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  • Cyborg (1989) is one of my favorite Van Damme underrated Post-Apocalyptic,Science Fiction Action movie from the late 80's. The film is Very fast-paced, under 90 min., cool post apocalyptic setting, very epic, they are great villains in here, Awesome ass kicking with the knife boots, Great score, Van Damme did a awesome job showing body language/presence, and I knew I wasn't the only one who thought Van Damme had a Badass walk.

    Very underrated indeed. Jean-Claude Van Damme is still today, one of my favorite action stars, I absolutely love his movies from his golden years. I grew up watching Cyborg as a kid. The movie wasn't my favorite Van Damme movie. I did not watch this movie so many times on TV, like I have watched other his movie that I love. Watching countless today this flick, I fall in love with it and it become one of my favorite Van Damme movies.

    In the barbaric, plague-ridden wasteland of the 21st century, a beautiful half-human cyborg carries information that can save civilization. But only the strength and cunning of a lone warrior (Jean-Claude Van Damme) can deliver her --and her vital data from the clutches of the unspeakable Flesh Prates. That is the main plot about this film, that it also involves revenge and the human character played by Van Damme, which his character has a heart!

    I absolutely love Cyborg. Jean-Claude Van Damme did a solid job acting in this movie, which I thought was very brilliant and very fast paced. Sort of the movie reminds me on Mad Max 1 & 2, which I absolutely love those movies and Conan the Barbarian (1982) with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. Because Fender kills Gibson's family and Gibson goes out for a revenge. He travels in the post apocalyptic world in which a plague known as the living death cripples civilization. When Gbson (Van Damme) was tied and was hanging from the mast watching into the sky, the similar scene was used in Conan the Barbarian, even Conan was looking for the people who killed his family. That is why Cyborg reminds me on these movies, they are my favorite. As a kid I still remember seeing the VHS cover in the store of Cyborg and I was impressed. I could watch this movie countless times. I hope I could get this movie on Blu-ray someday but, that will be really hard.

    Considering its' low budget, it's an entertaining flick. Great fights, cool villain, great scenes (like the 'crucified scene')... I seriously love Van Damme's kicks with boot knife. I love when Van Damme yells FENDEEEERRR... The final fight between Gibson and Fender was absolutely epic. The similar scene was also in Universal Soldier. I think cyborg is a bad ass film from Cannon Group. It is a shame that they can't make any movies today anymore.

    I can say something about the actors and the whole cast crew: Beside loving Van Damme in here: actress Deborah Richter as Nady Simmons, the girl who helps Van Damme, killing Fender (Vincent Klyn) and finding Pearl (Dayle Haddon) a female cyborg caring a cure, did a terrific job, she was very awesome gorgeous and very beautiful sexy. Haley Peterson as Haley the sister of murdered family by Fender, was extremely gorgeous and fast feisty sexy babe on the screen ever. Vincent Klyn as Fender the leader of pirates, was a real bad ass villain ever. I wish they would make movies like this today! About the sequels I don't care they all suck ass! Once I watch Cyborg 2 with Angelina Jolie and Elias Koteas and that movie sucked! Director Albert Pyun made a great job as the director. He directed terrific the angles of the picture.

    Cyborg is a 1989 science fiction post apocalyptic film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as a mercenary who while traveling the wasteland of what was the Eastern United States finds himself protecting a woman who could hold the key to restoring humanity. The film was directed by Albert Pyun. More action and high flying kicks, nothing new, except for a fun this day I still choose this movie over any other pointless movies that lead to nowhere. This movie get's a perfect 10 by me. I love this flick to death!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I usually destroy van damme movies in my reviews, but strangely enough this film by Albert Pyun is a classic and deserves recognition. I thought the costumes which people seem to call them were very well created and lots of thought went into every costume. I didn't see one single flaw in the production. I thought the freehanded and airbrushed visual of a deteriorating city at the opening credits was very creative and interesting.

    There's something different about this films footage, I cant tell if its the kind of film they used but it seems very contrasty and almost has a grainy kind of look to it but very hard to explain. You'll recognize it as being unique when you see it. The chase scene where van damme fights 2 pirates in a swamp and then gets captured is phenomenal. The camera angles and shots were fantastic, and the crossbow crucifiction only makes it sweeter! haha Van damme hits his acting stride in this movie and really manages to convey the emotion in his revenge. Especially the part where he chops down the cross with his heel to escape his soon coming death.

    The best asset in this movie is the well designed apocalypse city sets, and the 2 story abandoned building set complete with pillaging pirates. The music and whatever that cape brandishing maniac was saying was outright terrible but if your not a jerk you'll understand why this movie deserves an eight out of ten.
  • Looking for award winning acting? Then watch On the Waterfront or something. If you are looking for stylish post apocalyptic martial arts then you have found the Holy Grail. B movie fare for sure, however so was Omega Man. Defiantly worth a DVD rental or purchase if you are into Jean Claude (I am). Best line in the movie? AAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH of course............
  • kbvazrqgtvqolr3 April 2006
    the best "post-apocalyptic street fighter" movie ever. it's so bleak, so raw, sadistic; rather cheesy, and yet it is not at all "campy". how is this possible?? great acting, that's how. i mean great acting--given the context. it's a unique film. the sets and costumes are great. fender is a great villain. i was like 10 or 12 when i first saw this and i still get chills thinking about fender. i've seen it 4 times but not in a while now. i remember the dialogue being sparse, in fact i remember long stretches that were rather silent, and yet i was rapt. maybe the street fighter "blade runner"?? don't laugh, i'm serious. van damme~ford. fender~roy batty. i can't wait to see it again.
  • A must see of the 80's. I can Guarantee you will not be bored.

    Although a movie with a seemingly flawed story line and an experimental 80s camera work combined with below par acting should have been an absolute disaster, a complete waste of good film Reel.

    But surprising it worked, this movies defied all the laws of Film making which is very simple the basics are good acting, directing, locations, sets, creativity and most importantly a Story to make a basic movie but to make a great movie you do need imagination, and somehow they had plenty of that plus a Cyborgs and they did it.

    Who would have thought all that was wrong will become just the the right ingredient to make it one of the best movies of the 80s.

    A true cult classic.
  • Produced in the dying years of Cannon films, directed by Albert Pyun, starring an early Van Damme claiming to be "the first hero of the 21st century", claiming to be a "post apocalyptic battle" and with the title "Cyborg", somehow I don't think it will bring many to a state of disbelief when I announce that it's a very poor film. Cheap and tacky in every area, unless you're a huge fan of Van Damme it really should be avoided.

    For Albert Pyun in the 80's and early 90's, a "post apocalyptic" movie was just an excuse to avoid any expense for sets and have a bunch of goons in ragged clothes running around large areas of open land or empty buildings. The "post apocalyptic" world Cyborg takes place in was filmed in North Carolina and looks like…uh…North Carolina.

    There is action, but it's all rather dull and extremely forgettable and the overly dramatic musical score which accompanies it is extremely irritating. Plus there's no buildup to them, just randomly thrown together which throws away any excitement they may have had. On the plus side, the fights aren't half as bad as those I've seen in later Albert Pyun movies but Van Damme has done a lot better.

    As far as acting goes, you'll get zero. Not that you'd expect award winning performances in a movie like this, but still, Van Damme has absolutely minimal dialogue and could pass off for somebody who doesn't speak any English simply being told to speak his lines phonetically. He is that poor, but at least it's evidence enough that he has tried in later movies. I do find many of his movies entertaining, this isn't one of them. The villains are the complete opposite, and they overact and make embarrassing howling and screaming when fighting Van Damme without being remotely scary in the least. Although it certainly doesn't say much for the state of humanity if the world was to be under threat for a second from these clowns!

    The post apocalyptic genre is generally one of the weakest in the field of B-movies with the likes of Steel Frontier being one of the few exceptions and this is just about as poor as it gets. Not good enough to be worth watching or not even bad enough to be funny. At best it's tedious and dull so unless you're a huge fan of Van Damme I recommend you to stay away. On the plus side, it remains the best film by schlock director Albert Pyun I've seen to date but that's probably even more of a reason to avoid it than anything else.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked this movie. It has a very special feel with the slow motion and music put together. To some people since Mad Max is set in post apocalyptic world there should not be another movie made after that. What does a bad acting mean? The acting was fair and the characters were much more meaningful than the weak and lifeless characters I see in today's films which are utterly boring and fake. Perhaps somebody was expecting to see The King's Speech and got disappointed there is no too much dialog. What dialog do you expect from someone running for their lives?! I thought the JCVD character of a tired man still fighting on the edge of his strength was really well conveyed. Fender was cool as hell. The women were pretty, memorable and unique. The pirate's act of meaningless but aesthetic movements and screams were very cool and entertaining. Cheesy sells... If you don't know this watch "Titanic" and look at it's sales. Cyborg made it's money and I knew many people who owned the VHS. The 80s feel of this film cannot be recreated today and is something that will always have sentimental value to many viewers including me.
  • dsrsen22 September 2011
    Being an avid bodybuilder and martial arts enthusiast my whole life I've got to say I love this film not just because of Van Damme although I'm a huge fan but because of Vincent Klyn, I think his character Fender Tremolo is one of the most brutal evil villains of all time.

    If you wanna see a formidable group of people just look at his gang in the movie, just one look at them will probably stop your heart beat.

    In Fenders gang Most of the actors are bodybuilders or martial artists in the real world so I like that, even though the fights are choreographed It still gives me the added bonus knowing there real athletes not just actors.

    It's not going to be nominated for any Oscar's, but if you like martial arts with a touch of post apocalyptic war thrown in with nice fights then you won't be disappointed.
  • I'm not an action movie guy at the best of times but I consider the 80's/90's to be the best time for the genre. Sure many were cheesy as hell but they often had a certain charm about them, this doesn't.

    Couple of interesting facts about Cyborg. First of all it began a franchise, many people don't realise as they aren't simply Cyborg 1, 2, 3 etc they merged into another film series and they're incredibly still going at time of writing.

    Second Cyborg was originally supposed to be Masters of the Universe 2! That's right this was meant to be a sequel to the Dolph Lungren He-Man film but after it tanked at the box office they changed their minds. However a script was written, the production had already been prepped so they decided to make the movie anyway, changing some characters and make it R rated.

    It tells the story of a wanderer in a post apocalyptic world, lost and alone after the death of his family he swears vengeance and etc etc etc. Very cliched cheesy stuff with a cyborg related side story that ultimately didn't even need to exist and contributes nothing to the movie.

    What makes Cyborg really stand out is the acting, it's atrocious. I don't just mean Van Damme I mean everyone across the board. It has some of the most consistently awful acting I've possibly ever seen, Deborah Richter is adorable but can't act in the slightest and don't even get me started on the movies antagonist.

    I hope the franchise get's better as I'll be binging it, I'll just say this is one for diehard action fanatics alone.

    The Good:

    I liked bit where the screen went black and all the peoples names appeared

    The Bad:

    Clean sweep of awful actors/actresses

    Cliched to hell and back

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Bad guys don't brush their teeth

    Acting ability is optional when casting for action movies
  • I love CYBORG, there isn't one intellectually stimulating moment during the entire 87 minutes (and 14 seconds actually..well on MY copy) That alone deserves recognition! But hey..Van Dumb WAS learning his craft took another 27 movies before he mastered the art of screen inconsequentiality.

    Cyborg is total fun. Where else ya gonna find a robotic damsel in distress, the good guy crucified without any lasting discomfort and the bad guy a vision in Armani leatherwork and wrap around Police sunglasses!

    You can comfortably watch this movie......miss as much of it as you like while you cook dinner...and it makes not the slightest difference! I figure it was a class act! In MY book it beats the bejeesus out of THE ENGLISH PATIENT!
  • I first saw this movie when i was young and impressionable, but even to this day i still get pumped up after watching it. Granted the story line is full of holes and the dialogue kinda sucks, but when your watching a Van Damme movie who cares. I've been a big Van Damme fan for quite some time. Sure! he's a pitiful actor who should have his lines cut down to almost nothing, but he sure as hell can sell a fight scene. This movie is no exception. He won't win any academy awards with his performance but he does sell the i'm super p***ed and your gonna die look pretty well. That being the major reason why i enjoy the film. So if your looking for some solid fight scenes without a hole lot of plot, i highly recommend the movie. This movie is definitely under appreciated judging from the rating scale, all i ask is that some of these people relax a little and just enjoy a movie that doesn't have a plot line thats more complicated than a physics equation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cyborg starts in plague ridden post apocalyptic 'New York City In The Future' where martial arts expert for hire Gibson Rickenbacker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) rescues & then promptly loses again a cyborg woman named Pearl Prophet (Dayle Haddon) to a marauding gang of bandits lead by Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn), Pearl claims she has been sent by a group of doctors to gather vital information about a cure for the plague & it is imperative for humanity that she returns safely with that information. A woman named Nady (Deborah Richter) convinces Gibson to rescue Pearl & potentially help save the human race from extinction...

    Directed by Albert Pyun Cyborg was his breakthrough film, he has since gone on to make dozens of awful sci-fi horror type films & is probably one of the worst genre director's ever right down there with Jim Wynorski & Jesus 'I have no talent' Franco. One of the first things that stands out about Cyborg is that it stars a young looking JCVD, while this was released the same year as Kickboxer (1989) it was that film which basically made JCVD a star & not Cyborg so I guess that's one less thing to hate it for. The script by Kitty Chalmers is a sort of post apocalyptic action film that takes itself very seriously & is almost totally devoid of any sort of meaningful story. Cyborg is one of the most threadbare excuses of a film I've seen in a while, the story revolves around the whole clichéd post apocalyptic scenario where the world is in ruins, there are few survivors, there are large groups of bandits & scavengers who kill & steal & of course there's the lone hero, the man who does what's right in a world gone to hell & yes you've guessed it he has even suffered from some kind of personal loss! Wow, I'm not being funny here but Cyborg leaves no post apocalyptic clichéd unused, from abandoned buildings, run down towns, dirty futuristic costumes & one mans fight against evil. We've seen it all before & done much, much better. Just watch one of the Mad Max trilogy as they are all far superior to this, the character's are poor with little or no motivation or background, there's barely any dialogue in it & what little story it tries to tell is shown through a collection of badly edited flashbacks littered throughout the film's scant 80 odd minute duration & even at only 80 minutes it felt much longer which is not a good sign.

    Director Pyun has made a career from making low budget crap & guess what? Cyborg pretty much proves he started out making low budget crap because it's, well, low budget crap (the weapon of choice in the future is a paint-ball gun!). All the sets look really cheap, the locations don't look post apocalyptic either, they look exactly like what they are an abandoned factory, some woods & a rundown building! The action scenes are not that great, the editing is very choppy although I suspect that many of the more violent scenes were cut & according to the IMDb's 'Alternate Versions' section for Cyborg that appears to be very much the case. The special effects aren't too bad, there's some OK matte paintings & some alright cyborg robotics effects as well. Cyborg was the film which finally bankrupt the infamous Cannon Films run by Yoram Globus & Menahem Golan as it was their last theatrically released film. Apparently Cyborg was written with the intent to use the sets & costumes that had been made for the planned Masters of the Universe (1987) sequel & a live-action Spider-Man film which were both canned after Cannon Films suffered financial problems & Cyborg was written & made to utilise the money already spent.

    With a supposed budget of about $1,800,000 Cyborg looks really cheap on too many occasions, it's competent but pretty bland & lifeless. The acting isn't up to much not that anyone is given much to do because of the very sparse script, JCVD is no better or worse than usual, Vincent Klyn who was apparently recognised as one of the worlds best surfers in the 80's has gone on to appear in eleven other Albert Pyun films which says how much of a career he has had since this.

    Cyborg is an average post apocalyptic action film, it's watchable on a dumb level & there are one or two good moments but the story is so poor & the set-pieces aren't that great so overall I didn't hate it but I didn't really like it either. Followed by the unconnected Cyborg 2 (1993) & Cyborg 3: The Recycler (1994).
  • Prior to this movie's release back in the day, I can still vividly recall the trailer showing up in the mix of many a television advert, and truth to tell, every time I watched the trailer, I just needed to see this film.

    As many films of this kind, the theatrical release was severely short lived, that being said, when this movie made it's bow on video, I practically sprinted to my local video store to hire it, now back in 1989 I had just turned eighteen, and I had just developed a fixation for any movie that had anything remotely involving kick boxing or martial arts of any description.

    As the years have passed, such a fixation has since passed, but my enjoyment for this movie has never waned, it was at that time my first experience of a JCVD movie as well as movie being directed by the much maligned Albert Pyun.

    Having practically watched everything that Messrs Van Damme & Pyun have made throughout their careers since, for me personally, this movie is the pinnacle of both their collective talents, granted Van Damme was just starting out, the only worthwhile film I seen him in since was the very cool 'Wake Of Death' and as for Albert Pyun, his career has really been more hit than miss, and going by his IMDb web page, littered with just a little too much controversy.

    That aside, collectively, the whole show on display here rocks, granted the whole premise revolves around redemption and revenge in equal measure, Van Damme's lack of understanding in the English department, Pyun's visual eye more than compensates, plus he really does choreograph a good fight scene.

    I read somewhere many years ago, that if Pyun had got his way, his vision of Cyborg would have been that of a black and white rock opera, now as he was at that time under the wing of Messrs Golan & Globus at Cannon Pictures, such a thing was never going to happen, especially as they were experiencing money problems, so a huge sigh of relief for all concerned.

    As the years have rolled by, this movie hasn't aged one little bit, and any time I find it lurking in the television schedules, I always recall that first time I watched the trailer, the excitement, the hope that this was going to be something more than just another action movie....

    Simply put, back then and to this day, this is a super cool action movie, plus Vince Klyn for all his over the top antics makes one helluva screen villain.

  • "Cyborg" is actually passable stuff if you watch it in the right frame of mind (and that thought occurred to me only in the SECOND viewing); if you're expecting a movie made with artistry and professionalism or anything resembling class, you're in for a disappointment. But if you know that this is only supposed to be a low-grade showcase for Van Damme's rather impressive kickboxing skills, then you may like it a little. It IS primitive filmmaking, but a bit more elaborately staged than other Cannon releases (for example, the Bronson vehicles of the 80s). (**)
  • The biggest mistake they made here was not stretching the fight scenes as much as possible.

    The dialog was horrid and the plot itself was a very abbreviated Road Warrior retread. The attempts at sentimentality (the burning wedding cake, the scared kids) didn't even work. The opening narration only let you know you were seeing an extended chase scene.

    However, the fight scenes ROCKED. Van Damme proves that he may be better off as a man of few words. The endless bone breaking and face busting kept attentions. The revenge plot was just there for an excuse.

    Van Damme's best? No way. (That would be Bloodsport.) But worth a look as long as your FF button works.
  • Albert Pyun's Cyborg (1989) stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as Gibson, who is a lonely avenger in the post-apocalyptic future world in which sadistic hooligans kill and torture people in Mad Max tradition. Damme's character is after the bad guy who killed his family and the film follows his quest to capture and vengeance the ugly baddie and his thugs. What follows is the usual Damme action with plenty of kicks and hits.

    This film is technically occasionally interesting, but for most of the time just stupid and unintentionally trashy. The editing in the action scenes is irritatingly restless and pointless as the film tries to show many things with these fast edits, but manages, in fact, to show only less by these too plenty edits. The cinematography is occasionally almost great, and the long segment at the abandoned storehouse offers a great opportunity to use camera with space and thankfully Pyun can use his camera and make his films look professional and interesting, and that storehouse segment is definitely among the more interesting in this film. Otherwise, the acting is the usual Damme level and the baddies are very irritating as they yell and scream without any point like some drunken indians. As an action scifi, this is grade B, but fortunately directed with skill so it is pleasant thing to watch, if one can stand the stupidities and hollowness of this film.

    There's plenty of violence in forms of kicking, hitting, punching, slashing, snapping and so on so this is no less violent than your average Seagal/Damme/Norris vehicle which always tend to share these same no brains elements but also sometimes something cinematically noteworthy and interesting. Cyborg gets 4/10 from me and I would've given it much more if it had at least some point and less stupidities in it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like Van Damme, but this movie really stinks! It tries so hard to be a mix of Mad Max and Highlander with a pinch of The Terminator, but throwing in some characters taken from that Michael Jackson's video called "Thriller" with obvious paintings in the background.

    The only redeeming feature is the roundhouse kicks in slow motion... Even the fights are pathetic, with stupid overuse of knives while they have big guns hanging on their backs. Oh, and guess what? The movie is called Cyborg but Van Damme is not a cyborg, nor his opponents! The only "cyborg" here is a second line woman who actually does not behave as a cyborg at all. She is just a woman with some kind of electronic implant in her head, an implant that wasn't even necessary to begin with. She could have had a device in her pocket and it would have been the same. The title for this should be "Zombies" since most of the characters look and act like that.

    More about women... The Van Damme's buddy is an ugly whiny woman I hated from the start. I found myself cheering the moments she seemed to be killed. I didn't hate her because she was ugly, but because she was annoying as hell. Not even her gratuitous nudity is enjoyable. And what about that girl who is supposed to be Van Damme's step-daughter? She is about 12 in the flashbacks but later she is in her 20's and Van Damme looks exactly the same! What the hell? Van Damme doesn't age in the movie or what?

    You will enjoy this movie only if you take it as a comedy. In any case, it is quite boring and slow with almost no dialogue. Oh! And be prepared for the tons of synthesized music that screams 80's and makes the movie instantly outdated!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Look, I can enjoy a mindless Van Damme action flick like anybody else. I liked a lot of his movies like Hard Target, Sudden Death, Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Death Warrant, Universal Soldier, In Hell etc but if there was one movie I had to single out as Van Damme's worst it would have to be Cyborg.

    Story: Gibson(Jean Claude Van Damme) is out for revenge after a gang of punks lead by Fender(Vincent Klyn)killed his family. He ends up having to look after a cyborg that holds a cure for a disease that has wiped out half of the world.

    We could talk about how bad the acting is but that's preaching to the choir. The sets look like crap and the whole film reeks of low budget. The villain Fender(who looks like a rejected Garbage Pail Kid) wins the ham of the year award in 1989 hands down. He is some cornball that beats up on people and is used to spouting silly lines like "take you to the murder show" and "I like the pain, I like the misery, I like this wooooorrrld!". The fights scenes(which are usually the bread and butter of JCVD movies) suck horribly and top it off the movie is boring. Everybody looks like they've been mud wrestling all day and for a hero of the movie, Gibson spends most of the time getting his butt kicked. The final battle between Gibson and Fender is downright cheesy(and not in a fun way I might add). In short Cyborg is JCVD's worst movie and yes, I've seen, The Order, Street Fighter and Universal Soldier: The Return. Even JCVD most cheesiest films have an entertainment value to them but not Cyborg. Its a boring mess that is quite possibly the worst post-apocalyptic film of all time. I guess I shouldn't expect a decent film under the same director that gave you Adrenalin: Fear The Rush.
  • Nobody has mentioned the soundtrack on this film, isn't amazing? they should use Kevin Bassinson for big budget films as well. I tried to find out what this guy is doing now and i he was the conductor for a Barry Manilow greatest songs of the 50's cd!! (what the?) playing keyboards for some lady named Linda Arnold that sings bluegrass type music, music editor & sound consultant for films u never hear of, I don't know why he's doing these small things cause he made amazing music on Cyborg. He's the music editor for the music they use on that show called Westwing which is not bad at all, and it's all recent stuff so he is working. a major company should use him for a big budget action film. i had to buy the Cyborg Soundtrack from over seas, through the internet of course, i just couldn't find it anywhere. Van Damme got so freaking lucky by having that music on the film too. the best part of the soundtrack is when they're running away from the Fender gang and they get to the water, i like the punching bass part on that, even the music matches when they kick and use their weapons, it's pretty good. ANyhow I think i made my point :P
  • This is an earlier van Damme effort -- and he's pretty wooden in this one, but the simple, linear storyline makes this movie an entertaining one, definitely a good "popcorn movie". The movie makes a few feeble attempts at humanizing the characters, but the flashback scenes used to show us that the main character is a tortured soul are contrived and occasionally laugh-inducing.

    The plot -- get the life-saving data about a plague to the scientists across the barren 'no mans land' is thin, but carries this sci-fi vehicle pretty well, despite the fact that all the characters seem to be named after guitars. The fight scenes are, as usual, believable and exciting.

    All in all, definitely not a good movie, but certainly worth an hour or so, if you like sci-fi. FOr some it might be MST3K material, but if you can get past the camp, it's not too bad.
  • I've always been a big fan of this film, Cyborg is a kick ass movie, good story, good action, good acting, good music, can you ask for more?..Many would say is a low budget film but I never care about it, because today action films are made with a big budget and those films are bad as hell and compares with this one I can t even consider it movies...This film is starred by Jean Claude Van Damme at his best, he is the hero of the story and he does it great, he is more than perfect on his role, his charisma and presence fill the screen, one of my favorite scenes is the crucifixion one where we can see Jean Claude's character anger..The rest of the cast is okay, specialty the evil fender played by Vincent Klyn..I've always been a fan of cannon films, I always think that they really knew how to make commercial films, those kind of films had soul not like today cinema...If u want to have a great time, is a must watch film
  • Beaudro13 February 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Cyborg is pure Sci-Fi for the old school of tin foil, sticky back plastic, and silver spray paint special-effects team. Sets range from rubbish tips to derelict buildings and sewers; there's no complex story lines to dwell on. Just a plague induced apocalypse and a personal vendetta for justice to set the backdrop for some of the greatest choreographed fight scenes of all-time. A nobody cast of big body nasties who look the part and have little to no dialogue. It's this perfect brew that allows the directors vision to come through unadulterated, and yet in spite of it's simplicity Cyborg manages to be deep and meaningful for those who care to look. For example, in the closing scene, upon delivering the cure, Gibson refuses the hospitality of those in Atlanta, stating to his partner "we're needed out there, let's go". Also, Gibson's vendetta towards Fender is for revenge for the murder of his adopted family and the attempted murder of himself. This narrative is told through flashbacks throughout the movie, in which he recalls his surrendering his way of life as a Slinger, laying down his arms to live a life of peace with the woman who has taken him as her husband and the children who have taken him as a father figure to them. Their murder is recalled by Gibson as he hangs from the crucifix crafted by Fender's cronies, it is his recollection of laying injured at the bottom of a well alongside their corpses and his realization that he IS still alive that prompts him to climb, despite his injuries, despite his grief, toward the daylight; and in defiance of the evil of the world in which he lives, fight for life and civilization and this in turn spurs him to fight free from the crucifix on which he hangs. This is, to me, symbolic in a religious sense; a man put to death on the cross returning to claim victory over his enemies. Also it speaks of the indomitable human spirit that refuses to admit defeat, Gibson's chosen life as a Slinger, which his murdered spouse questions as little better than that of the Pirates. Gibson could just as easily join a pirate gang and become party to their evil if he were willing to sell his soul and take pleasure in the pain of others, yet he chooses to retain his individuality and in turn his integrity.

    There's nothing to not love about this movie, if you want a kick arse no brainer action movie you got it, but if you care to look, you've got great action to keep you entertained underwritten with a deeper lesson about the human spirit to survive.
  • This film may be interesting for those who like dark post-apocalypse, martial arts, 80s electronic soundtrack and some Christian allusions.

    I've seen this movie before by God's grace I became a Christian. It was exciting and scary back then, somewhat similar to the depressing soviet movies of the late 80s with a creepy synthesized soundtrack about the rise of crime, breakdown of society, etc.

    Right now it doesn't feel quite so good, because it enforces the idea of revenge and hate, though hidden under the pretense to save humanity.

    A Christian must understand this, and instead should strive to follow Jesus' teaching to love our enemies, and leave the justice to God, as clarified by saint Paul:

    "Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord." (Romans 12:19)

    An interesting idea are the present Christian symbols - crosses, crucifixion, references to hell, a wonder of fast healing. It seems the original idea of the film was more about the battle of God's forces vs satanic forces, though later converted mostly to a sci-fi/martial arts B movie.
  • kergillian30 April 2001
    Okay, before I even delve into the horrors of this film, I'd just like to know what the heck is with Kitty Chalmers obsession with guitars?? Couldn't she come up with some more original names? Gibson Rickenbacker, Fender Tremolo, Marshall Strat, Roland Pick...GIVE ME A BREAK!!

    Okay, now that that's out of the way, this film is pure cheeze. Non-stop cheddar from beginning to end. The thinnest of plots, the background is so shallow you need a helmet to wade through it...and the acting is *horrible*!! Not that I expected much from a Van Damme film, but COME ON!!! Vincent Klyn can barely put two syllables together! It amazes me that he could even get through his lines! (And what's with that outfit? The sunglasses were bigger than his head (nice contacts, btw...) and that chain (?) mail was odd-looking...

    Anyways, the plot is cheezy, the acting's horrid, the effects are worse (even for 1989!), the costumes look like they were from the Mad Max rejection fact, this entire film is like one giant Mad Max outtake!

    Overall: I can't believe I actually ever almost liked this film (I saw it in the theater in '89 and thought it was fairly good). If you want to see Van Damme that's even *close* to worth watching, skip this one and rent Hard Target (GO JOHN WOO!!), Kickboxer or Bloodsport. 3/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Good fight scenes. Deborah Richter looks pretty good, especially when she's at the beach stark naked. Also later when she briefly shows her boobs. If anybody but Cannon had produced this movie, it would have been better. The best thing that ever happened to the movie industry was Cannon going bankrupt. They ruined everything they touched (Superman IV, Death Wish 4). In this movie they also totally blew away any believability. The stupidest sequence was when Van Damme gets crucified (hanging by ropes with nails in his wrists). He hangs there for at least a day, then gets angry and kicks the cross down he's hanging on. It falls, Richter finds him and frees him. Then, they somehow catch up to the bad guys and he's in better fighting shape than ever. Yeah right. Fiction is defined as the willing suspension of disbelief. I don't think anyone can willingly suspend that much. I have seen worse movies, and I didn't fall asleep watching it. That and Deborah Richter's nudity are why I give it a 3 instead of a zero.
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