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  • JHC37 October 1999
    Set around 1989, "Curse of the Crystal Eye" begins with Luke Ward (Parker) saving the young daughter of an Arab. The father gives Ward the "Crystal Eye" in gratitude for his service. The eye turns out to be a relic that leads Ward and a team of adventurers on a search for the fabled treasure of Ali Baba. The group must endure desert marauders, rival treasure hunters, cunning traps, a harsh environment, and more in their quest for vast riches.

    Sadly, "Curse of the Crystal Eye" is a poorly crafted film loaded with logic problems and inconsistencies. The storyline is weak, the editing choppy, continuity very poor, music at times abrasive and out of place, and performances wooden. The latter is especially unfortunate since both of the main cast members, Jameson Parker and Cynthia Rhodes, have put in solid work in the past. Most viewers cannot help but notice the influence of the Indiana Jones film series on this effort. There is little redeeming here; those who want a solid adventure film need not check out "Curse of the Crystal Eye."
  • The write-up on the DVD cover promises so much: high adventure, legendary treasure, fiery dragons, a cast of thousands and much more but delivers very little. This is probably one of the worst films ever made which came in the wake of Indiana Jones. The plot is similar to those films but that is about as good as it gets.

    After rescuing a man's daughter, soldier of fortune Luke Ward (Jameson Parker) is given a fabulous gem and finds out that it will lead to the fabled treasure of Ali Baba. Along the way he picks up diplomat's daughter Vickie Philips (Cynthia Rhodes) and with a convoy of mercenaries, they travel across the desert to find it.

    The cast of thousands ends up being a couple of hundred at most and there are no dragons. The battle scenes are very tame with lots of shouting and charging about but little in the way of conflict. Nothing in the film gripped my attention and it was only by sheer will that I kept going to the end.

    The plot holes and goofs did not help either. Port Louis in Mauritius is a poor substitute for the teeming metropolis of Bombay (now called Mumbai) but the worst goof was the filming in front of a hair salon. It looked as if the camera was set up in front of the salon and then everyone, friend and foe alike then took turns to do their scenes. Filmed in Namibia and Mauritius I was hoping for some picturesque location shots but it was not to be. I will not be watching this again.
  • OptimisticMe21 November 2001
    Well, not the best effort i have ever seen.The plot was flawed right from the start and the cast were very poor. Overall the film had little consistency, even though I could only endure ten minutes of this film.

    Sadly, I would not say this was a cinematic masterpiece.
  • Unlike some who like a particular genre, I tend to watch movies that contain a certain actor or actress. I do not limit myself to this, but when I find an actor or actress who fits my personal idea of a good actor I like to see if that follows through in all their movies. One example of this is Jameson Parker. I grew up with Simon & Simon and like both actors of that series. At the moment I am trying to locate Jameson Parker movies, which is quite difficult. As for this particular film - it was not one of my favorites. He has done better work, or rather I should say has chosen better parts to play. It seemed to follow the lines of Indiana Jones or Alan Quartermane, but with what looks like, lower budget. It was an all right attempt and I watched it twice, but it was trying too hard or not hard enough. Either way it missed the mark. As for Jameson Parker, in my opinion he IS a good actor,( although I haven't seen or heard of him doing anything but guest spots on a couple of tv shows). And regardless of how good or bad the film is he is into the character and does his best. He is an active participant of the film despite the size of the part, unlike some actors ( who shall remain nameless) who are big now. I am anxious to see other films by this gentleman to see if my faith in his work will be honored. I do hope someone out there will put him another movie or television series. I will watch it and I'm not the only one.