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  • This film stars the legendary ass-kicking babe Yukari Oshima and some other strong females. I'm not too familiar with the girls 'n guns genre but all I can say is that these are stylish and often exciting actioners, but don't come even near to those real masterpieces from Hong Kong. Midnight Angel has the old revenge type plot, and when the justice seems not to happen, these girls take law into their own hands and things WILL go right that way. Just watch out that flamethrower at the end of the film! I don't consider myself an admirer of this kind of cinema, but fans of this genre (like mr. Weisser!) will definitely have great time watching these chicks kick the truth and justice out of bad guys, usually males. No deep messages or nothing, just exciting and fresh gun action with lovely ladies in leading roles.

    Not just my type, but still 6/10 movie experience, and avoid dubbed versions, as always. If possible, get the widescreen and subtitled version and experience the film as it should be.
  • Unfortunately I watched an extremely poor print of "Midnight Angel", with subtitles that were unreadable more often than not (even the cheesiest dubbing would have been preferable, in this case), so my impressions of this movie may have been (negatively) influenced by that. But even after trying to put that aside, "Midnight Angel" is almost physically painful to watch. The story, about a female masked vigilante who is actually the sister of two policewomen (the eldest being played by Yukari Oshima), is a complete mess, and the action is FAR too sparse (it takes 40 minutes for Yukari to even start fighting!). Worse of all, there are times when the film tries to be funny, and fails miserably. The only thing that partly redeems it are a few very fast and intense fight scenes, which mostly come in the last 20 minutes. Oshima becomes pretty consumed with rage by the end, and the beautiful blonde real-life martial arts champion Kim Maree Penn (perhaps most famous for her fight against Cynthia Khan in "In The Line Of Duty V") shows up (out of nowhere) as a bad girl. These fight scenes are worth seeing - but I fear many viewers will not have lasted long enough to see them. *1/2 out of 4.