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  • dbdumonteil21 January 2013
    Serge Korber is not much of a director and I watched the movie just because Jacqueline Maillan was in it ;but it's a disappointment: a genius comic on stage ,she loses 90% of her unquestionable talent on the screen ;pairing her with cast against type (and remarkable actress too) Alida Valli is odd indeed ,but had the screenplay been more interesting ,and had Korber directed his thespians ,he could have made a fine gruesome comedy.

    A gangster (Jean -Pierre Aumont in a five-minute half English half French part) dies (or is killed?) and he leaves lots of gold Lingots behind .As he married two different women,there are two widows (see above) and many people are interested in the hidden treasure .Dead bodies piles up at the speed of sound and that's it : it becomes aggravating and dull .The final song is stupid.So is the clue to the hiding- place of the gold.
  • myriamlenys9 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    "A notre regrettable époux" is proof positive that even the most funny or charismatic comedic actors are doomed to sink like bricks if there is no solid direction and no decent screenplay to sustain them. Here you've got a talented and experienced cast which is wasted on a dud of a story - and trust me, it's painful to behold, it's like watching a respectable ballet company trying to perform "Swan Lake" in the middle of a waste dump. The jokes are few and far between, while the musical numbers do nothing to tie the story together or create an atmosphere of witty sophistication - on the contrary. The makers of the movie were not even thoughtful enough to provide a definite resolution or a witty dénouement - "A notre regrettable époux" just stops.

    It needs to be added that the movie boasts a mortality rate worthy of a Black Plague epidemic : characters keep dropping dead all over the place. There is a reason black comedies are called black, but still...

    Mind you, the title, in its original French, is pretty funny.