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  • The show keeps making more and more prerecorded shows and host chats. They have been airing prerecorded shows for the last month! How can the show be called Live! I have been watching it for many years and every year they do less and less live shows. They should re title it because it is deceptive to the audience. When Regis and Kathie Lee were on, the show was much more respectful of its audience by airing live shows. When Kelly first started, they continued to do so in the beginning, but as time went, more shows were prerecorded. These last couple of years have been ridiculous. Several times a year, they air prerecorded shows for several weeks! The host chats are usually very brief and they never discuss any newsworthy issues (how can they?)--they stick to general topics to mask the fact that it's all prerecorded. It is frustrating to watch on a daily basis and now, as soon as I realize that the show is prerecorded (they indicate it at the bottom of the screen very quickly during host chat), I turn off the television. Nothing wrong with it but don't call the show Live!
  • I think that Live with Regis and Kelly is a fine show. The hosts of the show are Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa. The show is a bit different than it was when Regis was with Kathy Lee Gifford. Regis and Ripa in My opinion work together very good. Regis is very good as always. Kelly Ripa, a young and very fine looking gal is also very good. What this show has in store for its viewers is actually pretty good. These two hosts talk about things that is going on such as news, the things that they like to do, they have special guests like actors and actresses, and more! The show is interesting and keeps you entertained. So, if you are watching television early in the morning and want to watch a show that has many celebrities then I suggest that you watch Live with Regis and Kelly today!
  • I think Kelly is trying too hard to show she is not a raciest. She now is looking to the gay community to help her. She was very unprofessional when she left the show for a week and I do not think she will ever regain her nice girl image. Too bad, Regis has not spoken to her since he left and now Michael, could it be her???? I would not like to see Anderson as her co host because I think it would be a big mistake for his career. Now if they replace Kelly love to see Anderson with someone else, maybe his mother??? I think Gelman has been very professional through this whole mess and I would like to see him and Anderson co host one time
  • I've watched and attended numerous episodes of "Live" and I think it is better than ever now. Personally, I found Kathie Lee Gifford annoying and I am thrilled with the breath of fresh air that Kelly Ripa brings to the morning. Her rapport with Regis is fantastic to watch and their dynamic is unique. When I can't watch "Live" live, I tape it and start my evening with the talk show pair that have no peer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Once upon a time, LIVE was a pleasant morning talk show with humorous TV veteran Regis Philbin and chatty singer Kathie Lee Gifford. It was upbeat and mainstream and a pleasure to watch. The hour flew by.

    At first, Kelly Ripa did an adequate job of replacing Kathie Lee. And then the producer Michael Gelman decided to make the show what he thinks is more edgy and hip it's been on a downhill slope ever since.

    Regis retired - or got pushed out. An ex-jock (who is so very full of himself) was chosen to be the male co-host. Michael Strahan is hardly an appealing TV personality. I can barely stand to look at his smug face let alone listen to his ignorant and inane comments. He may have been a great football player but as a TV host - not seeing it.

    Whatever charm and appeal this program once held is long gone.
  • Please don't pay any attention to the above review. Kelly may not be stuck up and refined like Kathy Lee but she is also a lot less whiny. Kelly brings a younger, fresher, more entertaining aspect to the show. She is hilarious besides cute and quirky. I think they have a great chemistry and she is keeping the show going. The hilarious things they do on this show keep me tuned in every day. They do a segment nearly everyday about cooking or home interior or improvement ideas. The guest hosts are usually very funny. Nick Lachey was a recent favorite. Nick and Kelly did a workout together and even that was extremely funny. I wish I had her energy and Regis'longevity. When Regis retires they will need a replacement to sit next to Kelly, cause she isn't going anywhere.
  • ababe-3805725 October 2018
    One of the most annoying shows ever.. she thinks she's funny or anyone cares about her life and try to hard to fit in.. Ryan needs a life he is everywhere what is he trying to do take over the world hes annoying.. how is this show still on why do they need interview ppl what does it prove just need to show off or brag about there life.. shows was better with old host
  • Live with Regis and Kelly is the best show on morning television. Kelly is so funny with her off-the-wall comments and come backs, then there's Regis who makes fun of everyone but in a funny joking way. I give this show a double thumbs up!
  • I've watched this show every morning for the past 3 1/2 years. Compared to other talk shows, it's no great shakes, but the host chat is worth watching for two reasons. Kelly Ripa (replacement for the much hated Kathie Lee Gifford) is wonderful! She is hip, beautiful, warm, smart and one of the quickest wits around. Her spontaneous, off-the-cuff sense of humor makes me laugh out loud several times every show. In contrast to Regis Philbin, she is self-effacing, modest and takes a genuine interest in the guests. I find her absolutely delightful.

    The second reason I watch is to see Regis fall on his face every five minutes. How this man has sustained a show business career all these years is a mystery. He has no talent and he can't pronounce or remember a name, a place, or a date if his life depended on it. He doesn't do his research and it shows during his interviews. He totally lacks any warmth, has a monumental ego (talks about himself incessantly and often refers to himself in the third person!), and is completely technically incompetent. He can't open a bottle, operate a cell phone, or work a VCR, among many other failures. He is also a wuss (watch him during an animal segment - he's scared of everything), a bully, a curmudgeon, a screamer, and can be incredibly rude. He interrupts everyone and barely lets Kelly get a word in edgewise. The best shows are when he's away and Kelly can let loose with a fill-in co-host. However, it's a riot watching how many times he can screw up during each show.

    Watch this show for Kelly Ripa and try not to throw your shoe at the screen every time Regis Philbin messes up or yells at the camera.
  • While I understand this is the show's long time format, almost 15 minutes of talk about what the hosts did last night, who they ate with, what shows they saw, who visited from out of town, what they did on vacation, pictures of their family .... all just as boring as a run on sentence. Is this the new social media where instead of tweeting it, "facebooking" it, pinning it, "instagramming" it, you do it live on TV? When the host changed from Regis to Michael, I started watching again, thinking the format probably would have changed a bit. Alas it didn't. I guess I have grown out of looking at day time talk shows. I am just tired of the nonsense talk and I really don't care much about Mark, Joaquin, Lola, Nicole, the twins, or other family members of the hosts. I can't see how this 'information' entertains or edifies me in any way.

    My office is in my home and I keep a television on the office throughout business hours. While the focus is not a television show while I am working, I do have the flexibility to actually stop in the middle of my work to turn up the volume on a show and look at valuable content. This show has no valuable content.
  • Over the years this TV morning talk show program has went thru a lot of changes with host coming and going especially the men host. Yet one good thing and eye treat is the staying of the sexy and hot Kelly Ripa she's so full of energy and fun that she really makes the show go! Always Kelly has worked well with any man host she has as her chemistry is untouched and the way she works off of the crowd makes the show roll and she's bright and funny. Aside from that the show always features interviews with well known guests like TV and movie stars and famous people even political guests. And the host give away gifts and prizes for the audience and Kelly and her male host are known to play games and trivia and also they act out wonderful sketches and little skits for the crowd! Overall wonderful morning show that's fun and it's real treat to watch the beautiful Kelly Ripa.
  • hands-0785813 September 2018
    I find it very disturbing that Ryan and Kelly would refer to the hurricane in such a flippant way. I refer specifically to the references made to food. They may not be so insensitive if it was their whole life was about to be turned upside down. Shameful.
  • I do enjoy both Kelly and Ryan and watch the show on mornings I'm home. Kelly can get a bit over sugary at times, but apparently it works. Ratings seem to be high. Ryan needs to get his head out of California and realize he's now in the greatest city in the world. His constant remarks about Cali ( and I'm not a regular viewer) get annoying after awhile. Otherwise, he's a good compliment to Kelly. They never discuss politics which I guess is intentional. They don't want to alienate any of their fans. The live phone call segment is a highlight. Most of their guests are interesting. They do seem to cram a lot in a one hour time span, which is commendable. Overall, it's a pretty good show. LJM
  • Before I watched this show, I thought this was just a women's show. Now that I watch it, I still think it is. Despite that the beginning where Regis and Kathie Lee talk is very funny. It's as good as any other talk show monologue. The rest of the show is only "ok". I would only recommend the rest if you like the person they are interviewing. However, I think anyone could enjoy the beginning, even though the majority of the audience is women and elderly people.

    Kathie Lee and Regis have a great chemistry. However, I think without Regis, Kathie Lee would fall flat on her face. Regis is sooo funny. It is a far cry from the serious man he is on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire".

    Overall it is an entertaining show. Check it out.
  • wingchun652 November 2005
    You are so wrong. Where Kathy Lee had little personality and her looks were OK, Kelly Ripa is on a different level.

    Kelly is very self deprecating. Very refreshing. To see someone obviously intelligent making fun of herself to that level is great. Sometimes, she has to stop her comments in mid stream to keep the dumb blonde gag going. Then all of a sudden, she'll say something that I that I know most people don't get.

    Looks: Are you blind? Kelly Ripa is one of the HOTEST women on the planet. Kathy Lee was decent to good looking.

    Kelly has incredible personality in front of a camera. Off camera, who knows. That's her husband's problem - or not. :)
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Kelly and Ryan show is a bust. Kelly seems to be more interested in herself than any guest, always trying to outdo them in memories. Also her continual pout that is supposed to be sexy?? Too familiar with Ryan for my taste leaning his way and holding hands...Ryan though seems to be trying to hold his own. I just think Kelly is very needy and seems to need everything pointing to her....and if it is not then she will change that. She is very nice looking for her age and I am not sure that that is going to last much longer in her favor.
  • I like the interviews on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. I also like the moderators. Keep it up.
  • This is really annoying as I no longer have cable tv and rely on streaming apps such as youtube tv and netflix. Every morning my stream stops when this program comes on following the news. It makes me want to stop watching NBC entirely. You should consider dropping this program or providing some other programming which doesn't have such a restriction.
  • I watched Live this morning and was extremely touched when Kelly&Ryan basically gave away the morning prize to the woman they called because she hadn't been able to watch the show the last few days as she had just gotten home from the hospital after having a mastectomy. I was sitting here watching what was happening with tears running down my face. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I can't tell you what that did for this woman. Not only is she going through cancer physically, but emotionally as well. There is very little to smile about so the fact that you were able to do this for her is absolutely amazing. On behalf of all survivors, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

  • I miss Kathie Lee. She was a little older than Kelly and handled Regis far better than her. She was human. Sure she made mistakes and we all read about them but Kathie had a funny way about her. She wasn't on her way up the latter like Kelly but just in the prime of her career. I hope she did not quit the show because of pressures from executives, etc. Oh well, good luck to her and any future endeavors.
  • Did anyone catch Regis the other day trying to sing while Billy Joel played the piano? My ears hurt so bad I had to put the remote on mute. How embarrassing? Doesn't he know what he sounds like? Billy Joel has won numerous awards for his music and this man is trying to do a number with him? (Ridiculous!) Is this how his voice sounds when Susan Lucci and him go on their little tour together. His voice is worse than Tony Danza trying to croon. I thought Kelly Ripa was horrible, but Regis is her equal if not worse! Let's hope he never does that again for the sake of our sanity. I wonder what Simon Cowell thought of that performance? (DREADFUL!)
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  • catmc6613 August 2018
    Bring back Sophia Bush. She was great & maybe it's time for a change. Kelly can go on a permanent vacation
  • I personally thought Regis and Kathie Lee had much better chemistry. When they talked, it felt more like a natural conversation. Now I just cringe whenever I hear Regis and Kelly try to get through the show. It just feels so forced and they don't seem to get along at all. I really never had a problem with Kathie Lee. She was funny and sort of balanced out the major presence that Regis has. Whatever issues she had in her personal life didn't really affect my opinion of her on the show.

    I do agree with another poster's comments about how out-of-touch Regis seems. He and technology do not get along, and he does seem like he has little idea of what's going on around him.
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