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  • SJS3 May 1999
    So we read the book, "Cold Sassy Tree", in our English class. Good book.... contains three very interesting main characters (Will, Grandpa, and Miss Love), great dialogue, wonderful coming-of-age story, and a marvelous Southern town backdrop.

    Then, we saw the movie.

    This thing is TERRIBLE! If you haven't read the book, you *will not* understand it, and if you have, you will be bored to death! The movie jumps right into about Chapter 16 of the book. We barely know these characters, so we don't pay attention. There is a key scene in which Grandpa prays for the town to bless his new wife; in the book this scene was touching, but in the movie his character is not well-developed enough to make us realize that praying this fervently is against his character.

    The movie also loses focus of the point of the story. The book was about Will and Grandpa "growing up"-- in the movie, it is more like a romance between Grandpa and Miss Love (played by a homely Faye Dunaway in a role that should have gone to someone half her age).

    I beg you not to see this yawn-inducing smaltzfest! Spare yourself! Read the book, or go see some other film about Southern life ("To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)" comes to mind).

    Oh, yeah, and to comment on the title: in the book it is quite relevant, but in the movie it is explained in the opening narration and not mentioned again.
  • Don't ever read the book Cold Sassy Tree and then watch the movie, because it will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. The movie is about as far off from the book as you can possibly get. This movie simply took one aspect of the book and made an entire movie about it, without really capturing the spirit of the classic novel. The characters are different, many details from the book were left out. My advice: read the book, skip the movie.
  • This movie was so badly put together that I don't even want to spend time explaining it. Suffice it to say that Olive Ann Burns would roll over in her grave if she knew the way her fabulous book had been butchered. So many pivotal things from the book were altered or missing that I'm convinced that no one who worked on this movie consulted the book. Too bad, because the actors are talented people. If you haven't read the book, then definitely miss this movie. If you have read the book--miss it too. Of course, you can always watch it just to see what Love Simpson's hats really looked like. The choice is yours.
  • aanthoney22 April 2019
    In my english class my teacher made us write a whole essay on how it was not one person said it was even close to the book
  • I haven't seen the movie yet, but my staff book group at the library I work at just discussed the book, which we all loved. All of the characterization was great in the book, which also had much information to explain the relationships, "Cold Sassy Tree", etc. Obviously the first reviewer did not read the book, or they would have understood the name. Another book we read & loved was: My Antonia. This movie also stars a young Neil Patrick Harris. I haven't seen it yet, but will. I want to see the movie, just to see it brought to life, even though badly, from what I've read. Oh well, many times the book is better. I can't wait to see how The Da Vinci Code turns out!! Julie A. Roberts