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  • winterb3 January 2006
    Cindy Williams is perfect for the main character in this film. It is foul language free and still fun. Cindy finds herself desperate for money as her dog has become ill, the vet wants to perform surgery, and she is a single working class girl. She tries out for all kinds of bit jobs to add to her income and ends up acting in a commercial for dog food. The different situations that Cindy finds herself in and how she plays off against the commercial producer, Tony Randall, are hilarious. Our family has enjoyed our old VHS copy made from the TV show in the 80s and we laugh out loud every time that we see it. We think that more people would enjoy it as well. We would love to see it come out on DVD.
  • Teddeebearz1 April 2006
    My family and I love this movie! The all-star cast (Cindy Williams, Tony Randall, Charlotte Rae...) performed excellently and without skipping a beat. My hat is off to Ms. Williams for throwing herself (really) into the physical comedy, as she did so often in "Laverne and Shirley". (The scene in which she rides down the street on the dumpster is especially memorable. Ha, ha!) While this is just one of my favorite movies, it stands out from most in that it is totally clean. There was a refreshing absence of foul language, offensive gestures/innuendo, and violence. It would be so refreshing if the creators of today's "family comedies" would follow suit. I do hope "Save the Dog" will be available on DVD someday...