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  • OK, I will admit that this movie won't have you on the floor rolling with laughter. I will also admit that, despite that, I found this to be an enjoyable flick and lighthearted enough to be entertaining. The premise is good (I won't spoil it for you, but you can read it above), Travolta and Gross play their parts well (although almost too well, as I don't think either were really "acting"), and the dance scene between Travolta and his future wife is pretty hot! It is well worth the price of a rental, I would even buy it if I saw it for under $10. It is fun and you can pretty much guess the ending, but if you leave your brain in the drawer or somewhere else where you can't get to it while watching this flick, you will not have wasted your time. 8/10 for a truly enjoyable movie!
  • The movie is good albeit stupid, and it features the real life hook-up of Kelly Preston and John Travolta. I have this movie on VHS because I don't think it is even released on DVD yet. It sits on my shelf 364 days a year, but about once a year, it gets pulled off and watched. If you like this movie, you probably like The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Baseketball, and most of Kevin Smith's movies. It is funny to see what was "hip" in the late eighties. Travolta's snakeskin cowboy boots with the stainless steel tip, and Gross's bandana and vanilla ice pants. And need we forget, MULLETS GALORE. And GREASY MULLETS, at that! No real chemistry between the two main stars, although laughably Gross was a star on the rise here, and Travolta's career hadn't hit its second wind yet.
  • This is by no means any more of a good film than the ratings show, however I am personally a collector of films where the people playing the principal characters first met and later became an item, or better yet married, and better yet happily and lastingly.

    This movie sure fills the bill because the dance and love scenes between Preston and Travolta look real to me because they obviously were!! HOT as only real can really be. After seeing this, I still liked "For the Love of the Game" because of Preston, the baseball theme, Costner doing what he really does which is playing baseball and golf, but the chemistry between Costner and Preston fades from weak to nothing.
  • Everyone always says, "It's a fun movie, but don't expect Oscar material" about these silly little movies. If you are expecting a silly movie about two dim-witted New Yorkers who think they are going to Nebraska to start a nightclub, but have really been abducted by the KGB to inject a little late '80's cachet to a Soviet Operative training town trapped in the '50's, who then fall in love with the wholesome, caring "townspeople" (two of them in particular), and learn the formula late '80's message of understanding and communication, you'll have a great afternoon. If you are expecting Oscar material, I'm afraid you may have been living in a Soviet training camp. This movie is fun, funny and as good as the genre gets. Nice performances turned in all around, and the dance scene everyone is drooling over really is kind of hot.
  • Ever wanted to see John Travolta with a fierce mullet and a bad fashion sense? Check out 'The Experts,' a cold-war influenced, pre-Truman Show comedy that was a good idea, but should've developed into something more.

    This is the story of KGB agents who have developed an isolated town which will emulate a sleepy Midwestern American town. The purpose is to fully assimilate it's agents into American culture so that they may go undetected when they infiltrate the states (although some of the residents had been there their whole lives and seemed unlikely of doing anything in the actual America for which it serves as a template). But, sensing that the training ground is out-of-touch with modern America, one of the executives of the agency hires to bumbling New Yorkers to be their guide to what's hip in 1989 America. They lure them to the town under the guise that they're developing a night club and want those two to advise them.

    Unaware of what is going on, their "experts" stick out like a sore thumb in the 50's Midwest style neighborhood, before others catch on and emulate the two newcomers' love of dirty dancing, club music, and mass materialism of electronic consumer goods in the same way that the modern teenagers in Pleasantville effected their surroundings. Only, the other agents disapprove of the changes in their people who seem wholly unaware of their artificial surroundings (much like "the experts") and don't want the Experts to stay. Meanwhile, it is only a matter of time before the Experts figure out what is really going on as they tend to rub some of the higher-up executives the wrong way with their presence.

    The idea was fun, and deserved a lot more quirkiness and less family-friendly appeal in order to make one of those really funky late 80s comedies that celebrate that modern American city culture. The movie, however, by mid-state tends to drag on in repetition and by the end, becomes completely balled up in corniness as the town becomes chaotic and the filmmakers struggle for a perfect resolution in which American culture prevails over the perceived stuffiness of then-Communist Russia. It is instead a more moderate comedy with some funny moments, but overall is more or less droll. Not that hilarious, not that different. But there is some appeal, especially if you're searching out lost titles of the 80s, no matter how mild they may be.

    Worth a shot, if for nothing else, than to see Arye Gross and John Travolta in ridiculous 80s garb.
  • Essentially: Keach & Travolta are inhouse comic perfection. Preston gamely holds her own, despite the four main guys powerful presences, which, actually is a rewarding set of dynamics to watch. One of Preston's more successful performances, just as it's probably the last 'fun' performance from Travolta before he became a typecast, formulaic, 'serious' actor. Keach's enigmatic, but playful role is sheer bewildering joy, as you guess he's making fun of Hollywood, but exactly who, is ambiguous. It's a sad loss to satire that he hasn't directed more films. We really need more films like this to remind us why 'opiate of the masses' was coined & that we do need/crave this kind of pleasure sometimes.

    The Experts is a 20th Century fable based on the 'comedy of errors' tradition. Mistaken identities, predjudice, politics, romance, explosions, American 'Apple Pie' and a memorable Travolta & Preston dance scene that beats anything seen in 'Grease' or 'Saturday Night Fever' or even 'Dirty Dancing'!! It's the hottest! What more could you want from a fantasy! If Preston & Travolta are capable of such chemistry, why has no one capitalised on this since, unless there isn't a director up to the challenge? Bottling & exhibiting the pheromones is proof that this is a brilliant, vital film.

    My Rating: 7/10 as a filmic experience, but 10/10 for escapism. If you fancy every form of visual & literary humour, plus some deliberately strong moral undertones, laced with sarcasm and all this wrapped up in highly energised performances, then this film is perfect.

    Who should watch this film? The guns, army inferences, planes and 'Starsky & Hutch' buddy aspects will appeal to guys and the sexual electricity & electrical appliance jokes will appeal to females! It revels in traditional sex bias roles. This film was born to be decadently enjoyed, like chocolate, it's wonderfully sweet & addictive.
  • I'm sorry but this is simply one of the greatest movies ever. Travolta is so cheap that it warrants rerelease in theaters across the globe.

    Charles Martin Smith, as he did in the classic "Star Man", singlehandedly saves the film and along with Travolta makes this movie a modern classic.

    It'd be a travesty if I didn't mention the gorgeous "Kelly Preston" fufilling a very hot "Jennifer Aniston-ish" from Leprachaun role. Her shimmering ramen-noodle mall hair gives me goosebumps even as I type this.

    So with all this said it is only fair to submit "The Experts" as one of the great films of the 20th century up there with Karate Kid III and Troll II.
  • While the movie wasn't that great, the dance between Travolta and Preston is worth watching this movie 10 times in a row! H O T is the only word to describe Preston. It was a fun movie, but not Oscar material. I would recommend the movie, but don't sit down thinking it is going to be the best you have ever seen.
  • gregor-110 June 1999
    This has to be one of the most patently laughable cold war induced pieces of tripe I have ever seen. The principal idea of a seemingly 50's American town which is secretly in Russia with none of the inhabitants being aware is not a particularly bad one if it had been treated with a different director, different cast and not as a comedy. I defy anyone to watch Travolta's "I love America..." speech without falling into uncontrollable fits of laughter, the problem is that bit isn't supposed to be funny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this movie when it came out in January of 1989. I loved the wacky comedy, & especially the awesome dance sequence between Kelly Preston & Travolta. All the characters are memorable, & very unique. I loved it so much I tried to go back to my local theater to watch it again, but DOH! it wasn't there! Paramount really pulled it fast. If noting else, watch the bad a$$ dance sequence just to see Kelly Preston bend over right to camera! Arye Gross's love interest, Deborah Foreman, was is equally enchanting..even though she wash't given many lines. She conveyed a sweet sincerity with just her eyes - that's real charisma, kiddo ;) Why can't I get a BluRay of this??? I don't think they even released it on DVD. Total bummer.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this film would be a lot better then it was. It sounded like a spoof off of the spy gener, and the start of it reminded me of Pleasantvil, but this film came up short.

    The plot is just to ridiculous. The KGB and Soviet Union in Russia have started up a spy school to teach their spies' how to act like Americans, but the town they set up in it for training is a bit dated, so they grab two yanks from the US to spice things up. I don't know, but this seems just to out there. It gets really odd when next to no one in this all Russian town speaks in a Russian accent. Someone screwed up in the casting job.

    Also, for a comedy this is painfully dry. There is one, two funny spots tops, and they are nothing to sing and dance about. The film in the end will likely put you to sleep.

    And, as a twisted punch in the face, this film is so pro the US it makes me sick. The movie keeps on saying again and again, the US is God and Russia is the devil. This is the kind of smear campaign that was done against the Japanese in World War 2. It's films like these that makes everyone think that the US is full of itself.

    This gets a 4 out of 10, and I'm being kind. It should really get a one, but the dance scene was funny, but then again it dragged far to long to be really funny.
  • I saw this movie for the first time since the 80's, just the other day. Man... let me tell you this movies is awesome! It's kinda hard finding it on VHS, but worth it. There is a few unforgettable scenes, I am not going to ruin it for you. Gotta check this one out. Really fun and innocent, great cheesy 80's tunes. The outfits are little out there, and the hair! Business in the front and party in the back. The guy who plays along Travolta is really great at playing a regular guy, as crazy as that may sound. Kinda looks lke Edward Norton, cousins maybe? And Tralvolta future wife is super hot! Go rent this movie now, by far one of the bet 80's movies ever made, that nobody has heard of. Yet...
  • This is one of those movies that basically got lost in the crowd. I guess the only thing that came out of this movie is John Travolta and Kelly Preston! They met on the sets of The Experts, and soon afterwards..the wedding bells rung! I would'nt watch this movie if I were's nothing special.
  • If you're in the mood for some dopey light entertainment, this will pass the time. If you expect one jot of plausibility, don't bother. To me, the dance scene looked like it was exaggerated for comic effect; it didn't look especially hot or skilled.
  • I would sum this film up as Fun and easy going, An easy one to pull you from doing something else like it did me. I'm not normally a Travolta fan so I'm picky on which films I watch with him but I thought this was worth watching. You have to say that Travolta had good actors which helped to hold it up like Kelly Preston and Arye Gross. Don't go out your way to watch it but if your bored.....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I spent part of my childhood behind the iron curtain in few Communist countries that 80's USA liked to trash.

    Funny thing is, there was no propaganda against the USA on the other side at all. We watched all kinds of movies, including American ones,listened to all kinds of music, including American, and when I eventually decided to move to North America there was nothing epic about it, other than epically hot stewardess I was making out with during the flight.But she was Dutch and they were kinda neutral in the entire mess that was Cold War.

    Somehow I missed seeing this movie until today. After seeing it I can understand why. Cheaply done, stupid, anti-Russian propaganda.I am aware Germany did create some faux USA city during WW2, I have no idea whether Russians did as well, but keeping people in it for 30+ years ... idea is stupid, characters are not believable, movie is boring, and John Travolta could never dance no matter what his PR team and few delusional souls would have you believe.

    Do you know what won Cold War? Coca Cola and Blue Jeans. Better music. The way of life.

    But Russians still have far better looking girls.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do you remember that Nuclear testing village from The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull? This is the movie version of that scene, but without flying refrigerators.......and any sense of fun.

    This film must be really memorable for Travolta though. He met his wife, it killed his cinematic career for a while with any film that didn't have a talking baby, and he couldn't come back for reshooting because he put on too much weight.....

    Near the eastern edge of the USSR is a village populated by Russians who speak and act American, where KGB trainees go to practice.

    The town is stuck in the 50's, and the new KGB chief fears his agents will fail to learn real US culture. He hires two young American hipsters to open a nightclub.

    He drugs them en route to Russia, and they think they've awaken in the Midwest. There they turn a tiki lounge into a hip club, teach townies to dance, and introduce pop culture............with 'hilarious' consequences....

    I'll get straight to the point, it's a terrible film, with absolutely nothing going for it. It's too stupid for an adult audience, and way too dark for a family film.

    Travolta looks like he's regretting every single moment he's not on screen with Preston, and his obligatory dance scene is cringeworthy, a million miles away from Saturday Night Fever.

    Arye Gross looks like his surname sake, and looks totally out of place being in the club business, or having a haircut like that. His fashion and and his actions in this are just so false, you can tell he was uncomfortable performing in this.

    It's no wonder the film went on the shelf for a couple of years and vanished without a trace, the humour is non-existent, and it has the feel of the makers knowing they were dealing with an unmitigated disaster during filming....

    I'd rather eat a pigs trotter...
  • Two young New Yorkers Travis and Wendell are offered the chance to open-up a night-club in a small Nebraska town, well that's what they think. As unknowingly to them they're in the USSR, in which the inhabitants are Russian spies in a replica of an American town that seems to be caught in a time slump of 1950s. They were brought in to instill the current US pop culture / true modernistic outlook.

    I wouldn't say it's a laugh out loud or timeless comedy classic, but "The Experts" is an endearing and perfectly pitched zinger with a whole bunch of fun performances. John Travolta and Arye Gross (looking good in mullets) are agreeably candid and work off each other well. They can find themselves really tearing each other apart, but they can't stay mad at each other for too long. A plucky Kelly Preston is unforgettably smoking and Deborah Foreman is likable too. James Keach is quite comical in his short role. Inoffensively light-headed and throwaway screwball comedy that wholesomely plays up its irony-laced one-idea gag of the materialistic appreciation of the American way of life and the acceptance of others. The messages might be heavy-handed, but the breezy script and evocatively original screenplay never over does it. Director Dave Thomas (a recognizable comedian actor) keeps it bright and carefree stringing together random activities with a hip soundtrack to back it up. Silly, but one of kind shenanigans.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why does this movie fall WELL below standards? Ultimately, the answer lies in the poor, humourless script. A slim/average looking Travolta (looking rather dapper in black I must say, even with a HUGE mullet) and Gross both act very well as two young-ish 'slick-dressed' but nevertheless dimwitted New Yorkers eager to open their own nightclub. Other than that, the rest of the film is just boring to watch. It is SO dull that it's really not worth knowing what happens in the film's climax on any level. Kelly Preston obviously exudes sex appeal and the sexually charged dance with her husband-to-be Travolta is one of the film's few pleasures. Charles Martin Smith is quite fun to watch as struggling KGB honcho "Bob Smith". Personally, I think the movie would have been better if the plot was altered a little so that the settings did not change from NY to 'Indian Springs, Nebraska' (which is in the former Soviet Union?)--you'll understand if you see the movie... Apparently, this movie was filmed in 1986 ready for a 1987 release. I guess Paramount stalled on releasing the movie until January 1989 because of the unbelievable plot. It was reported they deemed it "unreleasable". Nevertheless, this $6,000,000 film garnered a little over an embarrassing $163,000 in revenue as it was released only BRIEFLY in places like Texas and Colorado before heading straight-to-video. This is testament to the overall BAD quality of this movie.
  • magaw200710 February 2007
    This is one of those silly movies that you can enjoy without too much concentration. I've always thought that Ayre Gross is under-recognized, so that's part of my reason for liking this. I thought it was kind of fun; light and fluffy. Maybe you shouldn't seek it out, but if it shows up on TBS one night, try it. You may just like it. It appeals to the fantasist in me. It requires the same suspension of disbelief that made Footloose such a hit; the entire premise is ridiculous, but who cares? This is the reason people see movies - pure entertainment, no education, no controversy, nothing to discuss later. Just get comfy on the couch with a snack and relax for ninety minutes or so.