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  • I stumbled onto this film being shown 5/14/2006 on Spike TV. The stunning production work caught my eye in the opening battle scene. The color photography throughout this film is first rate. The film is entertaining from beginning to end. According to IMDb, this is the only film Jet Li has directed. His direction is first rate. This is a Chinese version of a film of soldiers fighting and coming home from the war, in this case World War 2. The film primarily focuses on the exploits of one soldier returning to a town where his buddy, a lieutenant in the marines, lives. He becomes involved in the life of his friend, the friend's daughter and the goings on in their town. The town is occupied by some American sailors who like to run roughshod over the Chinese occupants. Conflicks take hold. There is a style in this movie of words that I cannot find, but it is entertaining and at a very high level than the few pictures that I have seen out of China. There is a wonderful "gritiness" throughout the movie. Two scenes that demonstrate this is the group of Chinese soldiers playing their little wind instruments marching down the street and the fight scene in the driving rainstorm in the bar. Great movie!(added 05/15/2006-The style of this film for some reason reminds me of GUNGA DIN).
  • `Apart from using his advanced Kung-fu skills, Jet Li demonstrates an incredible US boxing style, a completely different fighting style in this movie.'

    The above is a direct quote from the back of the DVD box of `Born to Defence'. It is also a bold faced lie. The closest Jet Li gets to American boxing in this film is when he puts on a pair of boxing gloves and steps into a boxing ring in the middle of a seedy bar. All similarities between American boxing and Jet Li's style end there. The closest you'll see to a boxing style is Jet Li kickboxing, which is much more of a Thai style than an American one.

    With the hype the DVD box gave to Jet Li using an American boxing style this was a bit of a letdown. For fans of Jet Li wanting to see him stick, jab, and shuffle, I highly suggest the movie `Fist of Legend', as there's a scene in that movie where Jet Li actually DOES show off a good flyweight style of boxing. `Fist of Legend' also happens to be the best Jet Li movie I've seen to date; and outclasses and outshines `Born to Defence' in just about every aspect of filmmaking.

    `Born to Defence' was the directorial debut for Jet Li. It also marks the last time he directed a film. I found it interesting that this film was in Cantonese as opposed to Mandarin. If you watch this movie on DVD I highly recommend watching it in the Original Cantonese with English subtitles as both the Mandarin and English dubbing on the DVD are really, really bad! So bad at times the dubbers completely miss dubbing in lines of dialogue as you're watching the actors lips move in complete silence. As a director Jet Li keeps this film simple, it's Jet Li's character (ironically named Jet in the English dubbing) against the evil bullies of the U.S. Navy. `Jet Li vs. The U.S. Navy Bullies' would be a very apt title for this movie indeed.

    The martial arts in this movie are poor as compared to other Jet Li films I've seen. The film also lacked a certain cohesion as well. Several key fight scenes are interrupted by very poor editing. In no fewer than 2 fight scenes the camera cuts away from Jet Li at a critical point in the fight. When the camera cuts back to Jet, we join the fight already in progress; the action picks up in real time, instead of picking up where the cut left off. In a martial arts film, the spotlight should be on your superstar, and any cuts to background actions should not result in the audience missing out on what could have been a great fight scene. For the lack of cohesion in the fight scenes, and my disappointment with the alleged boxing style this movie fails to deliver, I give it 4/10 stars.
  • Jet Li directs and stars in Born to Defend, a fight-packed martial arts movie set in China shortly after the end of the second world war. Li plays Jet, a soldier returning from the war who begins working with his pal (and ex-lieutenant), Zhang, helping with his rickshaw business. But when his wartime buddy is hospitalised in a fight with an American, and the rickshaw is trashed by a gang of US Navy bullies, Jet seeks revenge…

    I love the majority Jet Li's movies, so it is a shame to report that this one is a bit of a letdown action-wise, and also extremely xenophobic; every American is portrayed as a drunken, brawling, womanising, murderous thug without any redeeming features whatsoever, whilst the Chinese are (mostly) seen as hard-working and honourable people. I realise that foreigners are often used as bad-guys in this kind of movie, but the 'racism' in Born to Defend is taken to a ridiculous level which is totally unacceptable (and I'm not even an American).

    The fight action, although plentiful, doesn't live up to the standard that fans have come to expect from a Jet Li movie, and the fact that the hero gets his butt kicked for the majority of the running time makes the film even more disappointing. Jet's incredible martial arts skills take a back seat, with most of the early fights being boxing matches (with only a few kung fu kicks thrown in to occasionally spice things up).

    The finale sees events improve somewhat with a terrific showdown between Jet and his enemies in a factory, but it is a case of too little, too late.

    Jet handles the direction well and it is a shame that he hasn't tried helming a movie since; maybe his debut's lack of business at the box-office knocked his confidence—a shame, since he shows promise behind the camera, with an impressive explosive battle at the beginning and some lovely rain drenched scenes later on.

    Die hard Jet Li fans will probably want to check this out regardless, but casual viewers beware—this is not one of his better efforts.

    5.5/10 (which I will generously round up to 6 for the IMDb rating).
  • Out of the 20 or so Jet Li movies I've seen this, in my opinion,is his best. Many people may disagree with me, but I think it was fantastic. Jet Li did a great job directing for his first time and the fight scenes are great!

    The plot is very basic. Jet plays a Chinese soldier returning home from the war. When he arrives home he meets up with his uncle and realizes everything has changed. The Americans there control everything with power and money. Jet eventually gets involved when the Captain of the sailors hits him with his car and things start from there. Jet has many battles with the sailors at the bar-boxing ring.

    There is about 8 fight scenes in total, some are short and some are really long. All of the one-on-one fight scenes involve Jet fighting an American sailor. There is also a really good brawl room brawl after Jet fights the captain of the sailors for one of many times in the boxing ring at the bar. The fight scenes are boxing and Kickboxing scenes with Hong Kong style choreography. They are really good and resemble some of Cory Yuen's later work. Jet Li does throw in some traditional Kung Fu though, like his fighting stance he uses. The ending fight is great where Jet takes out each sailor one-on-one untill only the captain remains in the factory. The final fight is really fast paced and keeps you wanting more. Jet Li shows us a future trademark by using a chain in a Wu Shu type technique(such as the belt in Fist of Legend, the fire hose in Romeo must die, the rope in My father is a Hero a.k.a the Enforcer,etc.) They also start playing this cool music that you would hear in a movie like Rocky. So I suggest you buy this movie if you have the chance!
  • henry-girling18 November 2004
    This is not at all a bad film and it is a pity that Jet Li has not directed more because even though the plot is simple and unsurprising the film rattles along in an entertaining way. It looks good, colourful but gritty with the white of the U.S sailor's uniforms intruding everywhere as they do in the film, into Chinese society and into the Jet Li's character's life. Jet stands up to them.

    This leads to some great fight scenes including a humungous one in a bar (with the rain pouring in through holes in the roof) that ends up with Jet being thrown out of a window. But does it end there? Nope. Jet is great as usual and acts in his intense mode, full of energy and charisma. The rest of the cast are ordinary.

    The film score is particularly good and, as all scores should, enhances the action as well as the dramatic scenes. It is not one of Jet Li's celebrated films but definitely worth seeing, to see a real star in the making.
  • This film has good martial arts fights for western kickboxing. It is also Jet Li's fourth movie. Since this was his fourth movie and his directing debut, the film is unpolished and the acting (except for Jet Li's) is quite bad. Jet Li choreographed and directed the fights and stunts which were actually very good, although he gets beaten up badly in two fight sequences. However, the film was a good start for a director.

    In the film, Jet really shows off a lot of his acrobatic skills but not much Kung Fu as he mainly gets involved in kickboxing. The war sequence at the start of the film was also well directed. I give this film an 8 out of ten for its acrobatics and martial arts. I will recommend it for Jet Li fans and for action fans, but do not expect a really good movie in this one.
  • If you want to see a movie with intense, hard-hitting fight scenes, then "Born To Defend" has what you're looking for. It's interesting to see a young Jet Li acting well and incorporating a kick-boxing style into his fighting, and the main villain is a worthy opponent for him. However, there are two major problems with this film: 1) It's poorly lit, 2) It's poorly plotted. Problem #1 may of course be just the fault of my version, a DVD in Chinese with (generally awful) English subtitles. The lighting is at times so bad that it's hard to see what's going on - and that includes the climactic moments of the film! Problem #2, however, will appear in ANY version. The whole plot of the film is: Jet Li and friends are harassed by stereotypically scummy Americans, until Jet decides to harass them back. It's literally no more complicated than that. But if you can just concentrate on the fighting, then I suppose the film is worth a watch, especially for Jet Li fans. (**)
  • Version: Some PAL VHS double-pack with 'Kids from Shaolin. English dub, accompanied by the worst quality soundtrack you will ever hear.

    In the tradition of nearly every dubbed Jackie Chan movie up to 'First Strike' (and beyond), Jet Li gets to play Jet, a Chinese soldier returning from World War Two only to find that the accomplishments of he and his men are made meaningless when the American navy (the "real war heroes") rolls into town. Naturally, the American servicemen run around being arrogant jerks, and it is up to Jet to kick their collective arses. Woo!

    Somehow, 'Born to Defend' is both one of the most dramatical Jet Li movies I've seen, yet at the same time is somehow one of the most plot-less Li movies I've seen. I would like to try and explain that in a convincing way, I really would, but you will just have to settle for this: You'll see people getting beaten up, then some drama, and then someone thrown through a table in a dramatical way. If Jet Li can direct such a perfectly plot-less drama about lots of people getting a good butt-kicking, why hasn't he directed any more movies? Come on, Jet, I know you can create more plot-less dramatical awesomeness.

    So, after all the plot-less drama, 'Born to Defend' is just a bunch of fight scenes? Hey, I'm not complaining, and you shouldn't either. Unlike most of his movies in the 80s / early 90s, this is not a wu xia. Sure, he can get hit by a car and be perfectly fine, but most of the time Jet takes on his bearded foes in kick / boxing style fights. The fights are entertaining enough, but nowhere near the level of Li's later movie 'Fist of Legend'. Have I mentioned the beards yet? Basically, the more noticeable beard an American soldier has, the better fighter he is. I swear, I'm serious.

    'Born to Defend' is not the finest, nor awesomest, Jet Li movie I have ever seen, but it certainly isn't the worst Li movie around - 6/10
  • Born to Defend isn't a good movie by any means. The villains are crazily exaggerated, and the Chinese were just too victimized. I know the American military has done a crapload of bad stuff, but there's only so much a viewer can take. I'd be alright if the movie portrayed them as evil people rather than Satan spawn. candy's supposed to be sweet, that's why we like it, but it can be sickening if it's too sweet. Most movies have a villain, and it generally helps the movie, but if that character is taken overboard, it just gets redundant and disgusting.

    A Chinese person watching this movie must be some sort of masochist. I wouldn't want to see how terribly any foreigners victimized me. An American watching this movie must be a bit horrified, and a bit annoyed at how evil the navy is. Overall, it's not entertaining.

    What i'm conflicted about is this: Why is it that such interesting action sequences are put in such a bad movie? I will say that while it is not edited well, and it's not of the highest quality in terms of lighting and camera work, The action scenes in "Born to Defend" are some of the best in any Jet Li movie. It's fast paced, contact is hard, and Jet Li moves like never before. The characters actually have very dramatic reactions to blows. The display of pain is well done. The characters also get winded when hit hard; that's something you don't see much in a movie. I'm not saying the fight scenes are realistic, no, far from it, but it's more dramatic with the sense of mortality it gives the characters.

    A lot of people say Fist of Legend has Jet's best work. I believe this movie to be superior in terms of action. Jet Li is far too stiff in fist of legend, and he doesn't really seem to get hurt, even after being hit 30 times by a guy who can break bricks. Born to Defend features a very fluid Jet Li who's clearly very fragile, as any human is anyway. The fight scenes are also not over the top. You won't 2 people simultaneously jumping 10 feet into the air and then kicking each other both in the face.

    While i can't bear the movie, many of the action scenes completely avoids my peeves with the genre.
  • xxiaoglain14 September 2005
    Jet Li's own and uncredited adaptation of popular HK Manhua/Novel "Zhonghua Yingxiong" by Ma Yingcheng (1983), later brought to us as "A Man Called Hero" with more charismatic Ekin Cheng as leading actor. The original story had great success both in China and Hong Kong, but the little one Jet Li gained with this film -he stopped directing and moved to San Francisco- shows how much it follows the "chinese pride" stuff contained on it. Even disappointing as a simple Jet Li action movie, it proves fighting can't save the party. Jet Li stars as -wow!- Jet, a Chinese soldier back to Tsing Dao after winning against Japanese devils (sic). Our "hero" finds Tsing Dao kind of invaded by American troops, so he inevitably begins kicking some bad guys who are, of course, American. It follows some boxing fighting that would make you laugh thinking what's the story supposed to be about. Stay away if you are looking for more Hua Ying-Xiong. There's none here.
  • dt101111 February 2006
    This movie seemed to primarily be trying to show what a fantastic guy Jet is, and how naughty everyone else is. Everyone in the American Navy is evil, and stereotypical. The sycophantic Chinese officers are obviously crooked and in league with the bad, evil American guys. Meanwhile, Jet is out trying to save everyone, and making life better for his friends and neighbors. What a sport! The martial arts isn't even all that terribly convincing, though it is very stylish. The super bad American office looks like a really angry Jason Lee crossed with Paul Bunyan. My personal favorite is the black guy they included. Seriously, they should have gave him a chunk of watermelon and some collard greens just to complete the stereotype. It is an understatement to say that nothing in this movie is subtle.

    The movie is a bit (unintentionally) funny at times. If you are a fan of bad dialogue and plot devices and have a lot of patience, it might be worth watching. Otherwise, I can't see how anyone could take this seriously in even the slightest way.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you want to wallow in ignorant Chinese xenophic anti-americanism, this movie's the one for you.

    Somehow the American Navy seems to have taken over China and prostituted their women while drinking all the beer. Characters include the cowardly black sailor, racist white boys on leave and the ever popular missing in war daughter of the disabled veteran, turned prostitute for the hated Yankees, though with a heart of gold for her countrymen.

    From destroying a rickshaw taking a pregnant woman to the hospital to assorted acts of drunken anti-social rampage, these Americans seem to require brutal murder for the good of the Chinese people.

    hmmm, sounds like Tianamen Square.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a good enough Jet vehicle, that's entertaining for the most part, with above average fight scenes and a decent story. All the characters are good, and it had some pretty intense scenes, plus Jet Li is simply amazing in this!. The last fight is extremely tense and somewhat emotional, and it was awesome to see Jet unleash his anger in this one! plus it had a couple of shocking moments as well. One thing I didn't particularly care for was the women abuse, and it did take a little while to get going, plus the dubbing is simply awful. This is a very rare Jet film, so I was lucky to catch it on Spike TV, and I thought Kurt Roland Petersson played a very effective villain and was one big guy, plus Paulo Tocha played the prick very well. It's at times very dark, and also quite violent, plus I think this should be a bit higher then 4.9. It's well made and decently written, and for a 1st time director Jet did a pretty good job, plus it was nice to see they let Jet use his real fighting ability!. This is a good enough Jet vehicle, that's entertaining for the most part, with above average fight scenes and a decent story, and I say it's well worth the watch!. The Direction is pretty good. Jet Li does a pretty good job here with good camera work, solid angles and keeping the film at a nice pace for the most part. The Acting is good. Jet Li is amazing as always and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, very intense, aggressive, funny, as always had a lot of charisma, kicked that ass, and it was great that they let him use his real ability, as it really made the film more enjoyable and livened up the fight scenes a lot in my opinion (Jet Rules!!!!!!). Kurt Roland Petersson is good as the villain, he was big, intimidating, and looked quite menacing, and is also quite a good fighter, he had a couple of great fights with Jet!. Jia Song is OK as the love interest but didn't have much to do. Paulo Tocha played a real good prick that you love to hate, he's also a great fighter as shown in Bloodsport. Erkang Zhao is good as Jet's teacher I dug him. Rest of the cast are OK. Overall well worth the watch!. *** out of 5
  • I am extremely disappointed in this movie being a huge Jet Li fan. The anti-Americanism was atrocious in this picture. The dialog used for the Americans was something out of a really bad 80's after-school special.

    My favorite line just may be "You can't do this to me, I'm in the US Navyyyyyyy!" as Jet Li burns the evil American Sailor. Horrible movie. I have to say next to all of his American movies (except Lethal Weapon 4), this is definitely one of his worse ones.

    If you are going to rent any Jet Li movies, rent "Black Mask". "Fists of Legend", "Twin Warriors", and "The Legend of the Red Dragon" are excellent Jet Li movies as well.
  • Jet Li stars and directs a tale of a Chinese rickshaw-man who offers to be a human punch-bag for American soldiers in post-WWII China. Jet does deliver good direction but the script is rather weak and most fight sequences seem to be rather dull. The finale is an all out Hong Kong cinema fight fest where Jet takes on Yanks in a factory (a fight sequence in which Jet sustained a serious injury and was out of filming for almost 3-4 years). I actually think this movie can be ranked as one of his worse efforts (including 'The Master' and 'The One').

    Die hard fans should check it out, but beware: not that great.

  • whats with that? it was made after this movie so would that mean that it stole its soundtrack from this movie? and if so, i'm amazed as the nrns2 soundtrack is my favorite ever.

    apart from that i thought the movie was pretty cool. nothing too amazing. jet li is a pretty short martial artist and therefore very quick but i don't think he has the screen presence of a loren avedon or mathias hues.

    check it out but pay careful attention to the great soundtrack.

    My vote - 6\10

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jet Li stars in one of his earlier films, playing young soldier Jet during post-WW II who takes on Americans who have been bullying him and those he loves.

    Li shows off some intense and impressive martial arts moves, particular in the exciting boxing scenes. However, I thought much of the movie is consumed in violence and lack of character development, making the film suffer with its overkill scenes and lack of redeeming qualities. The ending, I thought, was ***spoiler ahead*** somewhat anti-climatic and Jet's fate is left ambiguous at one point. ***spoiler ends***. Overall, not one of the better Jet Li flicks.

    Grade D+
  • Review: This movie seemed really dated and the acting was terrible. I know that it was made near the beginning of Jet Li's career and he also had the big task of directing the film so I can't completely slate it. The fighting scenes seemed a bit messy and the storyline wasn't that great. On the plus side, Jet Li's acting was impressive and he showed emotion in parts but for entertainment, it has to get the thumbs down. I found the American characters pretty annoying and the big showdown at the end was disappointing. Basically it wasn't the greatest film from Jet Li, but you end up sticking with the movie because you want to see the American characters get a Jet Li seeing to. Average!

    Round-Up: This is the last movie in my Jet Li season and I was hoping for it to go out with a bang, but this movie was quite disappointing. I've been hunting for the 3 Shaolin Temple movies, which he made in the beginning of his career, but I'm having trouble finding the first movie so I've decided to leave them out of my collection. I will eventually start a Jackie Chan collection, which will be massive, but after watching these martial arts movies, I really want to go back to the earlier films which I enjoyed so much when I was young. In all, Jet Li is a great actor but a lot of his films have let his career down.

    Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: HK$11.5million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their Jet Li movies about a soldier who returns home to live with his uncle and gets picked on by American soldiers. 3/10
  • SirSmeargle27 August 2008
    Honestly, I had one of those videos on out of the 2 films Force Entertainment would show on each disc for 10 discs. Anyway, This film is sort of awful, what with the fighting. There was also a abusive scene there, and also a crude one as well. I just don't think why the Marine Corps should be evil. I mean sure, "they're bad guys and Jet wants revenge on them", but it's just not worth it. However, there were several scenes I liked including the final scene. It was a bit boastful with the fighting techniques, but the scene was worth it. And it would've been worth more if there was a dramatic scene there...

    So, overall, I'd give it a 4/10, reminding Jet Li to direct and act a bit better and put on an ending with a dramatic scene! From the writing desk, Sir Smeargle
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Generally when I watch a film I know whats coming. This one had Jet Li in it, sure, but it also had an American flag and an American kickboxing champion on the cover. The phrase 'kickboxing champion' is generally the first sign of low grade, as in Don the Dragon and Jerry Trimble. I thought Bloodsport was a great film. I think this is a great film. But if you only want to see it because of Jet Li, then watch something else. It was good to see the Americans lose. CAUTION: previous statement may include spoilers. I think they won in Bloodsport, and Kickboxer, and so on.
  • dasa1085 July 2005
    This is probably the most dramatical movie made by Jet Li. In this movie, he surpased any other movie focus in martial arts, and remember some first movies of John Woo. I checked the way Jet Li uses to direct himself. Even considering that one expert composed and directed the action sequences, Jet Li gives to the stars the chance to show some dramatical situations, and some smell anti American is floating around all the movie. Jet Li show how to be beaten in your movie, and watching the movie I remembered Rocky Balboa. Jet Li has some debt with Stallone. Good plot. I liked. You remain with stress all the movie. You can't trust in nobody, thats the message in the movie. Only your friends can save you, and also the prostitutes. Good fights. I recommended this picture for anyone who likes action, drama, and Jet Li.
  • ... or be a die-hard fan of some variety to sit through this farce.

    There are so many anachronisms in the first fifteen minutes that historical accuracy cannot have been a consideration. One reel, they're fighting the Imperial Japanese Army, the next, American sailors are driving around in a 1979 Cordoba.

    The only US sailors who wore beards were submariners. The "officer" wearing sunglasses and (in 1945) Vietnam campaign ribbons -- and a beard -- has no "dolphins" on his chest, but let's stop there.

    And considering how the Chinese have always treated each other worse than any "outlanders" ever have (you ever hear of the "Cultural Revolution"?), making Americans look like pigs seems gratuitous, particularly in Hong Kong where the British were the unloved white devils. Must have been some modish politics at work when this turkey was written.

    The choreography is unconvincing, Mr. Li's vigorous execution of same notwithstanding. This is just another uninspired actioner the script of which could not have stood on its own merits.
  • sarastro715 January 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Born To Defence, directed by and starring Jet Li before he got really famous, is a low-budget and shoddily acted but nonetheless serious movie. It takes place at the end of World War II, with the defeat of the Japanese. Jet Li and his buddies were soldiers in the war, fighting bitterly for China against Japan. As they return, they find the Americans made out to be the only war heroes, and present in such force that the situation is akin to occupation. The U.S. soldiers behave very insensitively, and Jet soon becomes entangled with them. After they destroy his best friend's rickshaw, which was his livelihood, he attacks them but is thrown in jail. He seethes with anger and escapes from his cell, only to find that the American soldiers have abducted his girlfriend (the best friend's daughter). Her father pursues them, but ends up being thrown off a roof. The girl is so distressed that she jumps off, too. In the old factory nearby, Jet makes his final stand against the soldiers (esp. their captain, who is a big strong fighter, and also a relatively honorable man, which fact is however lost in translation, as Jet can't understand English).

    Compared to the bad action movies that prospered in the rental video market in the '80ies, Jet Li's Born To Defence is not bad. It is indeed dominated by terrible acting (though mostly by the Americans), and contains plenty of senselessly brutal violence. But it is saved by a serious and intense story about the tragedies that can come from inter-cultural lack of understanding.

    6 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Born to Defense was the fourth movie Jet Li starred in, and the first one he directed. It's his first movie after the Shaolin Temple trilogy which rocketed him into instant fame. This movie is pretty awesome, I must say. Jet did a good job directing, and it's sad he hasn't directed more movies. I kind of like his directing preferences.

    The main reason people will probably hate this movie is because of it's dark atmosphere. There are hardly any happy moments in the film, and the tone is constantly kept serious. However, I think the dark tone is perfect for the setting of the movie. The movie is about Jet returning home to China after World War 2 and finding out the American sailors are oppressing his home and his people. The plot was carried out well, as were the subplots.

    Due to the injuries Jet received while filming, this was the last movie where he did pretty much all of his own stunts. It's also one of the last movies where Jet pulls out all of the stops in his fight scenes. He pulled off a good combo of kick-boxing, Kungfu, and grappling. There's also plenty of super flashy and aerobatic kicks in this movie. The scene in the final fight where Jet uses the chain in a WuShu type of technique could easily be a classic part of Jet's best action scenes. Action of this caliber and quality would not be seen by Jet again for about eight years until he made Fist of Legend. The majority of the fights are one-on-one, and they involve American sailors. One thing Jet Li fans may dislike about the action though is that Jet is not invincible at all. He receives several beatings in a lot of his fights.

    Personally, I love this movie, but I can see why so many have hated it. This is one of those love or hate it type movies. I give it a 10/10. I highly recommend it to Jet Li fans or action fans.
  • macan9 April 2003
    It was fun to see Jet in this film because this is during his early stages of his roles. The film wasnt very good, but it did have more fight scenes in it. One thing that i didnt like about his movie was that Jet got beat up more in this movie than other ones I've see.
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