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  • fa3944 February 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was one of my favourite sitcoms from the eighties, and now surprisingly seems to be almost totally forgotten, never seen it reviewed or mentioned anywhere. I first found the episodes on youtube many years ago (now deleted), and then more recently managed to purchase a DVD of all the episodes on Love the series! On the surface a pleasant, gentle role reversal sitcom, but still waters run deep and there's a lot more to this wonderful series believe me. Although the central premise of role reversal and a female bank manager admittedly seem a bit dated now the series dealt with some surprisingly serious themes too, including unemployment, financial difficulties and sexual harassment. The humour is pitched perfectly too, it's never excessive or silly and comes across very gently and subtly. It's really a very mature and accomplished little series. The cast and characters are all superb too, Belinda the efficient but fair bank manager struggling to keep going despite pressures from all sides, David the house husband feeling a bit lost and struggling to find a new role for himself... Then there are the delightful supporting characters too, Lou the slightly annoying and yet endearing next door neighbour, Jess the feisty sparky and gloriously sarcastic bank clerk, Charles the doddery and charming solicitor friend, who always calls Belinda Lucinda, Ned the misunderstood banker, who's the butt of everyone's jokes... It's a shame it didn't manage 3 series actually, it would have been interesting to see the show continue set in Belgium, perhaps in the same way as 'French Fields' we could have had 'Belgian Braithwaites'... Ah well, too late now, sadly. If you can get hold of this series I urge you to watch it, it's an absolute gem, and totally entertaining from start to finish. So here's a toast to a great comedy show: In the words of the wonderful Charles Ruby 'Shampoo Lucinda?'