One of the few PG-13 rated movies that allowed the use of the word "fuck" more than one time and still maintain its rating. Neither use was in a sexual connotation.

Fresh horses is a term used for horses that riders use to replace their tired horses during a long ride. This is referred to by Tipton, who argues at one point that men have an urge to want to switch out their tired used up horses for fresh unridden ones, horses meaning women in this case.

Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy previously stared together on the 80's hit Pretty In Pink.

Larry Ketron's screenplay is an adaptation of his own play.

The song No Tomorrow by David Foster, Kenny Loggins, Arlene Matza and performed by George Hawkins is used during the end credits in the theatrical and the VHS version of the film. Due to copyright issues, it was left out of the DVD version and generic music plays instead during the end credits there.