Almost the entire cast is nonprofessional.

Received 5 minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.

The first feature to be filmed with its entire dialogue in the Gypsy language, Romany.

According to Emir Kusturica, making the film was the biggest adventure of his life.

Official submission of Yugoslavia to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the 62nd Academy Awards.

While making the film, Emir Kusturica, with his own words, was trying to make a movie between Luis Bunuel and John Ford.

Filmed in nine months.

What interested Kusturica about subject matter of the film most was the connection he saw between gypsies and South American literature. For according to himself, Time of the Gypsies belongs entirely to the world of Garcia Marquez and other Latin American writers "who built their art on the irrationality and poverty of their people".

According to Emir Kusturica, the gypsies' dreams are their history.

The movie originated with a newspaper article that Kusturica had read. It was about a group of people and children, gypsies, who were arrested at the Yugoslav-Italian border.

According to Kusturica, the gypsies' laws are founded on two things - a deep myth and the terrific spiritual resources drawn from that myth.