Robert: [while looking at Camille's sculpture] How did you know there were people inside the big white rock?

Camille Claudel: [to Auguste Rodin] You stole it all! My youth, my work! Everything!

Camille Claudel: You're wrong to think it's about you. You're a sculptor, Rodin, not a sculpture. You ought to know. I am that old woman with nothing on her bones. And the aging young girl... that's also me. And the man is me too. Not you. I gave him my toughness. He gave me his emptiness in return. There you are... three times me. The Holy Trinity, trinity of emptiness.

Auguste Rodin: Never think in surfaces, think in depths.

Camille Claudel: My little Paul, you came to see me in May... and I made you promise not to neglect me so terribly. Madhouses are made to inflict suffering. It can't be helped... especially if you never see anyone. They try to force me to sculpt here. They don't succeed, so they make trouble for me. Don't forget, Paul, your sister is in prison with madwomen. Mama wrote the doctor... that I mean to harm you. That I detest you and am out to hurt you. It's not true. I wish she would take me to Villeneuve with her. Do you think I enjoy spending months, years like this without any news or hope? Where does such ferocity come from? How did they manage to change you so? I'd really like to know. You might as well send me to Siberia. Did you take care of my things? Are they in Villeneuve? Be careful they don't fall into Rodin's hands. He's so afraid I might come back. That's why he's keeping me here, isn't it, Paul? I would like to go home and close the door tightly. I don't know if I'll be able to realize this dream to be home. Oh, God, I wish I were in Villeneuve. Your sister in exile.

Auguste Rodin: The human body is a world that moves. It's life!

Morhardt: Who do you think you are?

Camille Claudel: Don't you know who I am? Or are you pretending?

Morhardt: What kind of behavior is this? You're crazy!

Camille Claudel: Camille Claudel. I am Camille Claudel! And if you don't know it, I'll show you!