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  • Warning: Spoilers
    A lot of people will tell you that this film is not that good. I didn't think that this film was that bad. I mean most 80's martial arts films, were not meant to be Oscar winners, it's your standard B movie of the 80's.

    Basically when Sean was a young kid, he dad was killed, and he learned the ways of the Ninja from Izumo. Sean then becomes a karate champion and goes to a world championship karate tournament at a paradise type island.

    The film itself has all of the typical things of a B grade martial arts movie from the 80's. Mediocre acting, cheesy one lines, but some good fight scenes.

    I don't know why a lot of people think that Michele Chan it's not that good looking, I don't think she's unattractive, but that's my opinion.

    If you like campy acting and cheesy one liners, then you will like this film.
  • I don't think any action movies they make are Oscar material. But,for the insomniac in all of us thank god they do make them. If you did watch the movie BLOOD HUNT, retribution was not on the agenda.!!!! Sean saving his master Izumo was the plot of the movie. It just so happens that he became the guinea pig and that the murderer of his father happened to be one of the bad guys. The movie sidekick Dex was utterly the worst even smegal would have been better. More of David's martial arts would have been better I do agree. And considering he was a martial artist who became an actor instead of an actor trying to martial arts like Michael Dudikoff..Hey don't get me wrong I like Micheal too. My favorite movie of his was AVENGING FORCE with our fav sidekick Jackson.
  • This sequel is slightly different from the other two movies. The star in this movie is David Bradley. What happened to Michael Dudikoff? Well that's not the problem there. The only person I know is Steve James; Curtis "Powerhouse" Jackson. Everyone including the young fighter who has some fire in him. I liked it when he deflects the ninja's action with an oar, and decks him with a crescent kick. Jackson grabs one of the ninjas and drops him on his knee and delivers an elbow strike to the chest. Kind of like a power-breaking feat. Sean(Bradley) was drugged at one point, and the lady ninja, teaches him mind of matter, which he uses at the end. The bad parts are which the ninja and the young guy was killed, the kid tried to catch the arrows, a little too late. The bright spots is when Jackson had the dual-bladed sword and slices one ninja, and orders him to "DIE!" on Jackson command. It was Steve James last AN movie, at least he'll be remembered as Curtis "Powerhouse" Jackson. RIP Steve James, you're the man!
  • Pow! Who's the hot, cool cucumber who works out daily, practices his shooting techniques and martial arts daily, and always puts the baddies where they belong? Why, the American Ninja, of course! And there are five movies starring the "Hero of America!" "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt" is one of them!

    This is one movie that you, the action movie fan, must spend Friday nights watching! This will keep you on the edge of your chair or sofa so much, you'll land on the floor and hurt your...well, you know...

    If only there were a million of those "American Ninjas..."

    ...think of how better this place can be! A true, blue, red-blooded American movie like this gets the ten star treatment! Have fun watching this movie!
  • manitobaman8123 August 2014
    You could say that the film is built on a firm base, but it's also one big pile of self-obsession. Jackson is back, and now he has a new partner, karate champion Sean, as they must face a deadly terrorist known as "The Cobra", who has infected Sean with a virus. Sean and Jackson have no choice but to fight the Cobra and his bands of ninjas. If you end up watching this, you will probably be like me in saying that it starts off great then gradually begins to suck. It holds the attention but demands complete suspension of logic. I could've cared less what happened to these characters because there was no depth to them and I didn't feel attached to them at all. Ninja fans will like it. We've seen these clichéd characters a million times.
  • American Ninja 3 is almost universally hated by fans of the first two films, probably because Michael Dudikoff does not reprise his role as Joe Armstrong and 'new blood' was cast instead. Perhaps it failed because it dared to carry the American Ninja name instead of trying to be a stand alone film. Then again maybe people only watched it because of the name!

    In any case, American Ninja 3 is my favourite of the series, mainly because it drops the military fetish of the previous films in favour of pure martial arts action. The acting is neither above nor below the first two films and shouldn't be a factor in this genre anyway. Where American Ninja 3 excels is the action. The fight scenes are so much better choreographed than the clumsy action of the first two films. David Bradley is obviously a real martial artist and this casting makes a tremendous difference to the choreography. Gone are the simple throws and tight camera work tailored to mask Dudikoff's lack of martial skill and now we have lots of fast wide angle fights with flashy kicks and some meaty sound effects. The 80's style and fashions of the film only help to make me smile and of course the fantastic Steve James (the real star of the show) makes a welcome return.

    I guess it's all down to taste. I was brought up on Eastern Martial arts films with fine choreography from an early ages so when the American market started their attempts in the 80's the fights just weren't up to scratch for me and the first two films were a disappointment in that area as well as being more A-Team than Ninja.

    American Ninja 3 addresses these points and gets the focus of the film (the fights) right and that's all anyone can ask for in this genre, because if you are looking for moving acting or tremendous plots you are looking in the wrong genre.

    Not a patch on Hong Kong films but s solid martial arts film in it's own right!
  • i didn't mind this movie all that much,although i don't think it measures up to the previous two in the series.Michael Dudikoff may not be the greatest actor,but in my opinion,he's much better than David Bradley,who plays the American Ninja in this i also like Dudikoff's character more.the plot in this one is almost a carbon copy of the second one,save for the beginning sequence,which sets up the rest of the movie.Steve James appears in this one as well,and has some good lines.he's probably the best actor of the bunch.the fighting sequences are lacklustre to me and not that well executed compared to the previous movie.still,the movie is entertaining enough.for me,American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt is a 6/10
  • OK. "American Ninja 3 - Blood Hunt". Starring David Bradley as the lead. I don't know why Dudikoff quit, but I wish that it hadn't happened. Not that I dislike David Bradley, but Dudikoff is just a better actor, without doubt. On the contrary, Bradley is better in the fighting scenes, which (as always) makes up an important part in the movie. The problem is that Michael Dudikoff and Steve James had a special chemistry between themselves that now is gone. But it was a relief finding out that James was in this movie. Without him, it had been much worse. "American Ninja 3" has much of the same as in the two first movies, but with lower quality.
  • David Bradley takes over for Michael Dudikoff as Sean Davidson a martial artist who must take on bionic ninjas who are developing a chemical virus to sell to terrorists in this incompetent sequel. Michael Dudikoff is a poor actor, but when compared to David Bradley he almost seems like the next Laurence Olivier, Steve James returns but ultimately this sequel is far too awful to dig up any entertainment value in this garbage.
  • When I found out that Dudikoff was not going to feature in this sequel, my heart sank immediately but still, I decided to give this one a chance. Sadly, it didn't live up the expectations that I had hoped for

    First off, I thought that the character Sean Davidson written for newly American Ninja star David Bradley here was kind of out of place. Hands down to David for an impressive performance here but I felt that he was portrayed more of like of the grown up version of Daniel from karate kid and has no Ninja background within him whatsoever which for me seemed out of place

    Apart from that, I felt that the script for film was quickly rewritten after Dudikoff's exit. Rumors had it that he and the director (and probably Steve James) had some kind of argument backstage which led to Michael's departure from the franchise. James did a decent job in trying to make the film entertaining but in the end the film failed to impress me due to the fact that the title itself didn't really connect to the film

    I think that if the crew took time in developing Bradley's character better (by giving him a more convincing ninja background), then it would have made the film better than what was given here
  • Scarecrow-8830 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    David Bradley slides into the role once occupied by Dudikoff as Sean who, as a boy, saw his father shot by The Cobra's(Marjoe Gortner)henchman Andreas(Yehuda Efroni). The Cobra needed the money at the karate tournament to fund his ongoing germ warfare experiments for sale to terrorists, and ten years later has the disease ready. He needs a strong lab animal and David Bradley is that very animal. They use Sean's master(Chan Lee, played by Michele B Chan, impersonating him)to persuade him into considering drawing near East Bay Labs where the Cobra is waiting with bated breath for him. Steve James returns as Curtis Jackson, out of the Army, and attending the same karate tournament as Sean..except he's in the sword competition. But, when danger threatens Sean, Curtis is only willing to help out a friend(how they are friends is never elaborated upon). Dexter(Evan J Klisser, the supposed comic support/lackey)joins up with them to find out what The Cobra and East Bay Labs are up to. Though, soon Sean will find himself in the clutches of The Cobra and the deadly virus within his system. He'll not only need his friends to help rescue him, but the antidote as well. Chan Lee will see the error of her ways(she thought The Cobra was behind solving the world's disease with cures)and assist the team in trying to stop the mad man.

    Not very good, with lots of plot problems and stupid behavior by the bad guys who go out of their way to be taken down by Sean and Curtis. The ninjas are merely wimps in costumes(even Dex is able to beat the crap out of them). The fight choreography is not very good as ninjas pop out for certain beat-downs. The good guys seem to rarely suffer the effects of blows to the face, but the ninjas drop pretty quickly. It's fun seeing James kicking ass, but even that can not save a dire, lame plot. The sequence towards the end where Sean tries to battle the virus within him through meditation is a howler. Even worse is Marjoe as Cobra who seems to have peed in his pants at the end as he tries to fight Bradley. The film ultimately is about watching Bradley and company mowing down men dressed up because real ninja would have finished them off rather quickly. Still, Bradley at least has a physical presence and seems to do most of his own martial arts work which helps at least add a hint of realism to his part, but watching these ninjas come out of the woodwork only to be thrown around and their limbs snapped with ease doesn't help the film any.
  • I don't know exactly why Michael Dudikoff didn't return for part 3, but apparently some conflict did emerge between him and Cannon, seeing how his agent (when contacted by a Hollywood gossip column) refused to get into it and simply said, "He's appearing in no more ninja movies!" (Oddly, Dudikoff did return for part 4.) Upon examining the finished product (and remembering the details from the previous movies), it seems that part 3 *was* originally written for Dudikoff's return. Sure, the movie showcases Bradley's character, but as you are watching the movie, you can mentally do some minor rewrites in your mind and see Dudikoff in the role. The fact that there are a number of scenes that do absolutely nothing to advance the plot, as well as a third-wheel character who proves to be absolutely unnecessary, just further the suspicion that the movie was hastily reconstructed upon Dudikoff's exit.

    Whether or not the movie was rewritten or not, the end results are pretty poor. Once again, Steve James proves the better actor (and martial artist), though this time around he barely gets a chance to show both of those talents. Bradley proves to be even more underwhelming than Dudikoff, if you can imagine that. The low budget is starting to become pretty evident, and the whole enterprise is poorly directed. Not just with the fight scenes being remarkably unexciting, but even simple scenes of dialogue are at times done with incredible incompetence. The story itself is pretty garbled at times - that is, when it *bothers* to try telling a story. But what do you expect from notorious schlock producer Harry Alan Towers? It's hard to believe, but he has you fondly remembering the days of Golan and Globus!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't worry, reading this won't actually spoil anything.

    I give this movie a one only because laughability isn't a metric for movies. Since this is IMDb, I guess story structure, believability, continuity, production values and special effects are paramount. In each of these areas, American Ninja 3:Blood Hunt, fails. Speaking of Blood Hunt, let's start there.

    The title of a movie generally focuses on some aspect of the film. While the Ninja is American, I saw no Hunts that were bloody and no blood that was hunted. I guess the title was suppose to make me go...ooooo, a Blood Hunt! I gotta see this.

    Here's the idea. The American Ninja comes into town and wins some contest for world class ninjas. Then, in broad daylight, someone is kidnapped by fully clothed ninjas in front of at least a few dozen people. From about two blocks away, The American Ninja sees it and decides to chase them.

    The ninjas scamper, still in full ninja attire, across an open field. Then there's the fighting. (I can't actually find the right words to describe the fight scenes. I think I'll just call it "The Bad") The biggest flaws of the movie, if you can call it a movie, are the ending and special effects. The whole movie, our protagonist, THE American NINJA, is looking for his missing sensei. THE American NINJA discovers that he's probably hidden in some factory. He gets in, kicks everyone's tail and then leaves the place...

    Did anyone catch that...

    no one...

    The plot is completely dropped in the final climax. No one even cares about the sensei. Not to mention after murdering about 2 dozen people, he doesn't even kill the archvillian, just kicks him in the chest. That's it.

    During his little rampage at the factory, he gets an arrow shot at him, catches it and throws it back at the guy who shot it, killing him instantly.

    Did anyone catch that...

    no one...

    That's what this movie is about. Laughing at it is actually worth seeing it. If you have 80 minutes to kill and this is on, it's worth the laugh. You'll love American ninja in the same way you love a cheesy horror movie. Ninjas running through crowded streets, terrible stunts, even worse acting and an even more miserable plot, this movie fails so terribly on every level, it's difficult not to look at it like the small kid who gets picked last in Kickball. You can't help but think "how cute, they tried to make a movie. Better luck next time."
  • The American Ninja series has a limited appeal to begin with. But I think it's safe to say most fans of the movies like them because of the special brand of weird charisma Michael Dudikoff brought to the table. You take Dudikoff and his "blue steel" gaze away and you're left with this: a generic martial arts action movie. Even the inclusion of Dudikoff's sidekick Steve James is no help. David Bradley is Dudikoff's replacement and he's just awful. You have to be bad when you're in a movie with Marjoe Gortner and he outclasses you. The whole thing is lifeless and unenjoyable. That there were two more American Ninja sequels after this boggles the mind.
  • After two great films, ofcourse there's gonna be a new sequel but this time without charm, acting in a level like baywatch and no brilliant script whatsoever.

    This time Joe is not in the movie but instead a new American ninja name Sean. Sean together with Curtis is competing in an international karate tournament, only to become a hunted by ninjas who is ordered by The Cobra to capture Sean alive for an experiment.

    As far in the movie goes, it goes nowhere, David Bradley can't take over the part from Michael Dudikoff even though David is a better martial artist but his acting is dull, but then again the whole cast is terrible and belong in a soap and not in a movie except Steve James who is always awesome. But the movie get one star for a great soundtrack but the movie is really a waist of time.
  • Hey_Sweden28 September 2017
    "Blood Hunt" is a terminally dopey third entry in The Cannon Groups' "American Ninja" series. Replacing Michael Dudikoff as the hero is a charisma-free David Bradley, cast as Sean, a young white man trained in the ways of the ninja. Along with series regular Steve James (boosted to star status with this entry), he must battle the minions of a nefarious scientist (the inimitable Marjoe Gortner) dubbed "The Cobra". The Cobra has devised a biological weapon (a virus) and needs a superhuman such as Sean in order to carry it.

    Scripted by director Cedric Sundstrom, based on a story by Gary Conway (who played the bad guy in the previous sequel), "Blood Hunt" gets by basically because it's amusingly stupid. The action scenes are decent enough, but the script is truly insipid. And speaking of insipid, hero Bradley and annoying comedy relief performer Evan J. Klisser are the working definitions of that word. Perhaps the most ridiculous sequence has James, Bradley, and Klisser setting off to locate the bad guys' lair, with Bradley and Klisser appropriating some aircraft.

    Helping to make up for the less appealing performances is the coolness factor of James, and the brightest moments in the movie definitely belong to him. (They don't all involve action scenes, either.) Gortner is a hoot as the evildoer, although we have no doubt that Bradley will wipe the floor with him when it comes time for the inevitable showdown. Michele B. Chan is cute as female ninja Chan Lee, and she looks good while kicking ass.

    The absolute lowest point? Having to listen to that truly horrible theme song if one sits through the end credits.

    Five out of 10.
  • This was my first, and most likely also the last, time to watch "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt". It just wasn't an "American Ninja" movie without Michael Dudikoff. This third movie was more of a mutation between "Karate Kid" and "American Ninja", but it just never took hold on either account.

    Sean, a boy who was orphaned and taken in by a Japanese and trained to be a ninja, is participating in a martial arts competition. But when he sees his sensei kidnapped, the martial arts competition become of no interest, and Sean sets out to find his kidnapped sensei and fight all the ninjas in his way.

    Right... Seriously? Couldn't they have come up with something just a bit more original? Why boil soup on a formula already exhausted? The acting in this third installment to the "American Ninja" series was up to par with the previous movies, adequate but not particularly memorable.

    As with the previous movies, you know exactly how the movie will unfold, as they used the same recipe three times by now.

    And to top the icing on the cake, "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt" had an overly annoying piano score playing throughout a large part of the movie. I am sure it was intended to compliment the movie, but it just added a level of idiotic spoof to the atmosphere of the movie.

    And it was especially entertaining to see Sean throw to arrows, yes throw, and killing two ninjas with them.

    Despite lacking originality and the original "American Ninja" star then this third movie is adequate, albeit slightly less mediocre, in entertainment value.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sean Davidson witnesses his father get murdered by an evil terrorist at a karate event as a child. He adopts Izumo as a mentor, learns the ways of the Ninja. After years of training, Izumo feels Sean is ready. Sean heads over to a remote island to compete in a karate tournament. He gets sidetracked by his master (Izumo) being kidnapped. He elects the help of friends, Curtis Jackson (Steve James) & Dexter (Evan J. Klisser) and a secret source to get to the bottom of it. What Sean doesn't realize is that a ruthless individual known as The Cobra is concocting a deadly virus to experiment on people

    This bears no resemblance to the first two movies, nor is it related. The only reference we get to the first two movies is when Jackson mentions leaving Joe Armstrong (Dudikoff) in the army. Let me get this out of the way. This doesn't resemble anything close to a quality film. It's poorly acted, the plot is ludicrous, and it is badly made. But if I said I didn't have any fun while watching it, I'd be lying. There are plenty of fights to keep things lively, and lots of cheese for bad movie lovers. Those that are complaining about how awful this movie, should watch American Ninja IV & American Ninja V. It'll make you appreciate this movie ever so slightly. I have a soft spot for the now defunct Cannon films production. It introduced me to one of the greatest martial arts movie ever made, Bloodsport. I can't really explain it, but I enjoy how cheesy Cannon movies are, and this movie falls into that category somewhat. I was really impressed by some of the cinematography. Some shots are rather breathtaking if you give yourself a chance to look around. The acting is where we really run into problems. David Bradley has some natural charisma, but you wouldn't know it by watching this movie. He looks uncomfortable at times, and is as wooden as can be. Michael Dudikoff was no great shakes himself, but at least he commanded your attention at times. Bradley is very skilled when it comes to martial arts, not so much acting wise. I found his recovery from the virus by using the ways of the ninja to be extremely far fetched. Steve James is absolutely awesome. Like the first two movies. He outshines the lead in a huge way, and steals every scene he's in with his charisma. The man is obviously a skilled martial artist as well. He is so underrated. Evan J. Klisser plays the comedic relief. He's amusing in small doses, highly annoying in others. Marjoe Gotner is very bland as the "Cobra" He tries to be all sinister, but he failed miserably. Michelle B. Chan is wooden as Chan Lee, but fun to watch in the action scenes. What was up with the ending? It's one of the most anti-climatic things i've ever seen in my life. There is no real ending, no gratification. I don't really know what they were going for, but it stunk. I couldn't finish this review without mentioning the very good end credits song. Whether you enjoy the movie or not, stick around to listen to "Cobra Strikes" by George S. Clinton. You won't regret it

    Final Thoughts: This is a pretty crappy movie. I consider It to be fun cheese in a lowbrow way at times. I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it. It's pretty bad, but it can be fun at times if you ignore all of the faults. If you can't watch the first two, this is your best bet. It's not pretty, but it beats sitting through parts 4 & 5!

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sean Davidson (Bradley) is an American Ninja! When his master is kidnapped, he travels to a remote Caribbean island to try to find him. It even may have been perpetrated by baddies he remembers from his childhood. Along the way, he teams up with Curtis Jackson (James, reprising his role from the first two films) and Dexter (Klisser), the classic "annoying" character of the 80's. Because a sinister baddie known as "The Cobra" (Gortner) is manufacturing a germ that would wipe out mankind, our trio of heroes must stop him, and his goons. For no explained reason, his goons are ninjas in blue outfits. Eventually a female ninja, or, "ninjette" as Jackson calls her, Chan Lee (Chan) joins their ranks. Will they be able to stop the Cobra? The main problem with American Ninja 3 is that there are a bunch of little moments that are cool, but the movie as a whole is weak. For every underwater ninja fight and cool technique, there's a ton of material that's just very, very dumb. We realize you don't go into a movie like this expecting too much intelligence, but come on. This is one of those "I'm losing brain cells" movies. David Bradley doesn't really help the situation. It's hard to replace Dudikoff, but Bradley has no screen presence or personality. Dudikoff's hair engages you more than Bradley's performance.

    But the real insult is that they didn't make Steve James the new American Ninja. James, having put in his time in the first two installments, should have risen to the rank of "American Ninja". Plus he's a better actor than Bradley and much, much more likable. Plus, he wears a sleeveless shirt that says "Shalom, Y'all" (when he's not shirtless or wearing a leather vest with no shirt). Also, they call him "Powerhouse Jackson". Powerhouse should have gotten his own movie. Maybe he could find his long lost brother Action.

    It seems Cannon recycles plots fairly often and the plot here might seem very familiar. Perhaps a cross between American Ninja 2 and American Samurai. But at the risk of seeming ridiculous, the ninjas here seem tacked on. The Cobra's goons don't have to be ninjas, and it's never explained why they are. It's funny that The Cobra works at what you might call "Terrorist Labs, Inc." where he works to develop the technology of terrorism, but why ninjas have to be dragged into this seems like a clear attempt to keep the 80's Ninja Boom going. But by '89 it seems to have been on the wane. So that might explain why we see things like a ninja just sitting in the passenger seat of a car. It just seems so pedestrian. A few short years earlier this same passenger ninja might be disappearing in a puff of smoke or climbing quickly up a tree (which are the main modes of transportation for ninjas, not cars).

    As sometimes happens, the end credits song is the best part of the movie. "The Cobra Strikes" by George S. Clinton and Lisa Kauppi is great, not to mention very catchy. It was a shame they didn't use it in the movie, such as during a montage. American Ninja 3 signals the beginning of the end, creatively speaking, for the franchise.

    For more action insanity, please visit:
  • American Ninja, yet another series of movies which failed from the word "go" brings us yet another sequel; American Ninja 3: Bloodhunt.

    Chop socky is not the word for the American Ninja movies...boring comes more to mind. I've seen American Ninja 1, 2 and now 3 and each one is just so boring. I think the 3rd installment tops it off.

    No Dudikoff this time, maybe he's seen sense and got the hell out of the American Ninja movies before it completely wrecks his constant down hill career. Although Mr badass himself, Steve James (Jackson) returns, who looks so out of place. There's also a new guy in town, David Bradley, who in my opinion is just a beefier version of Dudikoff, but with less acting abilities and more facial expressions.

    As usual the countless number of "ninja's" if that's what you want to call them (I personally think they are the local thugs dressed in pj's) are back. These ninja are possibly the biggest pushovers in movie history, they can't fight for toffee. James and Bradley have to wade through them all, displaying awful choreographed fight scenes (which is the highlight of the movie, as it's so pathetically funny) and kill the usual bad guy...whose also a pushover.

    American Ninja is bad, I mean really bad. Don't watch these movies if your like me, a big martial arts fan. The fight sequences are so badly choreographed it's an insult to every decent martial arts movie out there.

    You'll see what I'm talking about when Steve James attempts to "display" his wonderful martial arts skills. I'm sorry but the guy just hasn't a clue, it's obvious that he's clueless...just watch the double broadsword scene towards the end of the movie and you'll know what I'm talking about. Wooden isn't the word for him.

    2/10 - boring but hilariously crap in parts
  • This film wasn't that bad after all. OK maybe the plot is a little childish and very similar with American Ninja 2: The Confrontation but the main things in this kind of movies isn't about a plot - it's about martial arts scenes. David Bradley did a great job. I don't know is he a better actor than Michael Dudikoff because he didn't get a chance to act in this film but he sure know how to fight. Althou the movie felt a little empty compared with the first two films. The dialogs sometimes were so pointless and stupid that even the best actor in the world could hardly handle it. Steve James did the best he can to make his character as funny as in the previous films. But rarely he get a chance to do it. Every time when it looks like he's about to say something funny he doesn't. I don't understand why he didn't get a chance to self-actualize. However the movie still has a lot of ninja fights so if you are the fan of ninja movies, this film is one of the best in this gender.
  • This time we are introduced to a new hero, who was trained as a ninja when his father was killed by an armed robber. Through learning the ways of the ninja he uses it to make the inside cover of karate and compete in championships. However the tournament is a cover for "The cobra" to find the strongest man to use his virus on. Suffice to say our new hero ninja is the man. David Bradley took over for Michael Dudikoff for reasons unknown, however American Ninja 3 is a lifeless bore which features a hero so blank that it's almost quite humorous. If it wasn't so boring. Bradley really registers utterly zero rapport with the audience and it's really only Steve James and the campy antics of televangelist turned actor Marjoe Gortner. Also a big let down was that Dudikoff actually fought a ninja master but here Bradley's one on one is with Marjoe Gortner. Talk about a cheat. The action sequences are badly staged and it's fairly easy to see why people noticed Dudikoff's absence.

    * out of 4-(Bad)
  • Never in my life have I just for one second think, seeing such crap is possible. It's important to stay cool right after killing fifty weird-funny looking men in pidzamas. Of course one cannot abide the fact that movie is nothing more than the lecture for kids that studying in school is more important than training for NINJA status. That lesson comes in as the last quote of the film: 'you can find me in the school any time.' Putting grade on such disaster-piece would be degrading, so my opinion of it is none other than awful. Cedric has really outdone himself this time and only one thing comes to my mind in time of writing this review, SOMEBODY STOP HIM! PS: Three days after seeing it, I still couldn't stop laughing...
  • No Dudikoff this time around, his boots are uncomfortably filled by debuting ninja man Bradley, whereas James seems to have pointlessly reappeared, albeit playing a less prominent or engaging part. The story sucks, so nothing new there then: biological research criminals seek master ninja Bradley to protect their bustling network of narcotics. Throw in a revenge sub-plot and some touch-me-and-I-die ninjas and we've got ourselves a run-of-the-mill sequel on our hands. Not nearly as good as the previous two and that's really saying something.
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