Quotes (10)

Tom Mix: I fell in love with a beautiful woman who believed a man was not a complete lover unless he knew how to tango.

Cheryl King, Owner of Candy Store: She didn't give you much choice.

Tom Mix: I took lessons for years.

Wyatt Earp: And what was this young lady's vocation?

Tom Mix: She was a tango instructor.

Wyatt Earp: It's all true, give or take a lie or two.

Wyatt Earp: Let's find out, you son of a bitch. Draw!

Captain Blackworth: My men will cut you to pieces.

Wyatt Earp: Not before I shoot out your eyes.

[They glare at each other. People move away]

Captain Blackworth: Another time.


Cheryl King, Owner of Candy Store: Would you really have shot him?

Wyatt Earp: No.

Cheryl King, Owner of Candy Store: Why not?

Wyatt Earp: I'm not packing a gun.

Tom Mix: Wait a minute, Wyatt, there's something we gotta get sorted out here. I threatened to rope him behind my horse and drag him, then you waltz in pretty as you please and threaten to kill him. I don't like being out-threatened.

Wyatt Earp: Sorry. Won't happen again.

Captain Blackworth: [Blackworth and Kieffer hear some noise coming from the kitchen of the "Kit Kat" club] Do you have a cat?

Dutch Kieffer: Not that big.

[last title card]

Title Card: ...and that's the way it really happened.

Title Card: Give or take a lie or two.

Tom Mix: She's a grand girl.

Wyatt Earp: She's a grand 26 year old girl. I could have done myself permanent injury.

Cheryl King, Owner of Candy Store: Will you sleep with me?

Wyatt Earp: Cheryl, I'm old enough to be your father.

Cheryl King, Owner of Candy Store: Wyatt, you're old enough to be my grandfather. Now answer the question.

Wyatt Earp: How come you told Cheryl where I'm staying?

Tom Mix: Because she asked. And I figured if she asked you, you'd tell her.

Wyatt Earp: Martha Jane Canary was a dear and selfless woman, but she looked like an unmade bed. This young lady's far too pretty.