Ed Harley: God damn you! God damn you!

Haggis: He already has, son. He already has.

Bunt: [climbing into the back of Ed Harley's pickup] That old woman scares the piss out of me!

Tracy: Can't you stop this? Can't you call it off?

Ed Harley: Nothin' can call it off...

[lights flamethrower]

Ed Harley: ...but I'm gonna send it back to whatever the Hell it come from!

Haggis: You're a fool, Ed Harley.

Kim: [talking about Joel and Chris looking for Steve] They should be okay, right? I mean, they took the guns and everything.

Maggie: God is the only thing that can stop what's out there, Kim.

Tracy: [walks over to the drawer and pulls out a large kitchen knife] Just in case God doesn't show.

Haggis: Who are you?

Ed Harley: Um, Ed Harley. I've come...

Haggis: I'm afraid raising the dead ain't within my power.

Tracy: When we get out of here, Joel's going to be carrying his balls home in a knapsack.

Chris: Remind me never to piss you off, Tracy.

Haggis: It's what you wanted.

Ed Harley: No! Not like this! Not like this! I see it! This is wrong!

Haggis: Nothing I can do. It's gotta run its course now. What did ya think, it'd be easy? Neat and clean and painless? You're a fool.