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  • lawlibrarian6 November 2002
    All of these talented comedians do standup-riffs and take-offs of each other - from the simple set of a half-dozen bar stools and a mike or two. Nothing between you and their Brilliance! They play off against each other, again and again, and even Crystal & the ever manic Williams are soundly topped, by the guy you would never think could top them all!

    No spoiler, but if you don't find a way to see this you will have missed the top stand-up performers at the height of the form and their form - with one really hot hot hot wit blowing every one of the others away - to the point that they are falling off their stools while this comedian shows that even low-key delivery can demolish the fastest brains in the business.

    See this show!
  • There is no stage in the world large enough for six comedians to share. Imagine how crowded Budd Friedman's famous nightclub, The Improvisation, was on the night when six great comedy talents (and egos) all gathered to pay homage to its proprietor. The show is a roast for Friedman with frequent jabs at his tight-fisted reputation. Robert Klein is the host and de facto zookeeper, as the remaining comedians take turns at making great comedy at Friedman's expense. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams join forces throughout the show to disrupt the other's bits with their own material. Klein shows great frustration in trying to keep Williams' free-form schtick in check. The sharp incisive Klein, a comedy marksman, is no match against Williams, a comedy grenade. Martin Mull, our best sit-down comedian, makes the best effort to put the stream-of- consciousness comic in his place. Richard Lewis and Paul Rodriguez do their level best not to get washed off the stage by the old guard of Klein, Williams, Crystal, and Mull, but only provide incidental amusement to the main event. This is comedy that watches like a hockey brawl. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll rewind it, you'll play it again.
  • I can't remember when I saw this, but it was many years ago.

    I still recall the routine between Robin Williams (sadly deceased yesterday hence my remembering thi)s and Billy Crystal.

    I have never laughed so much. how those guys think of the replies so quickly is just amazing.

    Martin Mull looked completely gob-smacked on many occasions.

    I wished I could get hold of a copy of this now to remember the comedic excellence of these guys. I only recall the three I mention above so,would love to refresh my memory of the other comedians again, even my wife laughed at the humour and that's a tough event to make occur.