The studio hoped to turn the film into a franchise, but it never happened. Dangerous Passion (1990), a totally unrelated film which also starred Carl Weathers, was re-titled 'Action Jackson 2' in some countries.

Both Carl Weathers and Vanity appeared in the music video for this film's theme song, "He Turned Me Out," by the Pointer Sisters. The clip featured the two playing pool in a bar, with Vanity beating Carl handily, as the Pointers sang around them.

According to his stolen police ID, Jericho's date of birth is 3/13/38. Which would make him about 50. Carl Weathers was born in 1948, and only 39 when filming started.

Carl Weathers, who was 39 when shooting started, joked that the rigorous shooting schedule for the action sequences aged his body into his 60's, and blamed director Craig R. Baxley.

Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, and Sonny Landham all had roles in Predator (1987). In one scene, when Weathers and Vanity are walking down the sidewalk of a busy street, multiple film posters are visible on the side of a building.

The car at the mansion is a 1987 Pontiac Fiero with body effects that make it resemble a Ferrari Testarossa coupe.

The film has become a cult hit. It was a box office success, despite mixed reviews from critics. A planned sequel was ultimately scrapped after the film company sold the rights to Sony Pictures, which later sold its library to Warner Bros., where the plans languished.

Pop singer, dancer, and television personality Paula Abdul conducted the dance choreography seen in the film.

When Jackson is taken captive at the Pool Hall, Sydney invents a cover story about him being delusional and thinking that he was a Holy messenger. In the 1990s, Vanity cast off her stage name and became an Evangelical Christian.

Well known bladesmith Jack Crain made the knives in the movie, having also made the knives in Predator, Die Hard and Commando.

Dennis Hayden, De'voreaux White, Robert Davi, Mary Ellen Trainor, Al Leong and producer Joel Silver also appeared in Die Hard (1988).

One of the last blaxsploitation movies; coming out at about the same time Hollywood Shuffle and I'm Gonna Git You Sucka did; which pretty much killed the genre.

According to the Captain, Jericho "Action" Jackson was a high school star athlete in track and field who later earned a Harvard Law degree, but chose to pursue a career in police work. In real life, Carl Weathers played professional football for five years in the NFL and in the Canadian Football League before pursuing an acting career.

Carl Weathers came up with the idea for the film on the set of Predator (1987), during conversations with producer Joel Silver about their shared love of 1970s blaxploitation films. The title was born after Weathers spoke to an Australian crew member about the project. To indicate his interest in working on the film, the crew member said, "I'm in like Action Jackson." Also fellow predator co star Bill Duke is to star along with Carl Weathers in this film.

Before the fake shipping-and-handler kills Tony, he says, "It's C.O.D.", which can mean "Cash On Delivery" or "Cause Of Death".