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  • The plot to this movie, well it's that same old routine Slasher movie plot = A couple of friends travel out to a house in the country to fix it up and make it a foster home again. Ten years ago the foster home was shut down as a madman called Martin killed all the kids. They are supposed to meet Jerry at the house but when he never shows up, the friends start to suspect that something's wrong. They decide to try to not think about it too much and have some fun instead and start working in the morning. That might not be such a good idea since some of them will probably never get to see the morning as it seems as if Martin has come back to the house.

    Well for one thing I have to say the title is half right it does have a laugh but it sure as hell wasn't an evil laugh but the cover is rather deceiving I was expecting someone in a reaper mask to pop up and kill the teens, but nope, no reaper mask in sight. We do get a very silly mask near the ending though, which we were only to see in the last 2 or 3 killings and not in the first ones, was there some point of that.

    The directing is so and so, nothing too special, but I have to say that I was impressed by the use of lights in the dark basement, you can see everything that you're meant to see in the dark and that's not very common in horror movies, especially not slashers. But to be honest the movie isn't all bad I mean it does have one original kill death by microwave that's the only reason why I gave this movie an extra star.

    All in all I didn't think this was that bad but I have to say that it didn't live up to my expectations, nor its box art. For a slasher fan like myself, this was quite entertaining. But I really think you have to be a slasher fan to be able to watch this movie since it is pretty cheesy and slow in some parts. I might watch this again and see if it grows in my mind, though, I highly suspect that it won't.
  • Evil Laugh is a poor attempt at trying to jump on the 80's slasher band wagon. The gore factor is OK, but the cheese, oh my God the 80's cheese! The music is borderline unbearable, and the dancing doesn't help either. It does make you laugh though, as does some of the acting. The chest rubbing joke was cracking me up. Not the worst I've seen, and you might find it somewhat entertaining, but not because of scares. I dunno where the hooded skull character on the cover comes from either. The killer looks more like a 5 foot tall burglar wearing some type of wrestling head gear. This is the second "Lucky 13" flick I've seen, and they're not exactly winning me over.
  • There are three types of bad movies: (a) the ones that are so bad they're boring, (b) the ones that are intentionally bad in order to be funny, and (c) the ones that are so bad they are hilarious. No one wants to watch the first one. The second type has no value since the only reason for watching a bad movie is to laugh at its "badness" and if they do it on purpose, what is the point? So, it leaves us with the third type. If you enjoy this third type of bad movie, you will love Evil Laugh. I've seen a lot of unintentionally hilarious movies, and this is one of the best, right up there with Gymkata. The plot is as follows: a bunch of friends meet at a dirty old house. People start getting killed by a masked person with an evil laugh (just wait until you hear the laugh). My favorite scene: the killer drags a guys head into a microwave, but can't close it since it's still attached to the body. So he pushes start, and magically the microwave starts working, which is followed by the requisite head explosion. Oh, and then there is the Breakfast Club-like cleaning scene to cheesy 80's music. See this movie! If you go the video store, I can pretty much guarantee that no one else has checked it out.
  • Evil Laugh isn't particularly original or special but it's entertaining enough for a slasher film and has some decent death scenes. I think the lack of originality was what spoilt it for me, it's the same old routine of having a bunch of people in a house where they get killed off one by one. There's some amusing moments though, one example being at the beginning of the film when the killer takes out a mans heart, which later gets used in a meal that his friends eat. There also seems to be a bit of slasher film 'self referencing' going on too, with mentions of Halloween and Friday the Thirteenth. Some slasher fans like that sort of thing, but personally I think it brings the film down as it seems too self-conscious.

    Overall a good addition to any slasher fans collection, but there's still much better out there.
  • Yeah, it's dreadfully bad, but in it's infinite badness is an enjoyable film, which one can watch with friends on a friday night and laugh your ass off. The dialogue is ridiculous, the acting is horrible, the death scenes are hilarious (one guys gets his head cooked in a microwave) and everything else is just lazy. I can't think of a funnier movie.
  • this movie is not the greatest horror film, but if you are in a 80's retro feel, evil laugh is for you. one thing that is positive, that the efforts of director and producer demonstrated that the 80's was not bad for independent movies in America. Steven and Dominick have great insightful commentaries on the DVD release of this flick.

    they often commented about how easy it was to collaborate and seek sponsor from their families and businesses. they even talked about giving McDonald's breakfast to their crew! and always they got a small percentage, and thy traveled with the film in japan and the USA.

    Dominick kept on ranking how this film was revolutionary, before Wes craven's scream movies. there is a character who is a horror film buff!
  • I really like this 1986 movie, the cast is attractive, it has some blood, nudity, several murders and funny one liners, but I really think that JODY GIBSON who plays the bimbo "Tina" was the best of all the actors. This movie reminded me a bit of SCREAM, anyway I recommend it, I give it a TEN
  • Routine 80's slasher film about Med students who fall victim to a slasher. Been there, done that. My evaluation: (no stars).
  • A group of medical students escape away to a run down house for the weekend. What they are unaware of is that Martin is there to join them in the celebration.

    This slasher flick is nothing out of the ordinary. The title of the film is implied by can you guess? Yes, a laugh, and it's a rather humorous one if anything. Maybe Larry (Dr. Giggles) Drake took some notes on this one.

    There is nothing really special here. Oh wait, ya, Martin did use a microwave to cash in one of the house guests, that was rather interesting to see.

    I wouldn't praise this picture, but I also wouldn't totally bash it. There are plenty of other better slasher flicks out there, but this one does stand out on its own.

    Only recommended if you can deal with 80's cheese. 6/10
  • A group of med students spend the weekend fixing up an old house. Of course this was the site of a horrible massacre, and of course there is going to be a new slaughter this weekend with the med students on the menu.

    I love horror movies frankly, so the plot of this movie doesn't exactly bother me. The slasher genre is the only one that can get away with using the same plot over and over again in my book. The problems with this movie is that once you move from the plot everything else is awful.

    The character are written and acted like they come right out of a sitcom. ( one girl acts just like "chrissy" from THREES COMPANY) The actors are also very bad, but you can't blame then so much. Yes they can't act, but the script didn't help much. The dialogue is outright ridiculous.

    The Gore is really unconvincing, and this looks to be filmed on video. Not that is uncommon today almost all horror movies ( and independent movies) are filmed that way now. But we have digital video, they have a 80's camcorder.

    The movie also seems to be a showcase for Steven Baio, like every scene was structured to make him the focus even though he is not the main character.

    What this film does have going for it is it's parallels to SCREAM. Some scenes are very similar. It does have one decent murder to it as well.

    As bad as this movie is, I have to say there is something about it that made me rent it 3 times. of course it is because I found it to be hysterical, ( there is even a a spur of the moment dance number that had me on the floor crying from laughing) but hey, it put money in the producers pockets so I'm sure they don't care why I watched it.

    Really bad ( 4/ 10)
  • "Evil Laugh" isn't a masterpiece,but it works as a cheesy slasher flick-and I mean REALLY cheesy slasher flick.There's some nudity and plenty of gore.I love especially the scene when one moron gets a machete through the groin.Oh,and there is this stupid sequence where someone has his head microwaved while the door is still open-yeah,right!!!The acting is completely awful,but overlook that and you have a cheesy,completely unscary,but funny as hell slasher.Watch it in pair with another cheesefest "Psycho Cop" and you'll have lots of fun.
  • An on-the-cheap, shot-on-video and quickly made 80s slasher that's enthusiastically pitched and made the more interesting for being made by Dominick Brasica (which Friday the 13th fans would pick up as being the memorable first death in "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning") in what feels like a labour of love. It might not be ranking up their with the best the 80s had to offer and could be seen as just another slasher, but the quirky "Evil Laugh" had its moments. Even some creativity, as some elements actually reminded of Wes Craven's 90s slasher "Scream". Plenty of self-knowing quips feed the shonky script (mainly from a horror-buff character) and there's a plethora of references to other horror mediums (horror magazine Fangoira to "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th"). The story is simple, as it builds up the standard conventions and its over-the-top macabre (which includes some dancing while cleaning and jittery music score) where a group of young medical students decide help out a friend re-open an abandoned orphanage, although they don't know of its terrible past which saw ten years ago the custodian murder the residents. But this weekend is not going to be any ordinary weekend, as people start disappearing and find themselves at the mercy of a jump suit wearing killer with a mask and beanie. Yeah, sadly the murderer doesn't live up the illustration on the artwork and naturally the heroine points out the horror fan for being the murderer. The execution does match the budget, as it's a slapdash of blood, nudity and humour. Sometimes things would happen off-screen, but other times we get flashes of tatty gore. The random performances are acceptable with Kim McKamy making a solid heroine and a decent Steven Baio (who also produced and co-wrote). Nothing new, but it's full of spontaneous energy.

    "No legend is going to scare me".
  • "Evil Laugh" is definitely a cut above the average slasher movie. It's consistently entertaining, after a kind of shaky beginning, has decent acting, characters that make a little more impression than usual, some nudity and creative death scenes. It also has a surprising ending, that reveals a little more wit than average went into the movie.

    It's not that memorable overall, though, but how many slashers are?

    If you're a fan of the genre, you need to check it out.
  • nick1212358 October 2018
    I actually liked this a lot more than I should have. I wish I could see it in better quality. It's absolutely hilarious and I was surprised at the number of slashers it parodied, especially because it was only made in 1986! I had no idea that any films with this level of awareness of the genre were made so early. Some of the films it referenced had only been made 2 or 3 years prior while some were classics. This is Scream before Williamson had the idea. And while it's true that it's extremely silly, it's also pretty great and a lot of fun. Give this one a chance if you're in the mood for comedy.
  • xposipx14 March 2017
    Some med students are having a get together planned by a close friend at some real estate he was interested in buying. It's supposed to be a weekend of relaxation and fixing up the house. After the party arrives the host is missing and they hear a story about the house being haunted by a child killer that supposedly died 10 year prior to them being there.

    I think this version I saw was heavily edited...and that really sucks because if some of the deaths were not cut, the rating would be higher. Anyhow, there's still a cut out liver, slit throat, pelvis stab, axe in the head, microwaved head*, and the aftermath of all the murders. I must say the microwaving scene was outstanding. Pretty original and really fun to watch. Everything else was just average because it seemed heavily cut.

    I can usually say quite a bit about the technical aspects, but in this case nothing was too wrong. The set was a little redundant, and the lighting was occasionally low...those were the main problems here. The camera shots were nice most of the time too. The terrible 80's music was actually pretty fun most of the time. Oh, and the laugh was lame....

    The acting as a whole really wasn't that bad. In fact, the cheesy acting helped the movie out a whole lot. No one really stood out to me as really good or really bad. They were all on the same cheap, cheesy, mid 80's horror movie level.

    Kim McKamy who played the lead Connie actually seemed pretty serious and good so I looked her up. Looks like after this film she was in 120 pornos until 2003 where she got a part in Willard.

    Final Thoughts: Cheesy music, cheesy acting, cheesy effects.....pretty entertaining movie. If all you're looking for is a fun quick 80's slasher then this will be right up your alley. If these lines sound funny to you...then you need to check it out...

    "10:30!!! My God! It's the middle of the night!" "Dude you should reconsider"(when about to be drilled through the throat)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie fits right along the line of the enjoyable slasher films of the 80s, you got a bit of nudity, some ridiculous kills, decent to bad acting, and one of the most ridiculous looking killers I've ever seen. However it is a enjoyable film, i was entertained, there went any parts that i thought were boring and it has a surprisingly high body count of 9. One of the kills is one of the funniest and mind boggling kills ever.. i won't ruin it, but if you watch it you'll see what i mean. Although it's called evil laugh the laugh in the film is more of a demented giggle, and it's not even used that much, there are a few characters who serve no purpose to the film other than to be killed. Get your popcorn ready because this is one fun slasher film. Worth a watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jerry (Gary Hays) invites a huge group of friends (most of them are fellow Med students) to stay the weekend at a house that he may be purchasing. Every 80's Slasher movie stereotype is on hand as a killer stalks and kills these idiots in boring and unimaginative ways. With horrible acting, a bad soundtrack and Chachi's brother on hand this horrid script unfolds like a belt from a bad onion. The gore is amateurish, the dialog is truly laughable and this crap fells like it runs for 3 hours it's so bad. The gore is cheap and every character is an idiot. When you hear bad things about 1980's slasher movies, this movie is what they're talking about.
  • I have no idea why I even entertained the notion of watching this film. Eighties slashers don't do much for me at the best of times, and this one doesn't exactly have a good reputation. The film just follows on from the barrage of Friday the 13th/Halloween films and offers nothing new for the genre. To his credit, director Dominick Brascia seems to realise that he's just directing another throwaway horror movie, so there are a few nods towards other (and better) films in the genre at certain points during the film. The plot is just your standard slasher fare, and features someone that was wronged in the past blah blah and now is back for revenge blah blah. The film focuses on a group of medical students that decide to spend a weekend fixing up an old house. However, the old house used to be an old orphanage and the main carer was accused of child molestation before the house burned down under mysterious circumstances. Naturally, strange things start happening soon after they get there, and there's a killer with a 'strange laugh' involved...

    The film's gimmick is, as the title suggests, the "evil laugh" delivered by the killer. Instead of being frightening, however, it's completely pathetic and this idea fails to generate any suspense at all. The cast of characters is typically forgettable as all the kids are just about the same, and certainly don't look anything like medical students! Add into the mix some frankly boring plotting and a painful soundtrack, and the film is on the back foot from the beginning. The only saving grace in many slasher films is the kill scenes, but alas this one doesn't even do well on that front. Most of the murders are similar and forgettable and the only one that stands out in any way involves one of the dumb teenager having his head boiled in a microwave. However, this sequence is just too silly for words since every microwave I've ever come across won't let you turn it on without the door being shut! Overall, you would do well not to bother with Evil Laugh. It's not easy to come across anyway, and it certainly isn't worth tracking down. Avoid!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This overall poor and redundant 80's slasher is more or less 'famous' for one killing-sequence in particular, in which some guy's head is turned into bloody hodgepodge because the masked killer places him in a microwave oven and hits the start-button. Is that even possible? Perhaps it was an older and unsafe oven model, because the one in my kitchen refuses to function as long as the door isn't closed. The head melting itself is delightfully cheesy and gross, as are most killing scenes in this ludicrous guilty pleasure of mine. Naturally, everything else about "Evil Laugh" varies from bad to downright terrible, including awful acting performances, lousy dialogs and a total lack of suspense. You know how the background myths to introduce a story's murderer are usually a lot more petrifying than the actual slasher itself? For example, finding out how and why Jason Vorhees (of "Friday the 13th"-fame) drowned in Crystal Lake is more fascinating than enduring his quest for vengeance during the next ten sequels, and also Freddy Krueger's ("Nightmare on Elm Street") acts of child-abuse and murder were a lot sicker before he got toasted by the furious parents of Elm Street. "Evil Laugh" is another prime example to state the background theory. The killer's myth is horrific, but the slasher itself is horrible. A group of medical students – who certainly don't look like medical students – plan to reopen an abandoned orphanage after it closed down over ten years ago, following a sinister series of murders. One of the caretakers, named Martin, got falsely accused of molesting the orphans and the scandal drove his father to commit suicide. When Martin was found innocent after all, he returned to the orphanage one night and slit the throats of all the children. See, now that promise would result in a gripping horror film with nail-biting tension and shocking murders! Instead, the newly arrived teenagers face a ridiculously masked serial killer who may or may not be Michael who returned from the grave, or someone entirely different. Just in case it is Michael, the title makes no sense, because why would he laugh with his tragic past? And as long as we're stumbling over details, the killer's laugh isn't really evil, but more like an infantile chuckle. For undemanding fans of lurid 80's nudity and bloodshed exclusively.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Evil Laugh" is the perfect example of a no-budget mid-80's slasher. By this time (1986), slasher films were getting really old. Even the popular franchises like "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" were running out of steam. But this flick rises above the rest just because it's so damn fun. It's cheap, cheerful, and cheesy . . . and that, my friends, is one great combo!

    The basic plot goes like this: A group of perky med students arrive at a deserted California house where they will help their doctor-friend set it up into an orphanage. But when they get there, the doctor is mysteriously gone. Unbeknownst to them, he was killed off in a pre-credits sequence by someone wearing blue rubber dishwashing gloves and wielding a knife!

    Still, the friends go ahead with their plan. They clean up the house (in a hilariously bad dance number where they sweep the floors and moonwalk to some crappy 80's soft rawk!), have sex, and in one sick twist unknowingly eat their doctor-friend's heart for dinner! Grossss! But anyways, the blue-gloved killer is still prowling the grounds and begins killing the teens off one-by-one in a variety of gory ways.

    It is revealed (and note that this is NOT a spoiler of any kind) that the orphanage once burned down when the caretaker, Martin, was accused of molesting the children . . . has Martin returned from the grave? Or is someone else, stabbing, slashing and microwaving (!) their way through the cast? Watch it to find out!

    As I said earlier, and numerous other reviewers said before me, "Evil Laugh" is a really cheap production. The film was shot in 9 days (yikes!) on 16 mm but blown up for its theatrical release, and as you could imagine, the picture quality is terrible (even on the DVD). Not only that, but the acting is pretty weak at times and actor-turned-director Dominick Brascia is less-than-marvelous behind the camera.

    But there's still plenty here to sink your teeth into. Any horror fan will defintely get a kick out of comparing this to Kevin Williamson's seminal (but slightly overrated) "Scream" (1996). In both films there is a horror movie-loving nerd who warns his friends of impeding danger, here it's a guy named Barney (played likeably by Jerold Pearson), who seems to be the only one that's the least bit worried that the orphanage was once the place for a brutal murder spree. Not only that, but throughout the movie Barney continuously makes references to films like "Friday the 13th" (1980) -- In once scene he says to his friends, "I just hope a guy with a hockey mask named Jason doesn't show up!" You can't help but wonder if Williamson saw this flick before he wrote "Scream" (1996). Maybe it's a bit farfetched, but who knows . . . it's no secret that he was a huge fan of 80's slasher movies.

    Also of interest are the constant homoerotic undertones. Normally they would be rather bothersome (especially in a slasher movie), but here they are so obvious and blatant that they're hilarious. The guys just seem way too "touchie-feelie" with eachother (was it me or did Barney and that blonde jock come across as a bit more than just friends?), and you know something's wrong when there is more male nudity than female nudity. In fact, the most memorable scene in "Evil Laugh" basically brings this theory home.

    In this scene, two teenagers are making love in one of the bedrooms. Unbeknowst to them, someone has cut a whole in the mattress and is hiding underneath it. In a demented parody of that classic scene in "The Haunting," the hand reaches out from underneath the mattress and begins fondling the guy's butt. At first the guy thinks that it's his girlfriend, but then he realizes that his girlfriend COULDN'T be fondling his butt . . . naturally it all turns out to be a false scare, an unintentionally hilarious one at that, where it is rather disturbingly revealed to be Barney playing another one of his jokes. (And btw, the guy getting his butt fondled was the blonde jock -- see what I mean now?) Now, Barney DOES say to the jock "I was aiming for Tina, honest!" but that just doesn't seem like a reasonable enough excuse to put the scene in the film in the first place. You're not fooling me, Brascia!

    Overall, "Evil Laugh" is a really fun, really demented low-budget effort that will be very entertaining if you go into it with an open mind. I gave it a B-.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Man! those were the 80's slashers... "Evil Laugh" is among other movies that tried to grab a piece of the gold mine of the 80's slashers. Sadly, this movie is terrible in all aspects. The dialog, the music (the music please!), and the acting are horrible. But there's something about this movie that makes it enjoyable. I really regret for not buying the VHS when I could.

    Anyways, you've seen the plot many times before. A group of (guess what?) teenagers stay in a house at night and fall victims of a (guess what?) maniac. Don't pay attention to the box cover, it has little to do with the movie.

    Still the gore makes the movie watchable. It tries to be brutal and shocking but only generates laughs. Although the sub-plot concerning a child molestor is dark, the movie follows a series of non sense events that have zero creepiness.

    The ending will please you if you enjoy ULTRA CHEESY scenes. I won't spoil it but expect something like "April Fool's Day".

    Do yourself a favor and watch it if you loved the 80's slashers.

    Also, this movie has one of the most disturbing scenes on any slasher flick. When a couple is making love (or about to) the dorky guy, hiding under the bed, starts to rub the man's butt and seems to enjoy it! When the couple find out about the dorky guy they just start to laugh. That was one scene I want to erase from my memory.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Evil Laugh" is an enjoyable slasher without too much wrong with it.


    Driving up to the mountains, Connie, (Kim McKamy) Johnny, (Steven Baio) Tina, (Jody Gibson) Mark, (Myles O'Brien) Sammy, (Tony Griffin) Barney, (Jerold Pearson) and Betty, (Karyn O'Brien) arrive at a remote house to help clean it up for a friend. When they realize that they're all alone for the weekend, they try to do the work by themselves and nearly get the job finished. When clues start to add up that something is wrong with their friend, they also find that there's nothing to worry about as well. When they suddenly start to realize that there may be something else going on, they stumble across a maniacal killer righting wrongs for a past incident in the house, forcing them to get out of the house away from the killer.

    The Good News: As a cheesy 80s slasher, this one isn't that bad. The fact that this one decides to have fun with it's killer stalking them is a big one. The fact that there's a real slow burn to allowing the victims a lot of credibility in not knowing if they are really being stalked or not. From the kitchen gags to the car disappearing to the passers-by who give off information to the whereabouts of the missing individual and much more, this one does the mystery angle right. Each of the potential clues that could be leading to the situation are credibly and realistically debunked in here. That allows for some nice suspense as the characters are in knowable danger and they don't leave the area, leading to several confrontations in the basement and throughout the house that works. The kills here aren't bad for the time, with some graphic slit throats, an ax in the face, stabbed with scissors, having their heart removed and the two centerpiece ones, where the head is shoved into a microwave and broiled as well as being stabbed with a machete in the groin and having it come out from behind. A really impressive one, to say the least. There's even a really nice and kinky scene later one where one of the couples engages in a little of S&M while in their room, and the constant interruptions along with the forced participation from one of them makes it quite memorable, and it stands out because of it. The chase through the house at the end is pretty fun, using the surroundings to help put together something fun. The same goes for it's goofy epilogue, which has a good false scare and some good moments. These are the film's good points.

    The Bad News: There isn't a whole lot really wrong with this one. The big problems come from it's cheesy killer. The mask is quite ludicrous, especially with the color used. Blue around the eyes on a black mask allowing to see the killer's eyes doesn't exactly inspire a lot of fear. The fact that they're actually physically imposing over the killer is another big factor over the killer's dominance. Even the motive doesn't make a whole lot of sense is another strike, which comes across as something that never really needed retribution to begin with and leaves one with the confusing question of why involve a killer into the shenanigans when there was no need to do so. The easy ability to get the killer's identity is yet another mark, as it isn't exactly hard to figure out and can be told quite easily from the on-screen clues and the fact that they're the only person left that hasn't met up with the killer. Along with these, the fact that it really screams 80s at times can be distracting. From the clothes to the language to the fact that it stops dead in the middle of the big clean-up scene to indulge in some painful-to-watch dancing along with terrible pop music are just some examples, as this one doesn't hide the decade well. Otherwise, these are the film's bad points.

    The Final Verdict: While never a shining example of the genre, this one does have enough going for it to be enjoyable at worst. Really only for those who are big fans of the slasher scene in general or of the late 80s entries, while those not so into the genre as a whole should heed caution with this one.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and a mild sex scene
  • A group of medical students head to an isolated mansion to help their friend renovate it into a pediatric clinic. What they don't know is that a series of brutal child murders happened at this house years before when this place was a foster home. Caretaker Martin was falsely accused of molestation by some kids and he returned the favor by murdering everyone. Now it appears he is back and doesn't take kindly to folks cleaning up his former crime scene. This is about as standard as you can get when it comes to the slasher genre, but EVIL LAUGH does have its moments. Director Dominick Brascia (the fat kid victim in Friday THE 13th PART V) co-wrote the script with lead Steven "brother of Scott" Baio and you can't really tell if they want to spoof slasher films or just imitate them. The deaths aren't very intricate, but do involve lots of splashing blood. The highlight is probably Baio getting his head baked in a microwave. Lots and lots of cleaning montages in this one with some cheesy 80s pop songs. Jody Gibson supplies the film's only nudity, which is odd as final girl Kim McKamy would go on to a highly successful adult film career as Ashlyn Gere a few years later.
  • BA_Harrison19 July 2012
    Irritating characters who cannot die quick enough; a predictable 'maniac on the loose' plot; lame humour; a terrible montage scene in which the film's soon-to-be-dead med students bop away badly to a dreadful pop tune while tidying a house: Evil Laugh is quintessential 80s tongue-in-cheek slasher nonsense, the sort of cheezy trash that most people would instantly dismiss as unwatchable, but which will prove irresistible to the small percentage for whom quality is not necessarily a factor when choosing a film.

    The cast for Evil Laugh gives a pretty good idea of what to expect: there's Scott's Baio's brother Steven, Merv Griffin's son Tony, a pre-porn Ashlyn Gere, future Hollywood madam Jody Gibson, and hottie Karyn O'Bryan, whose filmography totals two (her other credit being for the Johnny Depp teen-sex comedy Private Resort). With 'talent' like that involved, dreadful acting and copious nudity are 100% guaranteed; factor in plenty of hokey gore and some dreadful 80s fashion and Evil Laugh is a passable way to while away the time for those of us with questionable taste.