• luckyfoshizzle3 March 2007
    miss it!
    Oh man, I miss this show so very much. I wish upon oh so many stars for them to bring it back. *sigh* There aren't many shows EVER to have a whole new storyline every episode. And for the ones there are, none of them can even begin to compare with this one. It had EVERYTHING; humor, horror, drama, and an amazing, original host to start each episode off: The Cryptkeeper.

    There may be other shows that are similar, but none will ever have anything like the Cryptkeeper. When I was younger, I was terrified of him. But as I got older I listened more to what he said and realized how hilarious he was. Not because his jokes were funny, but more because of how corny they are, but yet he thinks they are just the funniest things in the world.

    The thing is is that if you haven't seen this show then you definitely need to go out and buy the episodes. And if you don't feel like taking a big step like that, go rent them, then you can buy them. I, myself, am waiting eagerly for them to put the rest of the seasons on DVD so I can have a HUGE marathon of nothing but "Tales From the Crypt"!
  • Lee Eisenberg26 October 2005
    Remember, kiddies: hee hee hee!
    There have been many shows that were never intended to be taken seriously, but "Tales from the Crypt" brings the idea to a whole new level. Each episode begins by descending into what appears to be a haunted house, where we get introduced to the delightfully creepy Crypt Keeper. He explains (as sardonically as possible) what we're about to watch. Then, each episode tells a story involving a really nasty situation; some involve monsters, others involve people doing really unpleasant things, but they all make one laugh. I really liked the episode where Don Rickles played a most unusual puppeteer, and also the episode where Christopher Reeve opened a restaurant...of sorts. Granted, this show was kind of ridiculous, but they never lost their timing, even with the Crypt Keeper's silly remarks. Just remember that, kiddies. Hee hee hee!
  • ccthemovieman-127 January 2006
    Season One: Qualifications To Be Admitted Into The 'Crypt'
    If you are a somewhat warped person with a dark sense of humor, you'll really like this offering. Obviously I plead guilty because I liked this, although one of episodes turned me off. Nonetheless, it's very entertaining because of the effective mix of comedy, suspense, horror and originality.

    You only get six stories from this opening (1989) season of horror-comedy on cable television, but at a fairly cheap price, the DVD set still is well worth it.

    In addition to the crazy stories, you get some surprisingly good cinematography. The picture isn't razor sharp but it's well-photographed. Some pretty big directors in the film business - Richard Donner, Robert Zemeckis, Joel Silver, David Giler and Walter Hill - are involved.

    Each show features an actor or two who's familiar and they must have had fun making these. You can just see it as they ham it up in their roles. Warning: the language is rough. This is R-rated material....and perhaps only for sick people, as I must be.
  • Mooby31 October 1999
    Television's all time greatest horror series
    Not only was every episode meticulously crafted into thirty minutes of ironic terror, but the forces behind it always remained credible enough to deliver star-studded episodes. Jon Kassir's Crypt Keeper remains one of the more sacred pop culture figures of recent years (when's the last time you saw someone trashing the Keeper? He's an icon for chrissakes), and while some of the stories may not have been on caliber with others (most of the "England" episodes never touched the Demi Moore/"if I can't have you, no one will" one), in the end, when the smoke had cleared and the show was over, you looked at it with a refreshing zing, as if you had embraced being had.

    Bringing back the EC stories wasn't a simple task. Speilberg tried it with "Amazing Stories" and gave up after two long years. The "Vault Of Horror" got a limited run in 94, but failed. But Tales always stuck around, on its own terms, and gave up swinging.

    NP: The Bobcat Goldthwait episode: only animated Tales ever: takeoff...Three Little Pigs
  • ewiddison1 June 2003
    Campy for the Creepy
    I saw a few episodes on video, and while I am not a particular fan of the genre, I was quite impressed. It was like the Twilight Zone, but with a strong horror theme (although not all the time), and without the pretentious feel. What really impressed me was the cheesy lines the crypt keeper had. They were so bad that the writers had to have tried for that effect. It was like listening to the worst spook alley script you've ever seen. That's the heart and soul of campy TV. It goes a long way toward helping you appreciate the carefully crafted tales that are being introduced.

    The other stand out thing about the show is the actors they get. They don't just dredge up whatever they can get from the local playhouses. They get some top names. On top of that, you get the feeling that these big stars are having a lot of fun telling a ghost story (not that they're about ghosts, but you get the idea).

    So, if you thought Rod Sterling didn't include enough dismemberments, or you just like clever stories with deliberately awful introductions, and you aren't squeamish, then this is the show for you.
  • mr_vistor27 April 2006
    Classic Campy horror fun
    I have always been a fan of the series. This is the kind of stuff I grew up on. I loved this show when I was a kid, so much that I even read some of the old comics. There is always a moral to each story. (most of which seem to involve betraying lovers for some odd reason) Although some episodes are so far out there they come off as being lame at times I can't help but love them. Every episode is like it's own little horror movie. I highly recommend the series,especially now that it is coming out on DVD. You get a lot of entertainment for your money. Thats all I have to say about this series and as the crypt keeper would say "Good night boils and ghouls."
  • movieman_kev10 September 2005
    Season 1
    OK, the Cryptkeeper, I remember him fondly, as I knew whenever I say him I knew he'd be preceded by a great tale of horror. OK maybe in the first short season, it wasn't as apparent as the superb later seasons would be, but this did lay the groundwork (side note: none of the tales in the first 6 episodes of this series actually came from the "Tales From the Crypt" comic series technically). Not to say this season wasn't good, quite the opposite as the maniac Santa story of "And all through the House" and the black comedic "Collection Completed" are classic episodes, even if the other 4 are not really up to snuff. Even the second season would get so much better by leaps and bounds.

    My Season one grade: B

    Season 1 Extras: New introduction from a now heavily bandaged Cryptkeeper; the cool "Tales from the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television" documentary and the not nearly as cool 5 and a half minute "Crypt Keeper's History Of Season 1"
  • Tommy Nelson23 November 2005
    A great show...took the place after the loss of another.
    stars: John Kassir as the Cryptkeeper.

    Usually great horror anthology show hosted by the Cryptkeeper, a rotting corpse done through animatronics. It's hard to rate it as an entire series, because the episodes went from really bad, to excellent. I will review the first and second season(out on DVD now) Season one-6 episodes. 160 mins. This was obviously the starter season, so there were some glitches. The first is the Cryptkeeper, who really didn't look all that great this season. He didn't yet evolve with his facial movements yet. As for episodes, the classics were Man Who Was Death and Dig that Cat hes Real Gone. The really good ones were Collection completed and All Through the House. Then there was Only Sin Deep and Lover Come Hack to Me. My rating-B plus.

    Season 2-18 episodes. 470 mins. The Cryptkeeper has evolved to great lip and eye movement. As for the series, this season has some good ones. I'm not going to go into all of them, but they are good. Some of the classics are Television Terror, Korman's Kalamity, Cutting Cards, The Switch, For Crying Out Loud, The Ventiliquists Dummy and Lower Berth. Great season. My rating-A.

    My rating of the series in all-A. episode lengths-(approx.)27 minutes with no commercials. TV:MA:LVS
  • SSJAniFan9 April 2006
    One of the best TV shows ever made and one of HBO's finest...
    Based on the gruesome EC comics of the same name, Tales From the Crypt showcased a wide ranged of talent in both in front and behind the screen. And despite the name, not every episode was pure horror... some could be laugh-out-loud humorous, and some were even dramatic that could put you to the verge of shedding tears. The makeup on the series was excellent, and made the scenes that were gruesome very hard to watch. And of course, let's not forget the the dead one himself, the Cryptkeeper. John Kassir was absolutely perfect as the voice of the ghoulish host. For people who missed the series, I truly think you should purchase the DVD sets and check it out. Be warned though, there are some scenes that you may have a tough time stomaching.
  • The_Depressed_Star_Wars_fan5 August 2010
    A very fun Horror show that remains faithful to the comics.
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was a pretty great show. The acting in this show was pretty good. Needless to say it wasn't great, but still good. My favorite actor, oddly enough was Larry Drake as the Psycho Path dressed as Santa Clause, in the episode "All through the house". A pretty damn good episode, Which involves a woman who just killed her husband, being stalked by, well, A killer wearing a Santa Clause suit. My favorite Episode of all is probably the episode called "Strung Along". This one is about an old puppeteer, who has married a younger woman that's cheating on him, he has an alter-ego named Coa-Coa, who is actually one of his puppets. Coa-Coa suspects that the wife is cheating on him, and wants to do something. This is a really great episode. The effects in this show are great. Especially the Crypt-keeper puppet. Hell, I want a f**king Crypt-keeper puppet. So in the end this was a pretty great show so check it out!
  • popcultrna11 July 2010
    Most fun you can have watching TV!!!
    This was definitely a show not to be taken seriously...but therein lies the key to great TV entertainment. Anthology series, by definition, can be very fun and addicting because they don't require the viewer to be well versed in some complex arching storyline. Each episode is stand-alone, and with this series in particular the 30 minute time frame flies right by...leading you to watch another! About the time, yes, some episodes feel as though they could have benefited from additional time to contain all of the complex twists and turns. Then again, that is also why it is so much fun! Not time consuming.

    Horror fans (especially), but also fans of comedy, or just plain old fashioned (sometimes simple minded even cheesy) storytelling will get a kick out of this series. And the Cryptkeeper? Pop culture icon, with all of those puns! Ever been to Spencer's gifts...remember the lifesized Cryptkeeper animatronic figure they sold for awhile. What other TV shows inspires such worship! If you're familiar with the series and think you would like to revisit it...you will not be disappointed (the DVD's are priced low!). If by chance you've never seen it, check it out...it's a blast. Not even in a category with other shows other than maybe The Twilight Zone, but also uniquely different!
  • wmdude125510 May 2010
    The Greatest Horror Series of all Time
    It is without exception the greatest series of all time. The acting by everyone was great and the Cryptkeepers's puns were hilarious (Just goes to show you kiddies, Be very careful what you Axe For Christmas, You Just Might Get it!) (I Call tonight's Putrid Piece "What's Cookin". This series will beat hands down any of the crap out there today. It was kind of like the Twilight Zone of the 90's. All the big and Upcoming stars were in the episodes. You had Lou Diamond Phillips, Priscillia Presley, Larry Drake, Ed Begley Jr, Judd Nelson, Christopher Reeve, Joe Pesci, Jeffrey Jones, Alan Ruck, Cheech Marin, Martin Sheen, Billy Zane, Anthong Michael Hall, Brooke Shields, and many others. The episodes were true to the comics and didn't try to change anything. The Best thing by far was John Kassir doing the Cryptkeeper's voice. That was fantastic and timeless.
  • Op_Prime25 March 2000
    Scary and hilarious at the same time
    This series was excellent. I've seen the old EC comics this show is based on, and it truly keeps the spirit of the comics alive. Tales from the Crypt was filled with gore and humor. The Cryptkeeper was a great character and was sometimes better then the tales. The Bobcat Goldthwait episode (The Third Pig) was probably the best. I just couldn't stop laughing.
  • adonis98-743-1865037 August 2016
    Horror and Fun mixed together!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Tales of horror based on the gruesome E.C. comic books of the 1950s. Tales From The Crypt is a very very fun show both in horror elements, action, love, humor, drama anything you can think of is in this show and the Crypt Keeper is a very very funny character but also just see the names of the producers people such as Walter Hill, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, Stephen Hopkins, Fredd Dekker and many more and the cast of each episode is fantastic Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger who directed an episode of Season 2, Bill Paxton, Tim Curry, Ewan McGregor and many more famous people. Basically what i'm trying to say is that this show has a lot of talent each episode is different than the other sometimes scary others funny and anything you can think of really and in the end it deserves the praise it gets totally and easily a 10 out of 10 TV Show.
  • roxphox4 August 2016
    Who doesn't love this show?
    Tales from the Crypt is a series that ran for a full seven seasons, with the last one being entirely filmed in the UK. Each episode has a dark story of love, hate, pain, death or a mix of any of the above with a little twist of dark humour thrown in for good measure.

    This show proves that a low budget and cheesy monsters cannot ruin great writing, fantastic acting and naughty hidden gags.

    If you choose to take my advice and watch this programme, you will find many huge names making early appearances. I personally enjoyed the episode with Ewan McGregor. I won't ruin the ending of this episode, but suffice it to say, you probably won't see it coming.
  • hellraiser79 January 2016
    Welcome to the Crypt
    The horror genre has had may forms of storytelling which is part of what keeps it alive; one of the most famous was of course the EC comics which for their time were the most daring content, though nowadays it's content is more commonplace. EC comics spirit has never died as it has been the inspiration for the "Goosebumps" book series from R.L. Stine, the film "Creepshow" written by Steven King, a little of John Carpenter's "The Fog" you name it. But most importantly EC comics showed that the horror tradition is here to stay.

    This show is my fifth favorite anthology horror TV show, one of my favorite live action comic book adaptations as it is done right because it keeps true to the spirit of the classic EC horror comics, but most importantly one of my favorite TV shows.

    I've seen this show when I was about 12 to 13 years old, I was highly into anthology horror and this show and this show caught my eye and I never even knew about the existence of the EC comics at the time.

    I love the horror host "The Cryptkeeper", the design is great, the puppeteering and animatronics are all on cue. But I really love the voice which is by one of my favorite voice actors John Kazir. His voice just fits like a glove as he convey the both comedy and even creepiness/craziness. This guy is just hilarious as he has some of the best lines as well as puns that are so deliciously bad their good.

    The music is great, I really love the theme song which is one of my favorite theme songs of all time composed by one of my favorite composers "Danny Elfman". Really like the opening which is kinda creepy but fun as the camera is constantly moving forward though some foreboding enviorments from the gate, mansion, right down to the crypt. I remember as a kid always pretending I'm the person running forward as the camera was in motion.

    Effects are fantastic, this show has some of the best gore effects I've ever seen and is something I've never seen in any horror anthology show. Their basically the payoff element to the stories and they sure as heck pay off. It really went to show that this show wasn't messing around it was going to go all the way.

    The stories are great and memorable (as well as well know producers, directors, writers, and actors to boot), I like that they keep not just the gruesome beauty of the comics but also the morality tale aspect intact as to me, "Tales from the Crypt" and the other EC Comics series to me were our modern folklore, Brothers Grimm, a somewhat twisted version of Assops Fables. Though also what makes them stand out are the humor which is really dark but it works, just like in the comic stories they don't take themselves too seriously and give the horror a bit of a strange lighthearted sensibility but maintaining it's dark side at the same time.

    And also another thing that stand out is in most of the stories the main characters are antagonists that are unlikeable which is interesting switch around from innocent protagonists. This is one of those rare time where you actually route for the main character to get nailed because they've done more bad crap then good and it's high time they pay the piper.

    There are plenty of great and memorable stories. Four of my favorites "What Cookin" which was a dark comedy as a restaurant gets a boost from a new cuisine, want to know what it is, I'll give you a hint ever seen the film "Solylent Green". Third "You Better Watch Out" it's a Christmas horror tale with the killer Santa. Second Television Terror, this story as a kid gave me the creeps it was a haunted house tale but it was also a satire on the corrupt power of Sensasionalism. And of course my favorite is "Carron Death" which is suspenseful and darkly funny as a psycho is chained and forced to drag a body to his destination, little knowing it could be his final destination.

    So come to the Crypt you in good company.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • John Doe11 August 2015
    A well done series based on the original comics!
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very good scary series for people that are into shows like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, except for an older audience. Tales from the Crypt originally aired from June 10, 1989 to July 19, 1996 and is based off the classic comic book series from the 1950's. The main host of the series is The Crypt Keeper who is voiced by John Kassir. He brings a comical tone to the otherwise bloody and dark tone of the gruesome episodes. The episodes are bloody, violent and not for the faint of heart, but not to the point of making one sick however. The series lasted for ninety three episodes total. The episodes are available on DVD in various countries however. I love this series and think it is clever and well made, with faithful adaptations from the comics and voice acting from John Kassir too. This is a must own TV series for your horror collection.

    I give it an 10/10
  • davidgreen98174 August 2015
    Absolutely brilliant
    This is my absolute favorite show of all time. It is the best horror show ever! Every episode is fantastic in its own way. I do not write reviews but I made an exception this time. I can not overstate just how fantastic this show is. The cryptkeeper is surprisingly enduring as well, somehow the little guy grows on you like an infectious disease. However, this is not a show for small children or young teens. Though the show is based off of horror comics from the 50s, the content is that of an HBO show. However, it is the tamest hbo show ever, and most kids 14 and up should be allowed, but each parent is different as well as each child. Well I guess I'll end this review here...JUST WATCH THE ShOW. Both funny and scary do yourself a service and give this a try boils and ghouls.
  • gilligan196510 July 2015
    One word...Perfection! :)
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a phenomenal collection of some of the very best short-stories from the genres of horror, terror, science fiction, drama, crime, fantasy, mystery, true-life, and, others! It's all perfection in one series! Even someone who doesn't particularly like 'horror' will most likely enjoy this series.

    I was addicted to this series as soon as I began watching it; and, because I grew tired of it never being on cable TV of which I spend so much money on...I bought the complete DVD set! Up yours, cable TV! :P

    Each story is presented with a somewhat comical and childish introduction by 'The Crypt Keeper,' who lovingly grows on you; but, nevertheless, the stories herein are very well written and very well acted. This is no joke - this is a great series of great stories...tales!

    Plus...look at the producers behind all seven seasons of this great storytelling! People like Richard Donner ("The Omen" and "Lethal Weapon"); Walter Hill ("The Warriors" and "The Long Riders"); Joel Silver ("Die Hard" and "The Matrix"); Robert Zemekis ("Back To The Future" and "Forrest Gump"); David Giler ("Alien" and "Prometheus"); etc. Greats such as these would have never produced a series unless it was great in itself...and, this series is GREAT!

    I recommend this to everyone! :)
  • mattressman_pdl31 October 2007
    Absolute Favorite Show
    From executive producers Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, David Giler, and Walter Hill come one of the greatest anthology series of all time. Based upon the comic books of the fifties, the cryptkeeper invites you to 93 tales of terror, sex, violence, and twists. Boasting performances from Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Bill Paxton, Billy Zane, Joe Pesci, John Lithgow, Joe Pantiliano, William Sadler, Timothy Dalton, Dylan McDermott, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzaneggar, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael J. Fox, David Morse, Blythe Danner, Clearance Williams III, M. Emmett Walsh, Kelly Preston, Lance Henriksen, and countless others, the show earns a strong dramatic center to hold up the ghoulish, macabre story lines. All Seven seasons are currently available on DVD(finally)and are more than worth viewing for anyone from the most die-hard horror fans to appreciators of really good television.
  • nsk66620 March 2006
    Seen It , Loved It ; Now I Can Own It.
    One of The Most Unique Horror Series I have seen. I rate it very highly as it is very subtle in its deliverance . The casting in the Series is Awesome , right from Billy Zane, Jada P Smith to Christopher Reeves , the hidden gem in the entire series is the Script and the clever and unique way the directors present it . There are no dull moments (as far as i have seen) , not to mention the thrills and chills it sends down your backs . A deadly series that is both scary and funny , that to me is Awesome Entertainment , what i expect to watch after a hard and stressful day at work , If you love Horror/thrillers , you will Flip for this series. Guys it is very cleverly made and if are getting disappointed with the promises that new horror movies make but fail to deliver , I suggest you see this series ,you will get more than you bargained for. - N.S.K
  • godeltsihw22 June 2002
    one of the best shows ever!!
    Quite possibly one of the best shows ever to air on TV! My favourite episode was the one where Christopher Reeve played a struggling restaurant owner whose business suddenly soars to success when he adds a new item to the menu, that soon becomes the talk of the town.
  • dootuss14 June 2002
    Great horror show, even though the Cryptkeeper scared me.
    Man was this show great or what? The show was based on the classic EC comic book from the 1950's in which people would die for their wrong doings. Anyways there were some flaws to this show: The england eps were odd, yet strange, and the other flaw was the Cryptkeeper. I know a lot of people thought he was a pop icon (which he was), but there were some weaknesses. For one thing the lame puns he said. God were they bad! I know he was comic relief in a way, but jeez those puns were lame. Plus this show started when I was 5 years old (I'm now 18), and The Cryptkeeper scared the hell out of me!!! I remembered watching an HBO free preview weekend in the summer of 89 (the year "Tales" premiered), and when the commercial came onto the screen, I'd hide my face under a pillow because the Cryptkeeper scared me to death. But I got older, a little wiser, and realized that it was just a stupid puppet. Any ways enough of those horrible moments of my youth, bottom line: Good horror anthology show.

    P.S. The Third Pig episode was the best one ever!!!
  • helpless_dancer1 November 1999
    From the ridiculous to the sublime
    I watched 9 straight hours of this stuff on Halloween Day and enjoyed every second. Some of the stories were very effective, some were less, but each one was a fun romp through creepy horror. I really liked the humorous edge that was put on a few of the tales, especially the one where the 2 gamblers went at it in Vegas. Wish I could see all of these spooky little tidbits. I found the "host" to be as entertaining as the tales themselves.
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