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  • Poor Gabe (Lawrence Monoson), all he wants is a girl to love. He is fixated on Chris (Brenda Bakke),but he can't get near her because she belongs to Rick Taylor (Elliott Gould), a homicide detective who wants to charge him with the murders of Bree (Eloise DeJoria) and Susan (Kimberley Kates), and the attempted rape of Dominique (Teri Austin).

    The only one on his side is his buddy Jay (Peter Marc Jacobson). Amazingly enough, Chris also believes in him - or does she really?

    Gabe focuses on a suspect, and the good thing is that he leads him right to a strip club. Good work, Gabe.

    Annette (Robin Klein) is raped and murdered. Who's next? Who is the killer. I have my guess. I was wrong. Maybe you were better.

    Not a lot of great acting, and most of the action took place off screen, but it was interesting for a freebie.
  • Not a bad movie altogether. The suspense in some scenes was great. However, some of the acting wasn't all that great. Particularly Lawrence Monoson, who portrays Gabe. Some of the things he does in this film are STUPID. While good and suspenseful overall, I couldn't help laugh during a couple scenes. It's not a waste of an hour and a half at all, but I wouldn't go out and buy it either.

    5.5 out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Recently, I innocently stumbled upon a flick aimlessly bobbing in the backwash of local late night TV--and unearthed a Junk Cinema Jewel the size of Godzilla.

    It's called "Dangerous Love", a self-described "erotic thriller" shot on the cheap in Italy with American actors--I use the term "actors" very loosely.

    Whatever hopes the the financial backers and producers nursed that "Dangerous Love" would be another "Body Heat" or "Peeping Tom" must have faded fast once they caught a glimpse of the final product.

    Despite what the title says, there is no "love" to be found in this movie. And the only "dangerous" thing about it is you might laugh yourself sick from watching it.

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  • Dangerous Love is a direct ripp off of Michael Powell's Peeping Tom, and with out the style and intensity. This 1988 version is Big Bird safe and a 6 yr old could watch the murder scenes and say, "Look Daddy, he is killing those cute girls while filming them with and old 8mm video camera". I gave it a 3 for the babes.

    If you like big hair from the 80's on hot babes (some have that fetish, I might), and big shoulders and waist cinching belts, at least you have some visuals to entertain you. Matlock has some of those leftovers in his TV show.

    This movie was so bad, I decided to go to bed at the last half hour of the movie, so I missed who the killer was. OMG! I have to know.

    Following Gabe around trying to exonerate himself was like watching the grass grow. Only with grass you have insects and birds to keep your attention.

    The film had pedestrian direction and way overlit "bar room" sets. If those were bars, my house is the Taj Mahal. The atmosphere of all the scenes had that Canadian antiseptic and sterile look.

    It was made in Italy and Elliot Gould (like a lot of stars from the 70's) toddled down there for what...a quick $20,000?

    Plot is simple: Follow girl, video her, kill her,(off camera) and make it look like someone else did it.

    Remember Morgan Freedom in Along Came a Spider, now THAT is a thriller, no wonder he keeps getting work. Are the actors in this film now cleaning up meridian strips along freeways?

    Well, I wasted time watching this movie and now another 15 minutes writing this review. I hope it helps the next poor victim, and I don't mean in the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER WARNING: I have some spoilers below. Don't read this comment if you plan on watching this movie.

    Ah, Love! That which (supposedly) makes the world spin. And what would a movie with the word `love' be like if it didn't have the presence of the great Lawrence Monoson, star of `The Last American Virgin?' And nothing says romance better than Elliott Gould and his hairy body! But the `love' in this movie is actually bad, and that fits in with the rest of the film.

    `Dangerous Love' takes various plot devices of other movies and jams them together in one lump. It might have been fine, but the writing is sloppy and the direction is even worse. Lawrence Monoson is convinced by his good friend to join a video dating club. He reluctantly goes, but certainly wouldn't had he know a person with keen access to the dating service's computer files, would frame him for his dates' murders. Whenever Monoson goes out with one of the women or even shows interest, the killer snubs her out and video tapes it with a cheap camera. One of the two cops, played by Brenda Bakke, doesn't believe Monoson is guilty, especially after sleeping with him instead of her usual lover and partner, Elliott Gould. Monoson doesn't listen to her advice to stay put, and tries to find the real killer (sort of like O.J. Simpson), but always ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    There is too much to dislike in `Dangerous Love' to prevent you from liking or loving it. The characters are stupid. I can't tell you how much I wanted Gould to nab Monoson for doing all the stupid ideas he thought up to catch the real killer. Not that Bakke was any more intelligent. The scene where she follows a suspect in a redneck bar is really bad. Not only that, but Bakke's character is so stiff and cold that you can't understand why anyone in the movie likes her. Speaking of which, most of the women killed seem nice, and could have been expanded. The only one that is mean that you hope the killer snubs out is the only one that gets away. And as for the killer, when you find out the motive, you shake your head and wonder why you wasted your time. They throw out a lot of red herrings, but I figured out who the killer was in the first five minutes of the movie. I recommend you watch an episode of `Hunter' instead. However, for any of you 80's music buffs, there is a superb song played over the end credits that I fell in love with. It is called `Arrow Through Your Heart,' by Jimmy Demers. I have tried frantically to find the song on record, but to no avail. If you can help me out, tell me! But concerning the rest of the movie, it is a waste of time. Zantara's score: 2 out of 10.