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  • LEAP of FAITH with SAM NEILL and ANNE ARCHER This movie is so good because it deals with the emotional problems that come with the diagnosis of Cancer. My wife and I have had a successful nineteen year battle with Malignant Melanoma including twenty trips to an America Clinic The movie deals with all the nuances from day one that occur when this problem arises and it shows the correct attitude for those who are suffering from Cancer,that is so important to understand for successful recovery. In my opinion this movie should not be lightly dismissed. All of the actors play their parts believably as it is not a high action movie, it is about real people and a true story. All should see it sufferers, family and carers, it's a must
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I searched out this movie because I only saw it once, back around 1988 when it first came out, and it left me with the lasting impression of how complex, or simple, our healings can be, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual--but wait, our ultimate healings require we attend to all aspects of our being; the physical, emotional and spiritual, which is right where this movie hits home with me. I loved it and wish I could find it on VHS or DVD--I would buy it! The actors convincingly become the people they portray in this bittersweet movie- version of someone's actual life. I wish I could find out more about the person on whom this movie is based, and would love to interview Ann Archer, because you just know she could never forget the details of how she felt during rehearsals and filming. Great movie, great actors, great story!