash in Palo Verde, Arizona, where twenty-nine spikes were removed from the track that caused the train to derail. One person was killed, seventy-eight were injured. The only clue the FBI ever found was a few notes signed as "Sons of the Gestapo", whatever that's supposed to mean. To this day, nobody has the slightest idea who pulled that off. See what I mean? Spooky stuff. And of course, anything to do with ghosts would send my fear level through the roof, as did anything that had to do with alien abductions and strange lights in the sky. It really was a great show, one that remains as bone chilling today as it was then. A number of segments have been released on DVD box sets collating to a certain subject. Recently I just bought the UFO set and have been happily spooked by it ever since. Also, there are many segments available through you tube and the internet in general. So if you ever feel the need to scare yourself with real life mysteries, don't let "Unsolved Mysteries" pass you by. And who knows, as Robert Stack said in the beginning of each episode, "you could help solve a mystery."

    P.S. Rest in Peace Robert Stack (1919-2003)
  • JGoeke30 June 2005
    I watch this show almost every day, I wish they would continue making it although Robert Stack was a perfect host, they could always get someone else to do it. I still like watching the early 90s re-runs and its very interesting. I will never forget my favorite episode where an older man was traveling alone and he has been missing. He was last seen at a rest stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere where his car was seen 9am. Then an hour later his car was found set on fire and there was writings found in a rest stop bathroom miles away about the disappearance of him. Great show, needs to come back on the air again and have brand new episodes because there is still a lot of unsolved cases today.
  • I think I read somewhere that America's Most Wanted is considered the first reality show of it's kind; that is so not true. Long before it started on the fledgling Fox network, Unsolved Mysteries was a one time special hosted by Karl Malden, and then a few months later, Raymond Burr hosted for one episode. It was only after AMW began that Unsolved Mysteries was a regular series with Robert Stack as its permanently entrenched host. The show also had a better scope for stories than AMW ever did by pursuing lost legends, ghost stories, lost heirs and strange deaths along with lost criminals. As long as there were mysteries to be solved, Unsolved was there. Even now that the stories is off primetime, the series has made a new life in syndication with the Lifetime channel running new episodes in its huge bank or reruns, some of which have been rerun over a million times long after the criminals had been caught. Someone needs to get on the ball and re-edit the reruns for the little seen mysteries to be rerun.
  • This show is one of the best, and probably the original show, to solve crimes. It can be heartwarming during reunions, scary for unsolved murders and ghosts, make you think about UFO's, and keep your eyes peeled for wanted fugitives. Robert Stack was the most amazing one could have done it like him.
  • "Unsolved Mysteries" was another(long-running) series that was done with remarkable skill, creating atmospheric segments around the paranormal cases like Ghosts & UFOs that make it a close second only to "In Search Of..." in terms of quality.

    Robert Stack was a perfect choice as host, presenting the cases with his trademark seriousness and determination, amplified by his distinctive cadence in speech, that made him legendary. Sometimes skeptical, but always respectful; the man who once played Eliot Ness was often intimidating in how he narrated the unsolved murder or fugitive segments, and you sometimes thought he would go out on the hunt personally if given the chance!

    Only selected segments are on seven DVD sets(now out-of-print); hopefully a complete series release can one day happen!

    Update: All 12 seasons(NBC, CBS, Lifetime) are now available for streaming from Amazon Prime, though still not re-released on DVD!
  • I'll keep it short & sweet: "Unsolved Mysteries," hosted by the late Robert Stack (he has since been replaced by Dennis Farina), is one of the great shows about - you guessed it - unsolved mysteries. Most of the stories around here surrounded unsolved disappearances, murders, UFO sightings, alleged supernatural phenomena, and a few well-known mysteries (like, the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster, the 1947 Roswell incident, the Atlanta Child Murders controversy, the alleged "Son of Sam" killings conspiracy, and the deaths of several well-known celebrities). Each case was quite intriguing and well-documented. I watched each episode closely and carefully. This was a great show.

  • This show is my favorite show of all time. It is the perfect show for when you want to watch a scary mystery program. And I mean scary. RobertStack's voice is just chilling to the bone. I don't get why they use him. I mean, is it the fact that its a scary show? But he's still a good host. He always wears a scary trench coat and is always in a scary building. Its very scary. Its true. There are stories of UFOs, ghosts, unexplained deaths, robbery, missing people, wanted fugitives and suspects. Its scary. my cousin's friend used to be the neighbor of a man that looked just like a person in a wanted suspect story and the day of the broadcast, that man moved away! That's about as scary as they come. I wish they still made new episodes. This was a great show. 10/10
  • I have been watching this show for very long time. In 1992 or 1993, Unsolved Mysteries aired the murder case of Huey Long and they proved that Dr.Carl Austin Weiss did not kill Huey Long, but in fact punched the senator in the mouth. In 1994, there was Bigfoot in Oregon which was very interesting, because I believe that some bigfoot sightings are real and some could be a man in an ape suit. The most superior one was the Mothman episode which aired in 2002. I wished they would have had one on the Lusitania, because the second explosion that sunk the Lusitania was never solved! There was also the murder of Chicago gangster Big Jim Colosimo who was shot to death twice,the mysterious murder of Legs Diamond in 1931.
  • I've watched this show multiple times (currently reruns). Ever since I was a kid this show has held my interest. I wish it would be brought back.
  • One of the reviews here is titled "They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore," and I have to agree. Now the closest things are true crime and those seem too...Penny Dreadful and don't really pack the same punch.

    I could care less about Cold Cases unless they were pivotal and huge.

    Unsolved Mysteries has its fair share of Cold Cases but they seem bigger and more important to the grander scheme of history and science...and they are only peppered in the run along side of history, science, the paranormal, and the purely strange.

    Dorks like me can binge on it for a long time and only have to skip a few here and there.
  • safenoe16 December 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    The opening scene of Unsolved Mysteries ranks alongside Tales from the Darkside as incredibly chilling opening themes, and I can remember Karl "The Streets of San Francisco" Malden hosting the first few episodes of Unsolved Mysteries.

    The series debuted just as George Bush Snr launched his "1000 points of light" presidential campaign, continuing a kindler and gentler version of Reagan's eight years in the White House. I don't know if 1000 mysteries were solved, but I know some were solved, so that was enlightening.

    I remember one touching episode where an Asian-American was searching for his fellow African-American soldier who protected him from racist whites during the Vietnam war. I recall this was solved, so good to know.
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