Alternate Versions (7)

  • In 2011 Albert Pyun released the alternate cut of 'Cyborg' on DVD through his website. It is edited by Pyun and contains some previously unseen scenes that were cut from the film to earn a "R" rating rather than an "X".
  • SPOILER: The film's ending was extended in Albert Pyun's director's cut of the film which was to set the stage for a planned sequel Cyborg: The Dark Rift. In the extended ending, we cut to 9 months later and a electrical storm is seen and a sphere flashes and an unknown naked woman (A cyborg) appears and it ends with the caption. "Next: Cyborg Nemesis: The Dark Rift". The extended ending ripped off and was a nod to The Terminator (1984) and it's sequels and the spin-off TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008). However, production of the movie had been canceled due to Pyun being diagnosed with dementia.
  • In the original theatrical version, it was not explained what Slingers were. In the film, Slingers are hired warriors whose jobs are to safely escort people out of cities and to protect them from Pirates. The director's cut explained this in the opening crawl.
  • The film was heavily cut to earn an "R" rating rather than an "X". Among the scenes that didn't make it to the film: the opening slit throat, a good deal of blood in the village massacre. Also, in the first warehouse fight, Jean-Claude Van Damme is first fighting one guy and then suddenly he's not fighting anyone anymore (soon before the girl throws a villain down the big pit), the guy he was fighting vanishes, his death scene was likely cut.
  • In Albert Pyun's director's cut "Slinger", it was revealed Nady Simmons was a friend of Willy Jack and she was going to meet up with him in New York, when he was killed by Fender.
  • The UK video version was heavily cut by 3 minutes and 15 seconds, to remove high amounts of violence and imitable techniques that were considered too extreme for an '18' rating. These included numerous edits to punches, kicks, neck breaks, a hand severing, a pole being rammed into a man's mouth and shots of a blade concealed in a man's boot. In 2000 all previous cuts were waived by the BBFC and in the same year TCF released the uncut film on DVD.
  • German rental video (rated "Not under 18") misses many of the violent scenes. Retail video has a "Not under 16" rating and is cut by 23 minutes.