Sheriff: [pulls over to talk to Marie and Tom in their parked convertible by the side of a dirt road] Well now, just where is it we're tryin' to get to?

Marie Adams: Good afternoon, officer. We're trying to find Drago.

Sheriff: Drago, huh?

Tom Billings: Yeah, she and her husband are renting a cottage there.

Sheriff: You stayin' there too?

Tom Billings: No, I'm a friend giving her a ride.

Sheriff: Well, friend: you head on right. A little ways along there's a break to your left. Now you take that. But if you get to the town... you're goin' too far.

Marie Adams: I saw Sister Ruth last night.

Janice Hatch: What?

Marie Adams: I know this is going to sound crazy. Maybe it is, but, I saw her here. And the expression on her face... was like... something horrible was happening right here in my living room. Like, I don't know what.

[Janice doesn't respond]

Marie Adams: I told you I have quite an imagination.