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  • I'd watch this again and again if TV stations would run it more often. I love Barbara Eden, and this movie can be seen as another variation on the 'Cinderella' tale with some quirks thrown in.

    Eden's character doesn't go to great lengths to hide who she is. Her only crime is not correcting the assumptions her new society friends have of her.

    She drives her beat-up car to these society affairs without being intimidated by the valet(s) who have to park it! One might assume that if she was hell-bent on deceiving people, she would have borrowed or rented a nice car to go to these fancy affairs. Even when she is found out, she refuses to shirk her responsibilities with the charity auction.

    Anybody can identify with a character that is put upon by family members who rely on her, yet continue to make little digs or comments suggesting that she's a failure in some respect. Hellooooo? I'd love to see the symbolic hands raised in the audience during those scenes in the movie! Kathy's well-to-do sister, who happens to be married, doesn't lift a finger to help 'baby-sit' their father, who, by the way, doesn't seem all that incapable of taking care of himself. To me, he's just downright lazy - a typical male from that generation. Doesn't want to get a cup of coffee for himself if he can get some female to serve him. (My dad was the same way.) Then there's the toady co-worker at the supermarket who thinks that Kathy shouldn't ask for anything better out of life. She should just settle and accept her lot - and, hint-hint, go out with him on a date, even though she sees him strictly as a friend. 'People like us should stick with our kind', he says, or words to that effect.

    Great writing, great progression, great unfolding of the characters, who finally put all their cards on the table at the very end! Hope I haven't told too much. But even if you think I did, I want you to watch this flick anyway if your local station is showing it!
  • I really like this movie, and Eden's performance is great. We don't see enough movies of hers. She's not just a 'genie', after all! This is a simple plot: boy meets girl, problems arise, etc., but what's wrong with that? I would really like to see it, again, and hope to see it aired on television, soon. 'Sure hope it's available on video, soon, too! If decent, love stories are your forte, you must see this one!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In this great movie, Barbara Eden , as grocery clerk, Kathy McCormick, accidentally finds herself mixing with the very wealthy(hoi paloi) and is thus forced into pretending to be a stock broker with ability to handle and manipulate stocks. Along the way she finds a new boy friend , actor Josh Taylor. The boy friend takes advantage of her by pretending to have a very ill wife who is unable to take part in a marriage and so he is stuck with her. As a side plot the pretense of being a stock broker gets her into high society. At about the same time as she is found out, she finds out that the boyfriend has tricked her into giving up her virginity. Barbara Eden, as usual plays her role extremely well and is well supported by Josh Taylor as the conniving boyfriend. In total a very enjoyable movie.
  • Kathy is a nice, pretty, single, dependable working girl. She's always helping others, caring for her recently widowed father and tends to be at the beck and call of her married, younger, unappreciative . sister. As a thank you gift, she is given a ticket to a charity luncheon. She hesitantly decides to attend the event and meets several women. When Kathy says she works at "The Market", the ladies assume that she is a stockbroker (she is a grocery clerk) and the movie takes off. Not being a stuffy society woman, "Kathryn" catches the eye of wealthy, handsome, Grant Sherwood. Romance begins and "Kathryn" continues the charade while also living Kathy's life. Mix into the plot some jealously, soul searching, Kathy's newfound assertiveness, plus a secret that Grant has of his own and you have a pretty nice movie.
  • "Kathy McCormick" (Barbara Eden) is a widow who lives with her father and works as a cashier at the local supermarket. Although the owner of the supermarket named "Sid" (Robert Constanzo) has a crush on her she doesn't feel the same for him. Then one day she gets a free ticket to a high-society benefit and feeling somewhat out of her element tells the ladies at her table that she works in "the market". This causes great interest among those at the table and wanting to fit in she volunteers to help out in their thrift shop. Soon one thing leads to another and before long she has an active social life cavorting with the rich and famous while at the same time holding down her job at the supermarket. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a nice rom-com which was clearly made-for-television and suffered somewhat for that reason. For example, the comedy wasn't that great and the plot was also rather predictable. Even so, Barbara Eden still looked quite nice and fans of hers will probably enjoy this film. Again, while this isn't a great movie by any means I suppose it was okay for the time spent and I have rated it accordingly. Average.