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  • breezy_blonde7 February 2006
    Mind you I seem to be in the minority but the reason i loved this movie is because it is fun and silly. Whether it was intended to be or not i am not sure. I guess it depends what you are looking for. The first time i saw this movie, i was home on the couch late night looking for something to give me a brain break. This movie fit the bill perfectly. It is the perfect mindless fluff to watch when you are not wanting to think, giggle a little and not have to follow a story line. I actually found this site because i have not been able to find a copy of this movie anywhere and only one other person that i know has even ever heard of it. So if you are looking for brainless fun with a little bit of a twist, sit back and enjoy!
  • As mentioned in the title, this is another story by Pat Proft who has written for all a few serial comedies, including the last two Scary Movie films. Stop here if you don't like these types of films as you most certainly won't like this movie either! To be honest, I own both Hot Shot films. This is not because I love them, it is more that I know that if I need some head cleaner these can do the trick. Comedies that have crazy plots and over the top characters which won't win Oscars, but should be entertaining enough when the mood is right.

    Over the years, a few other programs have made direct references to this film. One was a kids program that re-enacted the 'scary ghost' scenes almost verbatim. As I was channel surfing, I had no idea what the program was, but needless to say, this film inspires.

    I first saw Lucky Stiff in parts while on tour in Delaware. This night had a lot of partying involved, and having this film on was perfect. For years, me and one of my band mates sought this film. I finally nailed it down and bought it as a birthday gift. That copy was lost on a subsequent birthday house fire.

    Now, with the DVD available, we have it once again and can rejoice in splendor of the quips, gags, and creepiness of this film. I suggest to those of you who can enjoy the Naked Gun or Hot Shot series to give this one a try. The DVD is cheap to buy online, so get it before it goes out of print! I give this a high rating for what it is against those who pan it for not being 'Gone with the Wind' or something of that caliber. I would truly offer a 6 star rating otherwise.
  • A strange mix of traditional-80s, smartassy, Chevy Chase-type, "every-ten-lines-you-get-a-funny-one" farce and sickie black comedy. Mildly amusing in spots, but utterly tasteless. There is a skiing sequence that includes the fakest-looking back-projections since "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". (**)
  • Donna Dixon as always looks sexy, Joe Alaskey is funny, Morgan Shepard and Fran Ryan look tough as the parents of Donna, Jeff Kober looks creepy and menacing and Barbara Howard looks scared, but at the same time she is as lovely as Ms Dixon. The story is about sexy Donna inviting Joe to her hometown where her parents and the rest of her family are craqzy and eat human flesh, there Joe meets Barbara who married one of Donna's many brothers and together they must fight and run for their lives if they don't want to be the main course. Rent it, you'll laugh a lot.
  • Portly nice guy falls for a luscious blonde; she likes him too, but not for the reasons you might think. Little-seen black comedy from writer Pat Proft features very good performances by Joe Alaskey and Donna Dixon, yet it makes no lasting impact. It's just a quickie throwaway effort, helmed by Norman Bates himself, Anthony Perkins. Even on the level of B-comedies, the somewhat-similar "Eating Raoul" is a better bet. There's definitely an amusing set-up here; unfortunately, the picture has nowhere to go in its second act. An interesting try, but it misfires.

    ** from ****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pudy Ron Douglas (a solid and likable performance by Joe Alaskey) can't believe his luck when he wins over the stunning Cynthia Mitchell (radiantly played with sultry aplomb by ravishing blonde knockout Donna Dixon). However, Ron doesn't know that Cynthia's kooky backwoods family are really a bunch of cannibals who want to have him for Christmas dinner -- as the main course! Director Anthony Perkins, working from a witty and quirky script by Pat Proft, nicely milks an amusing line in off-center black humor, relates the loopy story at a zippy pace, and maintains an engaging lightweight tone throughout. Perkins warrants extra praise for handling the dark and potentially off-putting themes of incest and cannibalism in a pleasant and charming manner. The wacky members of the Mitchell clan are drawn in colorfully broad strokes. Moreover, it's acted with zest by an enthusiastic cast, with especially stand-out work from Jeff Kober as the creepy Ike, William Morgan Sheppard as the gruff Pa, Barbara Howard as the sweet Frances, and Leigh McCloskey as shallow arrogant jerk Eric West. Jacques Haitkin's sharp cinematography gives the picture an attractive bright look. The spirited score by Tom Jenkins and Mike Tavera keeps things bouncing along. A real hoot.
  • DonRocko1 October 2006
    So let me start off by saying that I saw this movie as part of a bargain. I was really bored one fine 1997 day and so I biked over to the movie rental store. I asked the clerk what the worst movie he had in stock was. Without hesitation he walked me over to "Lucky Stiff." He told me that he'd waive the $1 rental fee (he said it would be wrong to charge more) if I promised to watch the whole movie. So watch it I did, for free...

    This movie is terrible. God-Awful even. I don't need to go into plot details, read the other reviews. The jokes make no sense. The acting was terrible. I know it was supposed to be a comedy, but the stupidity of the main character was exhausting. You might try to watch it as something to laugh at, but it's so bad that it isn't even funny in that way. Avoid!
  • When many people say it's the "worst movie I've ever seen", they tend to say that about virtually any movie they didn't like. However, of the nearly 700 movies I can remember ever seeing this one is one of two that I walked away from feeling personally insulted and angry. This is my first movie review, by the way, and I registered with IMDb just to rave at this movie's badness. I went to see it when it was in the theaters (myself and my two buddies were 3 of 5 people there), and after 15 years I can't remember very many specifics, but my attitude upon leaving the theater is still crystal clear.

    ---Spoiler alert---

    Oh my, where to begin. Fat loser left at altar, goes on ski weekend, meets blonde bombshell who takes an interest in him, takes him home to meet the family, they're all cannibals and he's the main course, pathetic attempt at a dramatic escape, kicks all their butts and runs off with the brother's girlfriend, they live happily ever after. Puke. Firstly, the gags are so bad that it took me a while to understand that they were trying to be FUNNY, and that this was a COMEDY. The special effects, what few there are, look like they were done 15 years earlier. The big dramatic ending was so hokey and poorly acted that it was nearly unbearable to watch (he knocks out the entire cannibal family with rakes laying in the lawn, that stand up Tom and Jerry style when they step on them). I'm sure that there's much, much more, but I have no intention on seeing it again for a refresher.
  • LUCKY STIFF is probably one of the most unworkable comedies I can remember watching. The story is about an all-American nuclear family who just so happen to be cannibals. Hungry for their next feast, they send out their attractive daughter to hunt for suitable villains, and she soon discovers one in the form of the obese and loathsome Ron Douglas.

    For most of the running time, LUCKY STIFF plays out as a ridiculous romantic comedy with all manner of lame situations and bizarre interludes. The aim is to deliver something quirky and humorous, but the effect is excruciating; I can't imagine anyone would have found this funny at the time, let alone now. Joe Alaskey's hammy turn as the lead is embarrassing and at no point do any of the cast members try any form of restraint.

    Yes, there's a little macabre humour here and there, and some action at the climax, but for the most part LUCKY STIFF is as dull as it is unfunny. Believe it or not, PSYCHO star Anthony Perkins directed this, which was my main reason for watching; sadly he has about as much interest in the material as the viewer does. Watch out for THE WALKING DEAD actor Jeff Kober (he played the lead Claimer in the hit zombie show) in an early role.