Mike Flex: Of course, the buzz word of the sixties was "Mini". Women wore them, men drove them.

Anna Daptor: And women drove them as well, Mike.

Mike Flex: Yes, but not quite as well as the men. And like a woman, they were good to look at, and easy to handle.

Anna Daptor: Oh really? Well, mine was just like a man. It used to shoot off and stop immediately.

[An advertisement is shown]

Voice-over: Buy a KYTV satellite dish, and you could win a family holiday to Paris...A year's supply of Versace clothing...And, you could live forever.... That's right, everlasting life could be yours, when you buy a KYTV Satellite Dish.

Game Show Host: So let's start, and could you all spell out the names of your native countries. Maria, you first.

Maria: I-T-A-L-I-A.

Game Show Host: Very close there, but it actually ends in a Y. Next, Pierre.

Pierre: [like in the French alphabet] eff-er-ay-en-ce-uh.

Game Show Host: Yes, but there's no such letter as uh, now Klaus.

Klaus: D-E-U-T-S-C-H-L-A-N-D.

Game Show Host: [sniggers] Not even one correct letter there!