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  • This movie gets a thumbs up from me, not because it is a GREAT FILM, but because, when you put it next to similar movies--Chuck Norris or steven Segal movies-- it is superior.

    the action sequences are tightly directed and exciting. the humor works. but most important, Rutger Hauer is the main character. When is everybody going to figure out that this guy is a great actor? He is always natural, can be funny, pathetic, intense, anything. He's truly on the level of,say, Gene Hackman, he just can't seem to get into many A-level projects.

    Blind Fury is a funny-exciting-goofy type of action film, kind of like a Jackie Chan film, and Hauer's presence raises the whole thing an extra level.
  • BLIND FURY is one of those guilty pleasure films. The late Chicago film critic Gene Siskel cited it as such during a broadcast of the show he co-hosted with Roger Ebert several years ago. It is not a great film, but has real moments of warmth and humor that are hard to ignore. It's difficult to explain, but what could have been just another vapid action film, is fleshed out by good performances, a self effacing sense of humor, and solid direction.

    During the opening credits, we meet Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer). Having been blinded during a firefight in Viet Nam, he is taken in by a local hamlet and nursed back to health. The villagers also teach Nick the art of the sword, we get several scenes of his progress in which he becomes a master. Jump ahead twenty years, as Nick wanders down a country road, walking stick in hand. He is on his way to visit an old friend from the war. After a silly scene involving switched hot sauce, Nick arrives to find that his friend, Frank Devereaux (Terry O'Quinn) does not live there anymore, having left for Reno. Well, Nick meets Frank's wife and son Billy (Brandon Call). Enter Slag (the Randall 'Tex' Cobb), who has come to kidnap Frank's son, to force Frank into making designer drugs, so that an evil Reno casino owner can pay off his debts. Anyway, after a especially violent debacle, Nick is sworn to protect Billy, and off they go to Reno to rescue Frank.

    Admittedly, BLIND FURY is plot heavy, and a lesser film would have sunk under the weight. But the film never gets overly involved with the story, never really takes it to seriously. This is director Phillip Noyce's follow up to DEAD CALM, a tense thriller that put him on the map (he would go on to helm PATRIOT GAMES, SLIVER, THE SAINT). It is a campy ode to samurai pictures and westerns, war movies and ninja chop-em-ups. Noyce sets the right tone and keeps the action moving. Observe the scene, near the end of the film: there is a tense moment when Billy throws a sword to Nick. The sword sails in the air, in slow motion, the music builds and the sword slips right through Nick's hands. It is a wonderfully funny moment.

    Another important aspect is the character of Nick Parker. As played by Rutger Hauer, Nick is a simple man, not a super hero. He reacts through instinct to the situations he finds himself in, and uses mostly evasive techniques (similar to Jackie Chan), to defend himself. Hauer does a good job blending the realities of blindness with the Hollywood clichés, which makes scenes in which he drives down one-way streets, and the like, very entertaining. The film makers also keep the violence in a backlit, comic book style, never becoming overtly graphic (the antithesis of something like KILL BILL, where the characters dance through geysers of arterial spray). BLIND FURY is an enigma, it is not wacky enough to be considered cult, it does not deal with important subject matter, yet it is still somehow affecting. It will be cast into the discount bins at your local mall, left to languish in obscurity. But for those who will give it a chance, you may be surprised by this standard action fare raised to a higher level by a talented cast and crew. 8/10.
  • Talk about "suspending belief!" Boy, if this is a prime case of that, I don't know what is, but, it's still pretty enjoyable to watch. You just have enjoy what happening and put your brain on the back-burner.

    Rutger Hauer plays a blind man who winds up killing about 10-20 bad guys in fights, despite the fact (1) they can see; (2) they also have guns!

    Yes, it's absurd, but it's all in fun especially with Hauer cracking jokes and showing compassion in all his violence. The villains, meanwhile, are so stereotyped you almost want to laugh out loud.

    This whole movie is really like a cartoon, without the animation.
  • I love this movie. It's another example of brilliant, under-rated acting by the one and only Rutger Hauer. In a way I feel sorry for Hauer, Like Christopher Lambert, he is a top quality actor but very under-rated.

    Anyway, Rutger Hauer stars as a Vietnam War veteran. During battle, he was blinded by a mortar attack. He was then captured by a tribe in Vietnam and trained to master the sword. 20 years later, Hauer is back in the USA and sets out to find his fellow soldier friend, Frank.

    The sword which Hauer uses in this movie is so cool. I love the sword fights in this movie.

  • The setting is Vietnam, the year is 1969. Amid the explosive violence and the frenzied chaos, America begins to withdraw its troops from the Vietnam conflict. Two soldiers and long time buddies, Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer) and Frank Devereaux (Terry O'Quinn, star of THE STEPFATHER) are ready to go home.

    However, the mission of utmost importance to take down the enemy has been bestowed upon the two volunteers. As the heroes begin to take their toll, Parker succumbs to the fiasco in Vietnam. He fights with all his might...but the devastation is simply too much for any one man to handle.

    Without warning, Parker is blindsided by the enemy...and left for dead. Waking up several hours later, Parker realizes that he can no longer see; he is permanently blind. Suddenly, he has nowhere to go. He cannot see the lurid horrors of his fallen comrades. Parker is lucky to be alive... Now, hell-bent on getting out of this nightmare and returning home, Parker must find a way to survive in the jungles before the Vietcong arrive.

    Without his ability to see, Parker must rely on his remaining senses to guide him out of dangerous perils.

    BLIND FURY is a surprisingly serviceable action film. This flick is a fast-paced and fun adventure with raging fury. BLIND FURY contains impressively choreographed fighting sequences and a great, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. There's plenty of violence in this film to appease action fans, however, and the stunts and action sequences are certainly directed with flair. The comical tones also remind the audience that this film, though full of bellicose characteristics, is good natured and harmless.

    As for the villains, Randall 'Tex' Cobb (UNCOMMON VALOR) is a nice addition as a wonderfully sinister, antagonistic philistine. Sho Kosugi also performs a dazzling, show-stealing act. He happens to be a professional assassin with a vendetta against Parker.

    BLIND FURY is a commendable adventure with an unconventional hero. Exquisite sword-fighting, dynamite action, a likeable lead, and an amusing albeit subtle sense of humor all add up to an enjoyable experience. It is definitely better than your typical action fanfare with plenty of chances to root for the good guys! Cutting edge entertainment with good natured fun. Overall, a smoothly crafted film.

    RATING: **1/2 out of ****.
  • First, Hauer played Roy Batty in "Blade Runner", now he plays someone blind as a "bat". Get it?

    Okay, sorry. The movie, right....

    "Blind Fury" has gone and done it; it's the only movie I have ever seen about a blind swordsman with an Anglo hero that didn't need dubbed in America. It's in a class by itself.

    And so is Hauer; he really puts his all in this part and he does it effectively. He wields a mean sword and actually is convincing as a blind man. Top that, Steven Seagal!

    And there are action scenes in this film that will make your jaw drop. Really. Mine did, more than once. You won't believe the goings-on herein.

    Not only does Hauer do well, but so does O'Quinn, Willingham, Blount, Foster, Overton (a great dimwit baddie if ever there was one) and even Cobb makes good. Who would have thought? Kosugi's part is small but he makes the most of it.

    Like I said, the action is the key here and if you like a lot of action, this one will leave you "Blind"-sided.

    Though for the sake of PC, maybe they should rename this "Visually-Impaired Fury"?

    Just wondering.

    Eight stars.
  • Blind Fury is at once implausible, illogical and often ridiculous, but it is also frequently hilarious and totally far fetched and cheesy – but in the right way somehow.

    Hauer plays Nick, and ex-Vietnam vet who lost his sight in combat and now 20 years later he is back in the US *Ahem* looking up an old war buddy named Frank Deveraux.

    Now being – as he puts it – blind as a bat, Nick relies on his other senses which have become finely tuned over the years to compensate. He gets about unaided by anything other than a wooden stick and his instincts, though in the early scenes we are already aware that after his initial accident he was taken in and recovered in the care of Vietnamese villages, some of whom gave him special skills.

    The movie is not above dragging out all the lazy blind jokes, he pats a crocodile and says 'nice doggie' and is fed a hard pebble in lieu of candy as prime examples, but Nick can also 'see' using his other senses, enabling him to be aware of his personal space and things and people moving about him.

    Back to the war buddy, Nick discovers that Frank has become embroiled against his will in a corrupt crime syndicate in Las Vegas and is being held captive and forced to make a new superdrug that will soon be unleashed.

    After some general unpleasantness Nick is left with his friend's boy Billy in his care, and the two set off across country to find Frank and reunite him with his boy.

    Along the journey Billy is initially quite unruly, not realizing that has happened to his Mum (hint: it wasn't nice) and not yet knowing who the new blind guy is, Billy is a somewhat reluctant travelling companion. This changes after a cool action setpiece where Nick takes on several armed hillbillies in a cornfield, dispatching all.

    The remainder of the film has the unlikely duo progressing ever closer to Las Vegas where scads of heavily armed and trash talking hard men await. Surely more than a match for a 10 year old boy and a sightless guy with a stick? I mean right? The film has its share of car chases and Three Stoogery, and the second half of the film has Nick and his stick (which you can tell from the cover isn't realllly a cane) cutting a swathe through various buff, ornery henchmen and in true video game fashion, various level bosses. Nick's swordsmanship is more flourish and flair than intricate highly skilled moves, but the action scenes move quickly enough to ignore the lack of quick hands, and before you can dissect the previous scene someone is cracking the next joke to bring you back to the film.

    Blind Fury runs a neat 80 minutes, most of which is spent padding time until the next action sequence, so the bad guys are straight up redneck caricatures. In fact the meanest bad guy of all – cigar chomping MacReady – is essentially Yosemite Sam without the hat.

    Yet with all the obvious short cuts taken and the insane elements Blind Fury is more comedy than action film, but it works well on both levels. The strength of the film is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, leading the charge here is Hauer himself. Being the 'blind guy' means all the visually impaired jokes are at his expense, and even when he has the upper hand and gets to spit a put-down or one liner it is done totally straight faced and without relish or theatrics, often the funniest lines are delivered deadpan. And where the action is concerned like many of the best B flicks it is reminiscent of a classic A Team episode, only with more violence and swearing.

    It is cheesy, far fetched and the one scene where they unleash the special effects has aged about as well as Sharon Stone, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Final Rating – 8 / 10. Blind Fury was the coolest little film going around when I was 15, and 20-some years later it remains a thoroughly enjoyable guilty pleasure.
  • This is one heck of a fighting movie!Rutger Hauer is really good in the film and I feel that he could have made a ton more fighting films just like this!Randall 'Tex' Cobb was awesome as the bad guy!There are a ton of villains in this movie and in My opinion this is one of the best movies were a fighting hero beats up and/or kills every bad guy in the movie!Terry O'Quinn,Noble Willingham,Meg Foster,Rick Overton,Charles Cooper,Shô Kosugi,Jay Pennison,and Tiger Chung Lee were good!In My opinion this is a classic fighting and thrilling action flick that should satisfy even Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme die hard fans!Very highly recommended!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Blind Fury" is a solidly entertaining film certain to please action fans, as it attempted to do an American version of a Japanese Zatoichi film.

    Rutger Hauer is fantastic as Nick Parker, an average Joe nice guy blinded during his tour in Vietnam. He comes to Miami to look up his old comrade Frank Deveraux (Terry O'Quinn), only to have to deal with a variety of goons. It seems that Frank, a compulsive gambler, has gotten himself into a lot of trouble, and is now being forced by corrupt casino boss MacCready (Noble Willingham) to create designer drugs. So, in order to ensure Franks' cooperation, MacCready has dispatched a ton of goons to snatch Franks' young son Billy (Brandon Call) and then try to dispatch the blind swordsman in their way. Fortunately, Nick proves up to the challenge.

    He's not superhuman, but his instincts are good and his skills undeniable. He's also a pretty engaging guy who never takes himself too seriously; the viewer can hardly fail to notice that this film has a real sense of humour about itself.

    The action scenes are top notch. One is interestingly staged in a cornfield and the finale is great fun as it sees Nick do battle with an assassin played by martial arts legend Sho Kosugi, whose appearance is brief but welcome.

    The excellent cast also includes Meg Foster as Franks' ex-wife (she'd played enough blind roles herself during her career that it's a nice gag to have her play a sighted person here), Lisa Blount as Franks' new lady friend, the always amusing Randall "Tex" Cobb as a towering heavy whose gruesome demise is a hilarious highlight, and Nick Cassavetes and comedian Rick Overton as the comedy relief henchmen Lyle and Tector.

    Director Phillip Noyces' direction is efficient, and the pacing is superb, with the running time coming in at a very reasonable 87 minutes. One problem, though, is that the confrontation with the bad guys is just too rushed, and we never actually see what happens to one of them.

    Still, this is an agreeable diversion that does satisfy, keeping up a steady body count, and coming up with some entertaining violent gags, but never getting particularly bloody. Hauers' presence kicks it up another point.

    Eight out of 10.
  • This moving picture is packed with frenetic action , thrills, suspense, and tension . Our peculiar as well as shambling hero is called Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer) , he is a Vietvet , he suffered horrible experiences who left damaged him , batty and blind . As at the beginning shows how he was rescued from the battlefield where was wounded by a bomb and become blind . As stricken Nick is rescued by a gentle Vietnamese tribe and is taught by a mentor about some swift sword skills . There he also learns self-restraint , patience , tolerance , goodness , and compassion . A bit later on , he returns USA , he is a new man with a new mission : save and protect unfortunate people . He is a swordsman who helps and saves hapless and protects a kid (Brandon Call) , his cute menaced mummy (Meg Foster) and his husband (Terry O'Quinn) , Nick's long-last army colleague , from the Mob . Nick is a Ronin-alike , a particular samurai without master . He will have to face a villain (Noble Willingham) and his nasty band (Randall Tex Cobb , Nick Cassavetes , Rick Overton).

    In this lively as well as appealing movie there are thrills , Katana sword fights , ass-kicking , emotion , violence and lots of nifty action . The picture develops the classic facing off between good guys versus bad guys . As there's plenty of pleasure fighting and swording , but also includes failed moments . It thunders along amusingly , if rather unbelievably with rapid scenes and spectacular fight images , if not downright supernatural starring's skills . This exciting as well as stirring film results to be an enjoyable attempt to Americanize Japanese ¨Zaito-ichi movies ; however it doesn't altogether work and contains some flaws and gaps . In fact , being based on the Zatoichi film/TV series from Japan , and subsequently adapted by Takeshi Kitano in a popular ¨Ziaitochi¨film . Nice acting by shrew Rutger Hauer as smiling , likable , sword-wielding Vietnam vet , as he carves up nasties and finally duels with a martial art expert played by Sho Kosugi . Sympathetic support cast formed by a bunch of humorous nasties such as Randall Tex Cobb , Rick Overton , Nick Cassavetes , Noble Willingham , among others . Atmospheric musical score composed by means of synthesizer by J Peter Robinson . Colorful and adequate cinematography by Don Burgess

    This brash motion picture was compellingly directed by Phillip Noyce , he skillfully orchestrates a cool film plenty of action , fights and hilarious moments . The picture works pretty well and is paced along admirably but also packs some failures and flawed scenes . Phillip Noyce is a known craftsman who has directed successful action movies such as Patriot games, Clear and present danger , The Saint , The bone collector and Salt . Rating : Acceptable , passable and amusing . Worthwhile watching . After principal photography was completed, a sequel to this film was planned, but never materialized .
  • Before I even heard about "The Hitcher", "Blade Runner", Wanted: Dead or Alive, "The Blood of Heroes" and "Wedlock" I saw Blind Fury which was my first Rutger Hauer movie. This was my first movie I saw from the actor Rutger Hauer. The actor died 10 days ago July 19, 2019 at age 75 R.I.P. I really miss you I grew up wtaching movies from you. So this review is going to be dedicted to a legendary actor Rutger Hauer that I love. Patrick Swayze, Paul Walker and Rutger Hauer were my idols I grew up with these guys so yea it is my passion to write reviews about actors and their movies I like. Blind Fury is my second favorite film from Rutger Hauer the first one will be "The Hitcher".

    Blind Fury is a different action movie than "First Blood" Rutger Hauer plays Nick Parker a Vietnam Vet who was blinded in Vietnam War but after 20 years later he come back to Miami to visit his Vietnam Vet war buddy just like in "First Blood". A group of assassins storm in to Parker's buddy's house and kill Frank Devereaux's ex wife but they miss Nick Parker who is an excellent swordsman and kills 2 assassins, but wounds one. He promise Lynn Devereaux (Meg Foster) that he will protect her son Billy at all cost (Brandon Call) so he takes him to Reno, Las Vegas to meet his father, while on the run, a group of mercenaries are after them. An action classic bad-ass movie one of Rutger hauer's best movies, great excellent performence by Rutger Hauer.

    I love Rutger Hauer's character Nick Parker a Vietnam Vet and an expert swordsman diffrent than my action hero John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone). Yes I love Rutger's character Nick Randall from Wanted: Dead or Alive and I love him in this movie. I love him as John Ryder in The Hitcher. Blind Fury, Wanted: Dead or Alive and The Hitcher does not get a proper Blu-ray and it is also not talk about it that much today. To me this is a an action classic.

    Good story, it has humor, non stop action, great sword fights. Excellent 80's action movie, they don't make like this anymore.

    I like the cast which they all do a great job: Nick Cassavetes and Rick Overton who both playes two cowboy brothers Lyle and Tector Pike who are after Nick and Billy. You have Randall 'Tex' Cobb from Uncommon Valor and he made a countless movies, jhe is excellent as the bad guy.. I love Randall 'Tex' Cobb's character Slag he is an assassin with a shotgun Smith & Wesson 3000. Or with a hand gun Desert Eagle MK firing on Nick. I love the cornfield sequence a group of mercenaries try to kill Nick but he kills them with his sword. He stabas to pices Slag but it turns out he is alive he wears a bulletproof vest. I love the sword fight in mountain penthous in which Nick slice all MacCready's men. We have Sho Kosugi in this movie I love the sword fight on the end between Sho Kosugi and Rutger Hauer - excellent choreographed sword fight. Excellent performence from Lisa Blount as Annie Winchester she was also in Prince of Darkness.Great performence from Noble Willingham as the bad guy Claude MacCready. 2 years laster he played another bad guy Sheldon Marcone in Tony Scott's The Last Boy Scout. Noble Willingham was also in Walker, Texas Ranger as C.D. Parker.

    Great action sequences, Great directon by Philip Noyce who directed excellent thsi action movie. I love the music score and the humor, I am glad the movie is not dark. In my view it is an action classic R.I.P. Rutger Hauer, Noble Willingham and Lisa Blount you are all missed. I really miss those actors so much I grew up watching them on big screen. "Blind Fury" is a good bad-ass action movie dosen't deserve the hate, but deserves a cult status.
  • This late 1980's action movie is actually one of the better and more memorable movies of Rutger Hauer's movie career. That being said, it should also be said that it is campy and cheesy, but in a good way that only those 1980's movies could manage.

    The story is about a blinded Vietnam veteran returning to America where he seeks out his old army comrade, and ends up entangled with drug dealers out to kill his friend.

    It is an entertaining movie for what it was, although it had some comedy elements tossed into it as well. That is of course a personal preference whether or not you like that particular combination.

    The cast did a good job with their given roles and characters, And for those who were watching movies back in the 1980's then there is a good number of familiar faces amongst the cast.

    While "Blind Fury" is nowhere near a masterpiece or even matching the action movies from Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme or Seagal, it is still a movie that can sustain repeated viewings every now and then with some years in between.
  • Wow, I love this movie!

    I have to watch it every time it comes on.

    Rutger Hauer kicks some major butt as a blind vietnam vet who comes back to society after spending some time with natives who teach him how to fight.

    Noble Willingham is a good evil character, who happens to be in one of my favorite films "Corn Dog Man."

    Ok, the acting isn't the greatest from the supporting cast, but who cares?

  • This is a great film, with some great sword fights, a very cool story and an amazing performance from Rutger Hauer!. All the characters are awesome, and the fight between Hauer and Shô Kosugi at the end was just awesome!, plus Rutger Hauer is simply amazing in this!. However Brandon Call is extremely annoying as the kid, and Noble Willingham was a bit too over the top for my liking as the villain, but it was still very entertaining and a lot of fun!, plus the ending was great!. The finale was excellent, and it had some great chase scenes as well!, plus i thought Rutger Hauer's acting was fantastic!. at 86 minutes it's a bit too short, however i was very happy with the film, as it's very well made and exciting!, plus the character development is great!. There are quite a few shocking and disturbing moments, and Rutger has a great sense of humor as well!, plus the film is unpredictable for the most part!.This is a great film, with some great sword fights a very cool story and an amazing performance from Rutger Hauer, i highly recommend this one!. The Direction is great!. Phillip Noyce does a great job here,with great camera work, awesome angles, and keeping the film at a very fast pace!. There is a bit of blood and violence. We get, a few very bloody gunshot wounds,impaling's, cut off hand, lots of slicing and dicing, and bloody cuts ans wounds. The Acting is awesome!. Rutger Hauer is amazing as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, witty, was very convincing as a blind man, is a great sword fighter!, is very charismatic, and was really into his role i loved him! (Hauer Rules!). Brandon Call is extremely annoying as the kid, and irritated the crap out of me, there was not 1 likable thing about him, i felt sorry for him for a bit at the end, but for the most part i hated him. Terry O'Quinn does what he has to do which was not much, he did OK i guess. Noble Willingham was too over the top for my liking as the villain, and wasn't very menacing, adequate at best. Lisa Blount did fine with what she had to do, which like Quinn, was not much.Randall 'Tex' Cobb was also too over the top as the other main villain. Nick Cassavetes(Lyle Pike),Rick Overton(Tector Pike), Meg Foster(Lynn Devereaux),and Shô Kosugi(The Assassin), all do what they have to do well. Rest of the cast are fine. Overall i highly recommend this one!. ***1/2 out of 5
  • Aaron137514 March 2003
    I always like a good Rutger Hauer movie. I wish he got more roles though in mainstream films. This one is a rather fun flick to watch though. It is about a man blinded in Vietnam, he was found by villagers of a remote village and trained to use a sword. Flash forward, as the blind man is looking for an old buddy and goes to the buddies ex wife's house. While there these people looking to capture the buddy's son kill her. Hauer takes the boy and goes across country to find the father. While on his journey the killers are pursuing them as they are looking for the kid so they can get the dad to make some designer drugs for them. Not only does this one have action, but there is a lot of comedy too. As long as you don't take this one to seriously, this one is fun to watch. I especially like the two idiot brothers who work for the bad guys.
  • A true 1980's action classic.

    Left for dead in Vietnam, Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer) is found by a local and taken into the village and trained in swordsmanship by a warrior. The trouble is, Nick is blind. Twenty years later and Nick has returned to the USA to find his army buddy who left him behind. On his quest, he stumbles into a mobsters plan to kidnap his buddy's wife and son. This is where the action and adventure start to ramp up.

    Writer Charles Robert Carner does an admirable job of keeping the story interesting and humourous. There are a few character-building scenes, which the director, Phillip Noyce, handles beautifully. The two best situations are relationship builders between Nick and Billy. The sleeping scene where Nick can't stop Billy using his as a footrest. I know nephews who slept like this, very believable. But it's Nicks acceptance of the circumstances that shows his growing feelings towards the boy. Then when Nick informs Billy of his mother's death it's treated with respect. Noyce pulls the cam out and cuts the audio to give the pair privacy. Then when Billy runs off the audio comes back in showing Nicks concern. This then leads into a nicely choreographed action spectacle in a cornfield

    Noyce keeps this rollercoaster pace throughout the film, which helps to keep the viewer entertained and interested.

    There are a lot of decent actors in the movie, however, it's Rutger Hauer who steals the show. From the first time I saw him in Blade Runner, I was a fan. He has an aura about him which shows in his performances. It's difficult to play a blind person, only a few actors have managed to pull it off. Then you add in a sword, lots of action, and quite a few cast members and it becomes more difficult to make the blindness believable. There are only a couple of times when Hauer slightly loses his concentration and appears to look at somebody or something. But overall he pulls it off magnificently.

    Everybody else is perfect in their roles. Noble Willingham makes a great mobster as MacCready. Terry O'Quinn shows why he became a sought after actor. Randall "Tex" Cobb is the perfect hard cigar-smoking bad guy, Slag. Nick Cassavetes and Rick Overton have a great relationship as the two redneck hitmen brothers, Lyle and Tector Pike. Though both Lisa Blount, Annie Winchester, and Meg Foster, Lynn Devereaux are underused. Annie seems to be there to be a babysitter for Billy. While Lynn only appears to be around to get killed. It would have been nice to have these two fleshed out a bit more.

    This is such an enjoyable movie that I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone. It's an excellent way to pass an hour and a half.
  • seveb-251795 October 2018
    Rutger Hauer in a comedy action classic! Hauer plays a Vietnam vet blinded in combat, who is nursed back to health by natives and trained as a master swordsman as an added bonus! Sounds ridiculous and it is, but somehow they manage to make it work. This is Rutger before he became paunchy, so he looks fine and he is able to bring a bit of his 'Roy Batty' quirkiness to the role. Even so he's is no martial arts expert, so the skill is in the editing and the action is mainly played for laughs, with a nice line-up of fruity stereotypical villains ripe for an ass wupping! As with "Wedlock" the set up is broad brush and a little shaky, but once they get rolling the story quickly picks up momentum, and there's even a neat little thread about forgiveness and redemption running though it, which gives it a sliver of emotional depth not often found in productions like this. Recommended!!!
  • I have to confess I didn't know what to make of most of "Blind Fury". I knew going in that the premise was cool, but the movie also had a surprisingly jovial tone; and the buffoons chasing Rutger Hauer add to the comic sensibilities. It just seemed to lack any real edge. Not bad, but a bit disjointed.

    All of this changed with the final fight, when Sho Kosugi showed up and the real swordfighting began. Despite all that came before, it's a moment to cheer.

    Yeah, I'd watch it again. Hauer's awesome.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This quirky tale of thugs, slugs and martial arts is worth a look for those tired of mainstream, run-of-the-mill fare. Here, the central conceit is that all-action hero Rutger Hauer is blind. You'd think he would therefore be helpless too, but far from fact, he's deadly with his sword and can easily take on a gang of bad guys single-handedly, unaided. The secret to Hauer's success is that he was trained in the jungles of Vietnam to cut a melon into quarters with his sword, in training scenes worthy of an early Van Damme vehicle! Another interesting thing this movie has to offer is a previously-undiscovered penchant on Hauer's part for physical comedy. I've long suspected that Hauer is underrated as an actor and here he proves the fact, by firstly being a totally convincing blind man, and secondly by being frequently funny when the script calls for it. On top of this, he's charismatic, an all-round nice guy and adept at playing either good guys (as here) or bad (THE HITCHER) depending on the film, effortlessly moving from side to side and creating either monstrous baddies or lovable heroes.

    Although the plot of this movie is predictable in the extreme, the blindness of Hauer's character makes for several unexpected comic moments, such as the scene around halfway where he drives a van at speed through a busy city - absolutely great stuff, topped off by fine comic interplay when an endangered fellow driver shouts to Hauer "are you blind?!" before realising that yes, indeed he is. The action, when it comes, is also clichéd but good, from the opening non-lethal bar-room fight between Hauer and a gang of thugs (just how many times have we seen that, anyway?) to a moment where he outwits a gang of bad guys in a cornfield. Come to think of it, the odd locations are what makes the action most memorable.

    The best scenes are saved for the finale, in particular a great moment when a load of bad guys gang up on Hauer on a disco floor, only for the lights to go out and him to get the upper hand and massacre them all in violent, bloodthirsty ways. There's also a superb one-on-one battle between Hauer and Japanese martial arts star Sho Kosugi, excellently staged.

    The supporting cast give mediocre performances, despite there being quite a few familiar faces on view (including Nick Cassavetes, Terry O'Quinn as Haure's Vietnam buddy, Noble Willingham and Randall "Tex" Cobb). Most of the villains are clichéd and uninspired, while some of the rednecks have some really dumb scenes which drag the film down a notch or two. Surprisingly, the bonding between Hauer and the young boy should be vomit-inducing but isn't, perhaps due again to Hauer's wry portrayal of the blind but very definitely not disabled. Fantasy fans will also probably notice Meg Foster (she of the incredible glowing eyes) appearing briefly as a mother. BLIND FURY is predictable stuff saved by some good action and the charisma of Rutger Hauer. Definitely recommended for action fans looking for something a little different.
  • nm470128429 June 2014
    This is a typical story from the '80s that keeps you at the edge of your sit and with a full bladder... yep. You'll not be able to take a bathroom break even if you stream it.

    A blind hero helps a family. A village helps a G.I. A villain gets it. A strong friendship begins. A touching story unfolds.

    I loved everything about this movie. The story is like a good book that you can't put it down and you want to keep turning the pages.

    There is friendship, action, history and again action! Love the way they played with the title of the movie. Sharp... if you catch my drift.

    You need to see what's happening at the end. Brilliant.
  • After watching Noyce's thriller masterpiece Dead Calm, this film is a welcome addition in the action thriller genre. The film is written by Charles Robert Carner(of Gymkata fame) and is a loosely based, modernized version of Zatoichi Challenged, the 17th film in the Japanese Zatoichi film series.

    Actor Rutger Hauer plays Nick Parker, an American soldier serving in the Vietnam War, is blinded by a mortar explosion, and soon after rescued by local villagers, who help him recover his health. Although he remains blind, as a part of his recovery, he is taught by the local master to be an expert swordsman, and to train his other senses.

    Years later, having returned to the United States, he visits old army-buddy Frank Deveraux (Terry O'Quinn), only to find that Deveraux is missing...

    I've been a fan of Rutger Hauer ever since his Blade Runner days. Later He played an iconic role as the psychopathic killer in The Hitcher. In this film, since he plays a blind man, there are some scenes in the film which are very humorous. For example, in one scene he apparently tries to drive a van down a busy road. He hits a car and the driver of the car says, "Are you blind or what?". Hauer replies after staring at him through the window,"Yeah. Whats your excuse?"

    The acting, action scenes, background sound effects and solid script make this film very watchable.

    Notable actors in the film: Terry O'Quinn(The Stepfather 1 and 2) and Meg Foster(Ticket To Heaven, The Emerald Forest).

    Verdict: A must buy film.

    Other Hauer films to watch/buy: Ladyhawke(1985), Escape from Sobibor (1987), Salute of the Jugger(1989), Wedlock(1991), Split Second(1992), Surviving the Game (1994 - Excellent and must see.), Fatherland (1994).

    I have seen the above films and recommend them highly. Add them to your shopping list.
  • "Blind Fury" is a mostly forgotten little martial arts/samurai film from 1990. The film is basically an Americanized adaptation of the "Zatoichi" ("blind swordsman") film series that starred the late Japanese film star Shintaro Katsu (1931-1997); "Blind Fury" was itself reportedly inspired specifically by the film "Zatoichi Challenged" (1967).

    Part martial arts film and part road movie, "Blind Fury" is about blind Vietnam veteran Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer, "Blade Runner"), who becomes the reluctant protector of a youngster named Billy Devereaux (Brandon Call), after the boy's mother is slain by Nevada gangsters. Parker thus embarks on a cross-country odyssey to reunite Billy with his drug chemist father Frank Devereaux (Terrance O'Quinn), who was also Nick's best friend in Vietnam. Frank has become indebted to the gangsters from Nevada and to ensure that he can repay them, they try to capture his young son.

    What they don't count on, of course, is Nick and his awesome samurai sword-fighting skills, which he acquired from benevolent Vietnamese sword masters after being blinded in a mortar attack one night by Vietnamese insurgents and Frank abandoned him during the battle. Nick appears to have forgiven Frank for his actions (or lack thereof).

    "Blind Fury" was directed by Phillip Noyce (of the thriller "Dead Calm" from the year before). I'm not sure who worked on the fight choreography for this movie, but it is definitely top-notch (considering its budget limitations), and Hauer appears to be the real deal doing his own sword-fighting sequences. Additionally, Hauer also brings a sly, cunning wit to the proceedings, who as someone else once mentioned before, he hardly seems aware of the fact that he's often cutting down one legion of bad guys after another.

    Japanese martial arts star Sho Kosugi appears late in the film as "The Assassin," a master sword fighter brought in by the gangsters to challenge Nick Parker.

  • Maziun1 September 2012
    "Blind fury" is a perfect example of a movie that could be very awful in the hands of wrong people . Thankfully , Australian director Phillip Noyce ( known for "Dead calm" , " Patriot games " and "Bone collector") is a solid craftsman . He doesn't turn the movie into "so bad , it's good" kind of movie , but tries to make this movie as good as possible.

    How could a movie featuring Rutger Hauer as a blind swordsman be anything but gloriously entertaining? Loosely based on the Japanese samurai movie, "Zatoichi Challenged", the humorous, action-packed tone of "Blind Fury" is vaguely akin to a Hong Kong flick – in fact, it's the sort of vehicle Jackie Chan would have excelled at in his prime, with its numerous scenes of slapstick action, and its lead character's habit of "accidentally" injuring his hapless opponents. Here , Rutger Hauer plays a blind Vietnam veteran - Nick Parker who also knows how to use a sword. His friend and friend's family got trouble with mafia, so Nick must help them.

    Sounds cheesy , right ? "Blind fury" seems to fall into B-class movie category , but still manages to be a good movie. This movie has got brains , humor and (what is surprising) a heart. Noyce was able to convince a viewer that blind man with sword is able to defeat mafia . The movie doesn't take itself too seriously , there are plenty jokes , especially the ones about Nick's injury. Creators of the movie obviously had ironic distance to whole story. Despite that there were able to involve viewer EMOTIONALLY to the story .

    The friendship between Nick and Frank is done good , but the relationship between Nick and Billy ( Frank's son ) is done simply great. The ending to the movie is one of my favourite movie endings of all time . I'm always crying at the end and that is a a big achievement for a B-class movie.

    Acting is very decent . No performances worthy an Oscar , but Rutger Hauer is great as Nick Parker . He makes his character very human - funny , lonely , brave and honorable. He isn't a one dimensional tough guy , but someone who could exist in real life (just like John McClane from "Die hard"). It was also nice to see Randall "Tex Cobb" as one of the bad guys.

    There is some good music here . The main theme is quite funny and very memorable , just like the dialogue.

    Overall , I recommend "Blind fury" . I give it 6/10 . Give it a shot . You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Blind Fury is about a blind man, Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer), who lost his sight in Vietnam and went missing in action. He was rescued by a tribe and trained to live with his habit. Twenty years later he returns to America a skilled swordsman to find his war buddy Frank Devereau. When he arrives in Miami he learns that Frank has divorced his wife and lives in Reno, where the only business is gambling and prostitution. Suddenly three thugs break into the house, kill Frank's wife but are foiled in an attempt to kidnapped his kid. Thus Nick must take the kid to Reno and rescue Frank from the hands of these thugs.

    I watched this movie because I have seen it before and liked it. Only near the end I realised why I liked it: it was a sword fighting movie. I have never been much of a fan of martial arts, but I have always like sword fighting, especially Japanese sword fighting as their swords are of an extremely superior quality. The thug comments "you can't stop a bullet", but we see that this swordsman manages to outwit and defeat many thugs with guns, and even manages to defeat a master swordsman at the end of the movie. Blind Fury isn't a movie with a twist, it is a simple action movie with a blind sword fighter as the main character for some laughs and thrills.

    The interesting thing about this movie I find are the characters. There seems to have been a little more thought into the characters of this movie that normally. The characterisation is not on the level of Edward Scissorhands, but it is far above other movies such as K9. Nick Parker, even though he is a master swordsman, is still very fallible. He isn't one of those unbelievable blindmen who can walk around just as if they could see. We are always reminded that he is not only blind, but his blindness is a weakness. At the beginning he walks along the road into Miama and finds an alligator, but mistakes it for a dog. He is also fooled by the kids little tricks, especially with the rock.

    The movie isn't really exciting, more average, but it is a level above most Hollywood movies. The bad guy isn't noble, as most tend to be, he is sadistic and doesn't care what he does as long as he gets the mission completed. The beginning where he shoots the woman dead is an example of this. The kid also begins resenting Nick but grows to rely upon him, especially after he learns that his mother is dead. Blind Fury is enjoyable but I wouldn't rate it with the great movies.
  • FlashCallahan28 January 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hauer Plays Nick, a blind Vietnam vet who wants to visit Terry O'Quinn to say hello. Having not heard anything from Terry in over twenty years, he reaches his house and Meg Foster tells him that he doesn't live here anymore.

    About five minutes later, she is gunned down, and Nick has to look after Hasselhoffs son from Baywatch. It turns out that Terry has racked up a sizable debt and the bad guys want him to make some drugs, and use his son as leverage.

    only Nick can save the day.

    Cue the Carnage....

    I haven't seen this film in over ten years, so when i decided to see it again, i went in with low expectations, as of course it wouldn't be any good now as i'm all grown up and action films like that are sparse these days.

    To my delight, despite the script being a little cheesy, and the fashion very distasteful, this is still a cracking movie, which has gained a little cult following some 21 years after it's release.

    It's funny, action packed, and very comic strip-esque in it's narration.

    Hauer plays this tongue firmly in cheek, and he owns this movie. He has a great relationship with Billy, and the film has a surprising humanistic edge to it.

    But other than this, it's your standard action film. Set piece after set piece, with some good one-liners to ease the tension during the darker scenes.

    Even though the film is bright and funny throughout, the ending is quite sad, but makes the film that little bit better.

    It's a Friday night film, fun to watch and to quote, but it's hammy and knows this.

    Especially when one of the main bad guys is called 'Slag'.
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