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  • This is a Hong Kong ghost comedy featuring Tung-Shing Yee as college professor Ah B, who moves to an old house with his studio director girlfriend, Carmen (Carol 'Do Do' Cheng). While they settle into their new temporary home, they are unaware that in it dwells a female ghost (Nina Li Chi), who is desperately seeking her long lost love.

    There is really nothing too exciting or thrilling about this film, save for the ghost-chasing (albeit rushed) climax of the movie. However, the plot was well-paced and the story was engaging - just the ups and downs in the lives of B and Carmen were pretty entertaining to watch while the ghosts' haunting and meddling in their affairs give the movie quite a nice bit of intrigue.

    Though some of the supporting character scenes were goofy, particular the scene with Lawrence Cheng and his gang trying to catch a ghost with their inferior Taoist singing spells, most of the acting were decent and served us some nice comedy. Overall, a pretty good ghost comedy.

    Grade B