Control provided comic relief to the series, usually by assessing the events with the catchphrase "Negative Outcome. Not Good".

The series creators Jim and John Thomas were the screenwriters of the 1987 science fiction film "Predator" about an extra terrestrial warrior hunting an elite team of commandos for sport in the South American jungle. In this series, Jesse is an extra terrestrial warrior whom is exiled to Earth for rebellion and Martin Kove (Jesse) is famous for playing John Kreese, Vietnam Veteran turned corrupt Karate sensei in "The Karate Kid".

In Losing Control (#1.3) The arcade game Jonathan (Trevor Eyster) is playing at Disneyland is "TRON" based on the 1982 film from Disney by Walt Disney Productions.

Martin Kove came onto the series following completion on the production of "The Karate Kid, Part III".

In Battle of the Sexes (#1.6), Guest star Sandahl Bergman plays an assassin sent from Jesse's planet to kill him. When her character arrives on Earth in human form, she is bare naked, Sandahl Bergman's "Conan the Barbarian" co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for playing The Terminator. In that film, The Terminator, a robotic assassin from a post apocalyptic future travels back through time in human and arrives in the past bare naked.

The series was discontinued after 13 episodes,

The series premiered on the ITV network in the UK on 19th August 1990.

Predator 2 (1990) was released a year after the show's premiere. The film was written by Jim and John Thomas and is about a extra terrestrial warrior in Los Angeles whom hunts cops and gangsters for spot.

Like the western genre, Jesse helps people in trouble and at the end of each episode, he moves on to another location.

It is implied after (#1.13) Jesse had fulfilled his directive and may now return home. If a 2nd season had happened, and if Jesse had indeed fulfilled his directive, it's possible Jesse may had decided not to go home and decided to stay to Earth and continue to help people

In the 11th episode, it's revealed one of the reasons why Jesse was exiled to Earth was because he ordered the assassination of the Grand Elder. However, it is revealed that Jesse was framed and that his vice commander ordered the assassination which led to the council exiling him to Earth.