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  • Warning: Spoilers
    WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS OK, so I was only 13 in 1989, but I'm pretty sure I was older (like 16 or 17) when I actually saw this show over at a friends house. I was babysitting their two youngest, and the kids wanted to go outside and play, but I couldn't. This show just drew me in (my imagination, more than anything). I don't remember any dialogue; just a handful of scenes, (Possible spoiler) and the car that changed colors/license plates, and the "invisibility" cloak were so cool! I'd love to find a copy of this so I could watch it again. I always thought it was a movie... I don't know if the show was acted or directed well, though. I was too young to understand those things. I Really want to see it again! ______________________________________________________ I recently found the full show on a DVD copied from an old video cassette. It was pretty much what I remembered, except for the license plate thing, which I guess I just made up in my head somewhere along the way. The show is fun, if a bit boring in many parts, reminding me, sadly, of some of the worst episodes of "Knight Rider". However, I could totally see this going some place if it had been continued. There's some cheesy romance stuff, and some bad lines, but overall I had as good a time or better than I did as a teen watching it.
  • VallyNicky17 March 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was twelve in 1989. My whole family loved it, well maybe not my older brother, but he was going through his contrary phase. If we liked anything, he did not and vise versa. I wish they had made it into a TV show. I thought it was wonderful. It probably helped that I had a huge crush on Marcus Gilbert, who I only recently rediscovered thanks to a Doctor Who episode he was in. Doctor Who: Season 26, Episode 1 - Battlefield from the Sylvester McCoy era,( if anyone's interested. Anyway, I still wonder about Chameleons from time to time. If they ever did release it on DVD I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. I wish we'd had a VHS machine at the time, but sadly we only barely had a TV that worked. I'm not even sure it was color, as you had to pay extra for that luxury in those days. Sorry, this review's become more of a history lesson than about the show. I don't remember much except for my impressions, which were wonderful, exciting, humorous, and brilliant; okay so maybe a little campy. I do remember the invisibility cloak that got them out of scrapes more than a time or two. I do love Crystal Bernard as an actress, which was one of the reasons we watched the show in the first place. Finding Marcus was just a bonus.
  • I remember I had just gotten out of college and my father and I sat down to watch a new super hero flick on TV. What we got wasn't super or heroic. This was a stinkfest. I was sorry I had brought it up to the old man. The costumes were bad. They looked like white spandex with a white cape and some funky shoulder pads. Don't get me started on the car.... the CAR-Meleon (yup they called their car that) was so slow that almost any car could catch it...but it could change colors. That would be nice if the car didn't have a very unique shape. All in all, very bad attempt. I enjoyed the 1070's Spiderman TV show more. I hear Stan Lee had a hand in it too. He has lost his touch. Stan, retire and stop making cameos in movies. It's gotten old....