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  • Well, This is another piece of Perestroika movies. Rather bohemian for those dark years. A pretty stupid and sexually free woman controls and has sex with different men, afterwards they all serve her and fight for her love. A genius programmer, a lonely anf tired of life poet and more other men. After Mara marries programmer, the poet becomes insane and can not stop thinking of her. Soon she betrays programmer with a stupid taxi-driver, after that she asks for protection from poet, who is totally slaved by her freedom. The main philosophy of this depressive and awesome movie is that emotions mean harm in life, this leads to the score that was made by famous industrial Moscow shaman Alexei Tegin and Garik Vinogradov, who appeared in the movie as episode actors. In 80s they represented very famous budist school of sound makers. That is why this film is worth seeing for all Swans band fans and the explorers of Moscow music underground of 80s.