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  • When I first seen this show, I was a kid. It was back in 1991 or 1992 when it was aired in a weekly "Walt Disney Hour" with an animated series and some short Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc. cartoon. I liked it, it was a series I watched every week. Two years ago one of the TV channels took it back to screen: I watched it again and liked it more than in childhood. The show is not a special effect-full Star Trek or a serious science fiction, but a great comedy. My favorite episode is in which a female from Jesse's race arrives to Earth and tries to kill him. The scenes at the end of this episode are fantastic!
  • I was 13 years old when "Hard Time" first appeared on the air. It's understandable that it didn't do so well with the viewing audience in the late '80s. I, however, wasn't a member of that demographic and loved the show.

    The special effects used to create Control, main character Jesse's floating, orange, orb-like companion, seemed so cutting edge back in "the day." Looking at the Incredibles or Shrek today, the little guy seems to pale in comparison.

    The show tends to consist of Jesse running around in his leather jacket, blue jeans and white sneakers, jumping long distances, tearing up things and throwing people when he brushes with authorities. He often uses violence. I guess he was just learning how to adapt to life on planet earth, huh?

    I'm strangely drawn to the show today, 16 years after it was cancelled. What's the appeal? I have no clue what it could be besides pure reminiscence.

    I have all 13 episodes on DVD, which I bought on They were copied from a less-than-spectacular videocassette. Some even include commercials that weren't cut during the original taping.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    From the moment this odd series aired, it was doomed. It was too esoteric, too eccentric, and like many other sci-fi series from the 80s, it lacked a large enough audience. All of which was a great pity. Martin Kove was brilliantly cast as "Jesse", a powerful alien who's being ostracized by his race for excessive use of violence. His sentence is to do time on Earth, a planet equally renowned for its own violence. A little yet powerful orb called Control watches over Jesse and tries to help him out of jams. Hot-headed and stronger than the humans around him, the alien gradually learns patience and to think rather than lash out in blind anger. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after a mere thirteen episodes, not giving Jesse's character much of a chance to develop. Kove was brilliant, bringing subtlety to a potentially cardboard role, and the effects, writing and supporting players were all decent. Perhaps someday it'll crop up on the Sci-Fi Channel, during the weekdays when other equally obscure but strangely compelling shows appear(such as Automan, Manimal, the Flash, etc.). It'd be fun to catch it again sometime.
  • spooniedrunk20 October 2006
    i agree
    i truly can't remember how old i was when this came out. I'm guessing 12. that i do the math. i was 12. i remember being the biggest fan of this show and then it just not being on anymore. i'm sure that after all the technology that has happened since.....that this show sucks, but back then i was an avid fan.

    like the dude before me. this should be shown on sci-fi or released as a DVD. it only made it thru one season didn't it? besides that...they never ended or concluded the season it originally started. why can't people at least give the rest of us humans the comfort of an ending?

    once again, if it ever came down to a cooler show i wouldn't have picked this one back then. and there was another with a midget in a wheelchair that was smart....anyone know that one? the wiz? wiz? something of the sort.
  • Somewhere on another planet, there was a war. One of the soldiers was suspect in treason. And the goverment of that planet decided to send him on Planet Earth to expiate his guilt. Now I don't remember exactly how many series were in this movie I watched this one seven years ago. But I remember almost all of them.

    I watched with a big pleasure Jesse's adventures on Earth. I think that children will like this movie.
  • Remember the episode when Jesse was working as a Hot Dog Vendor at a wrestling arena and he ends up kicking some butt to the tune of a screaming crowd yelling "Hot Dog Man! Hot Dog Man?"

    Priceless sci-fi entertainment for its day...

    I loved this show when I was a kid... A shame it only lasted twelve episodes, since that's not realy long enough to be re-run...even on the Sci-Fi channel.

    Time to check Ebay, methinks...

    Four Stars (****)
  • I would probably find the show corny if I were to watch it now, kind of like watching the Dukes of Hazard now. You loved it then, and thought it was the greatest, until you grow up and realize that it was cheap and filled with corny lines. Either way, I would love to see this show again. I remember seeing Jesse as his true self in the opening of each show. Looked like a hell-spawn from what I remember. Very cool though. It was a fun show for when I was 14. I wish someone would pick it up and show it, like the Sci-Fi channel. THat would be great.
  • This was such a great show that I watched when I was little. I didn't miss an episode! I wish that there were shows like that still on today instead of all these "reality shows." I have a few of the episodes recorded off of TV when the show was still playing so I still watch them. I wish that I could find all of the episodes.
  • I enjoyed this serie very much. I wish the creators of the serie will release the episodes on DVDs. Until today I do not know why they cancelled the serie????