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  • After an exciting opening, BRAVE YOUNG GIRLS kicks in...sort of. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good action-thriller, but the first half of it plays out like a cautionary made-for-TV movie. It centers on three girls who find themselves trapped in lives as Triad-controlled prostitutes, which can be best described as modern-day slavery. Salvation comes to help them in the form of an Interpol detective (Yukari Oshima from "FINAL RUN" and "MIDNIGHT ANGEL") who wants to save them and break the gangsters. Be forewarned: the martial arts action in this movie is as brutal as it gets, and Yukari shows why she's an unsung legend in international action films! (There is also a brief cameo by Kara-Hui Yin-Hung, "MY YOUNG AUNTIE" herself, kicking the snot out of some bad guys!)
  • A Chinese girl goes illegally to Hong Kong to look for work and ends up as a prostitute. A Japanese female cop teams up with her to fight the bad guys. Average girls-with-guns action movie from Hong Kong. In the first half the various strings of the story are somewhat hard to follow, but maybe that's because the German version is cut down to 76 minutes only (thanks Mr Editor - need a new axe-blade?). Cynthia Luster has a great fight scene against the drug dealers' boss in the end; it was not made to look artistic or spectacular - it's rough, realistic, go for the throat - I liked the down-to-earth attitude of the director here, no fooling around. Anyhow, all in all nobody can deny this movie is `a dime a dozen' and I voted 4/10.