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  • The only thing to watch this movie for is the brief appearance by Deborah Foreman. Once again, even though she only has few lines, she proves that she is an extremely underappreciated actress who should have been given much better roles. Her brief bit as the runaway ex-girlfriend of a supposed-biker-dude, in this dare I say "film?" right on the money. Too bad the film couldn't have had more of her and less of everybody else.
  • cfc_can19 August 2000
    This movie is supposed to be a romantic comedy about Stern, a good actor who should have known better, trying to win back his ex-wife, McCarthy, using methods that even back in 1989 would fall into the "stalker" category. The film makers seem to think this sort of thing is amusing. There's even a scene where Stern jokingly points a gun at his ex-wife's new boyfriend. Things get even stupider when a psychotic hood and a dopey mechanic (Koteas, who also should have known better) get thrown into the mix. I can hardly believe a script this bad was made into a movie! It really makes you wonder about what the film makers had in mind when they were making this.